Poet Keith Ferguson

Poet Keith Ferguson

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This poetry style fits all ages. It's Christian/Gospel Spoken Word at it's finest. These poems are thought provoking poems based on Biblical scriptures to relate to today's issues. If you like the Poetry Vibe and would like to hear the spiritual movement through it, Look no further - This Is It!


Keith Ferguson is a Christian/Gospel Spoken word artist. He is first a loving husband, father, mentor, and Minister of Music at his church is Fort Worth, TX. Keith is the current host of the hit show, “The G.U.M.B.O.”
He has traveled across the country ministering the Gospel to lost souls and encouraging fellow Christians through "Spoken Word Poetry."
Mr. Ferguson deals with subjects that most artists wouldn't consider such as: (Child Abuse, The Rapture, Babylon, Family, Our Country) and many more topics. His self proclaimed poem, "The Last Days" has left audiences stunned with the book of revelation coming alive through his poetry. One commentary commented, "I thought Jesus was going to return today," after listening and seeing the visuals of the last days poem. His performance/ministry is like no other in the fact that he gives all the glory and credit to God for his gift. Mr. Ferguson once said, "I didn't even like poetry, nor ever wanted to do this, but God impregnated me with the gift and that’s why I solely use it to give him glory." This ministry reaches further than the walls of a church or Christian atmosphere. Keith has had the opportunity to minister in “Nightclubs, bars, barbershops/beauty salons” and many more other venues deemed to be secular. Mr. Ferguson stated during a recent interview, “They (Nightclubs, etc) are letting us (Ministers) in with poetry, Preachers can’t go, they are afraid of the Bishops, but little do they know that we carry the same message that they do. We serve the same God. It’s nothing better than seeing God move in a nightclub. When I get on stage, it becomes pen dropping quiet because God somehow clears the air for his message. We even witness a minor altar call in a night club one night after my performance/ministry.”
Keith has been featured on many national TV Station’s and Radio Broadcast such as: (Featured guest on Fox News Insights show, Featured guest on ABC’s Good Morning Texas, KHVN – heaven 97’s featured guest on, “the Carmina Barnett show” and “the Antonio Johnson show”) to name a few. Keith has performed/ministered to audiences at Fort Worth’s Bass Hall, Fort Worth Convention Center, Tyler Convention Center, many colleges, high schools, and countless churches.
Keith released his 1st project entitled, “Poetic Faith”, which features most of all of his original work. He is currently working on his sophomore project. If you want to experience Spoken Word Poetry through the Spiritual movement, then you have found the right connection. Mr. Ferguson is sure to offer one of the best Spoken Word Poetry experiences of a lifetime! This is an artist that you won’t soon forget!


Keith Ferguson's CD - Poetic Faith (Freshman project)
Featured on Damon Callahan's Jazz CD - "Music Society" - Track 1

Set List

My regular sets are usually 10-15 long. I usually offer 2-3 poems.
My featured sets are usually 15-25 long. The are usually 3-5 poems.
My concert sets are usually 25-40 minutes long. they are usually 5-8 poems.