Poet Kessed

Poet Kessed

 New York City, New York, USA
BandSpoken WordWorld


Embarking on his journey at the tender age of fifteen, Kesed has been wowing and abusing audiences all over the globe for almost a decade.

The strength of the art of spoken word is powerful. ItÂ’s a way of life that can help guide through struggle and pain, while also commemorating the best of times. Kesed has seen it all and been through it all and spoken word has helped him find consolation when times got unbearable and for that reason the gift of spoken word will continue to bless him each time he writes or performs.

The unearthing of the talent came while Kesed sat through math classes at his Brooklyn high school. Math being his least favorite subject he found writing was a way to pass the time, but soon realized it could be so much more than that. He became truly captured in the art after seeing spoken word artist and actor, Saul Williams. That is when he realized that he could be as great a performer as he was a writer. The slam circuit became his playground and his passion for being the best shined through.

The struggle and pain are still major influences of his pieces leaking fluidly in poems passionately displayed on stages to give the listener not only an inside look at his heart and soul, but also a dynamic performance.