Barcelona, Catalonia, ESP

Poet In Process looks for its own way. The diversity of styles and influences of their components are fused to transmit a personal and own sound. The sound of Poet In Process . MUSIC IS THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES .
Name of Band - Poet In Process
Names & Ages of Band Members - Lynne M.P.(32), Natxo Arola (42), Francisco Guisado(40)
Number of Members (live shows) -4
What city are you based in? -Barcelona
Genre that best describes your music -Alternative Pop-Rock.


Long Time No See is the new work of POET IN PROCESS, the result of many years of great joys, disappointments, enriching and motivating experiences. The great struggle to take over the project gives birth to their second album, Long Time No See, divided into 3 EP’s (One, Two and Three).
The incorporation of Ariel Olivero in 2012 strengthens the bonds between the band members enriching the quality of the compositions and offering shows full of energy, sensitivity, illusion and humanity all over the country.
Time is ephemeral when you enjoy each moment and music allows it to become.
It’s been a long time since that summer of 2002 when Lynne Marti, Nato Arola and Toni Sanchez met by chance and stated up POET IN PROCESS. As a result of that encounter they recorded different demos, “I Want You to Know” and “Keep Clear” and finally record their first album “Free Way” with the recent incorporation of drummer Dani K-T-NA.
After their first appearance in the Radio 3 RTVE concerts, a chance was given to become the support artist to STEREOPHONICS ( sala Apolo), OK GO ( sala Apolo), ALBERT HAMMOND JR ( sala Heineken Madrid), TAKE THAT ( Palau St. Jordi), MUSE ( Tour 2006 Spain, Portugal and France) offering them the opportunity to enjoy and live the quality of big shows. The course progresses and destiny puts in their way the film director Guillermo Del Toro. The song “WHY” becomes part of the sound track for the film HELL BOY II, 40’.
POET IN PROCESS was crossing borders; the participation in the film opened up a path to foreign countries, where their music can currently be listened in every corner of the planet. Even the songs light an interest to the recognised designer CAROLINA HERRERA and6 of their tunes are used for the official web site, Carolina Herrera NY.
The incorporation of the actual member, Francisco Guisado (Rubio), gives a new touch in the composition of the songs. After their collaboration and incredible experience in the collaboration with ENRIQUE MORENTE in Granada, the band hits the road to Canada and the United States to play in Toronto’s CMW and Austin’s SXSW festivals.
After the American experience, the band decides to work hard for more than a year and create new songs for their next album, Long Time no See.
During 2011 the band works hard on their second album, Long Time No See, overcoming infinity of setbacks that lead to a craftwork album with much great professional and technical collaboration and performing everywhere.
“Long Time No See” es el nuevo trabajo de POET IN PROCESS, el resultado de unos años de grandes alegrías, decepciones, enormes experiencias y maravillosos momentos. El gran esfuerzo para tirar el proyecto adelante da a luz a su nuevo trabajo;" Long Time No See", dividido en 3 Eps (One, Two, Three). Un disco lleno de diversidad de estilos y sonidos.
Con los años y las nuevas incorporaciones la voz de Lynne Martí se ha rodeado de músicos que viven por y para hacer música.
En 2012 con la incorporación a la batería de Ariel Olivero POET IN PROCESS sigue creciendo, trabajando para seguir ofreciendo a sus oyentes un mejor espectáculo, sus directos son un compendio de sensibilidad, serenidad, ilusión y energía.
El tiempo es efímero cuando se disfruta cada momento y la música es de estas cosas que lo permiten.


Unlearn the Learned

Written By: Lynne Marti


I am so tired of you all
Please stop lying, disguising your words
This infected world, what has it become
Selfishness, I’m dying here!

So you’re superior to us all
And that gives you the right to destroy
Greed and need, sick and thick
Careless mind, fleeting love

Empty soul walking all alone
Loneliness, their new mistress
Keep inflating the need to posses
Turns on your blinds down
The key to comfort, yes

Stop taming us like dogs!
Stop feeding us with words!
Stop taming us like dogs!
Stop feeding us like dogs!
Fire, fire, and fire I’ll through fire!

Open your mind
Unlearn the learned
And never stop to grow inside
Follow the voices of your heart
We can flee at last

Time Flies

Written By: Lynne Marti


Saw you in an empty beach
Summer, summer ‘96
Dark glasses, Armani Jeans
You had on

Sitting in a bar alone
Sniffing coca and drinking Gin
When you paid
I just got in

We had some crazy nights
Dancing in the bay, alive
Swimming our heads away,
Feeling astray

The next day when I woke up
I found and empty, empty bed
No sign or no note
Of where you set

I saw you at the border line
Of Spain heading to Africa
In an old blue car

I tried to cross the road twice
Slipped in a banana skin
Covered in mud I ran
But you disappeared

*Time flies
We come and go
When you arrive somewhere
*I mean to go

Tried to find you in Senegal
Heading to South Africa
I knew you were there with some strange friend

I almost fell upside down
I nearly threw my sandwich out
When I saw you in other people’s arms

*Time flies
We come and go
When you arrive somewhere
*I mean to go

Saw you getting on a bus
So, I climbed up with you at last
We were together again, I thought
What a fool, what a fool I was
The bus drove to a border line
So far, so far away from town
My passport got stolen
So I had to stay

*Time flies
We come and go
When you arrive somewhere
*I mean to go


Written By: Lynne Marti


All these years I’ve waited for someone as real as you
My mind and heart have travelled all over to seek the truth
Out there in Mexico the seeds of life were weaving our love
The waters of the heart push in their tides
Unstitching all the sadness of experience
Refreshing all the sadness of my heart

Breaking all the barriers
Crossing the waters where we felt stuck
And a sign, I met your eye

Light breaks in where no sun shined
Curing every doubt we had
In your eyes I saw my life

I know, I know, I know how much you love me
Come on get up, come on and open up your heart
And let me dance
I know, I know, I know how much I love you
I’ve waited for so long, I’ll open up my life
And I will dance

Creature of the 7 lands, make love to me uh down the sea bed
Take me to your southern airs and give me your entire glare

I know, I know, I know how much you love me
Come on get up, come on and open up your heart
And let me dance

Driving in my Car

Written By: Lynne Marti


I am driving in my car
With my mind prepared to fly out
You are sitting next to me
With the sun drying your tears away

Freedom comes when I’m not alone
And we hit the road towards south
A thousand dreams we’ve travelled away
In ourselves trying to find our place

I am driving in my car
I am driving in my car to freedom
Driving in my car
I can feel the air blowing away

I am driving in my car today
Don’t know where but sure, I’ll get away
Look up high, you’ll see the stars
And the moonlight showing the road to us

Feel the night in your eyes
Feel the night in your eyes

I am driving in my car
I am driving in my car to freedom
Driving in my car
I can feel the air blowing away

Give me passion, don’t give me love
How I hate that consumed word
Desire is what I’m looking for
Just do so

Let yourself go, feel the emotion
Penetrating throw your inner thoughts
We will drive throw Desolation Road
And rule the world while we’re driving in my car…

I am driving in my car
I am driving in my car to freedom
Driving in my car
I can feel the air blowing away


"Long Time no See" 2012
"E.P. One" 2012
"Free Way" 2007
"Keep Clear" 2006
This is just the beginning"2005

Set List

Unlearn the learned
Vida y Acción
Time Flies
Driving in my car
Time Flies Dup - Version