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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 1994 | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 1994
Solo Spoken Word Americana


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"Performance Bio 4 PoetRonigirl"

Bookings contact Roni @ 818-916-1963


Poet, songwriter, author, host and producer Roni Walter aka “Poetronigirl” has been a trailblazer in the spoken word industry for the past twelve years. Her weather worn lyrics weave together a lifetime of living and surviving on her own terms. Her songs and poems are like a ray of light. Her stories and lyrics give hope to the lonely and broken hearted while her never give up attitude is what drives her to her to fulfill her mother’s legacy. She is the founder of “Poetronigirl Gear” and “roni’z Bakstreeet Poetri. She was the first spoken word artists to successfully host and produce and evening of live music and poetry at The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood.

Her original poetry has been recited by pop sensation “Brandy” on the hit TV show “Moesha.” As a poet/host she held a five-year residency at Borders Books in Santa Monica. Currently she is the host and books singer/songwriters and poets for ”PoetRonigirl’s Acoustically Speaking held at Panera Bread Bakery in Studio City and Room 5 Lounge in LA.

Roni just launched a new music venture, Step 2 The Stage/Acoustically Speaking/ Unplugged Y’all. This new venue is held at a local art gallery in LA. At Step 2 The Stage the singer/songwriters and poets perform in a cozy informal setting as the audience members are invited to interact with the performers as they discuss their song making process and the stories behind the lyrics.

In 1995 “roni’z Bakstreeet Poetri” concert was a smash hit at the legendary House of Blues on the Sunset Strip (Standing Room Only!!!). She also launched the very first poetry series held at “Magic Johnson’s Starbucks in Los Angeles. For the past twelve years she has been a favorite at various universities.

“Road Poems & Song Lyrics” is the title of her current acoustic inspired, spoken word cd. Numerous museums, schools, libraries, and literary organizations have contracted Roni to conduct her unique poetry workshops.
PoetRonigirl is currently developing a screen play and television music series based on her “Acoustically Speaking Sessions” and given her track record, there is no doubt that you will see PoetRonigirl and all of her songwriting buddies on network TV and the Silver Screen any day now!!!

Peace and Blessings/PoetRonigirl - Road Poems & Song Lyrics Tour

"Book: "I Wish You Could See America Through My Eyes.""

About This Book

"American Through My Eyes" is a story told through poetic pieces. It is the story of a poet who travels life's winding roads and broken trails as she chronicles her journey of life, love and lost, on the pages of her latest book of poetry. poetronigirl quietly deals with the recent passing of her mother in the poems: "Forever Wednesdays' Child" and "We Are Every Day People." As a spoken word artist, she has logged many miles on the open highway traveling by Greyhound Bus and Amtrak Train to various colleges and universities to perform.

poetronigirl takes the reader on a voyage into her world and her love of music from the great singers and songwriters of the 1960's and 1970's. One can see that she is a huge fan of such legends as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Nicks, Cat Stevens, Marvin Gaye and Carole King, just to name a few. In the poem, "I Am An American Original" she invites you the reader to dance across the pages of her book as she introduces you to her childhood heroes, ultimately revealing her mission statement:

"I am an american original stitched
together with levi bluz songs
and I know turn these songs into dreams
that I carefully carry in my backpack
these dreams help me to see my vision
God put me here for a reason
He gave me words and a voice
and I now use them both responsibly
I am Words, I am Vision, I am Voice."
The poem "Greyhound Bound" speaks of occurrences some travelers face on a cross-country odyssey. In this poem, poetronigirl also entertains us with her imaginary chance encounter with the iconic singer, songwriter Cat Stevens, as she awakens from a hazy dream like state.
In the poem "The Road,” she outlines some of the life experiences of various characters, ranging from a rebel, rock star to high school sweethearts from Middle America, to the ex-prom queen with faded dreams on a road to nowhere.

The poems "The Lighthouse" and "Angels of The Sea" showcase the author's love of historic landmarks and her enchantment with ancient, myths and folklore that surround the vast bodies of water throughout America.
Through the title poem "I Wish You Could See America Through My Eyes" one can clearly visualize the towns, the yellow leaves, the lighthouses, the long miles, and poetronigirl's fondness for America's landscape and its wide open spaces. Volume #1 is only the beginning, as she will soon begin her poetic quest across the United States to write poems about the great lighthouses of America.

"so here I am back again
on highway USA
the same ole song, just another day
Lord, trying to make my way
don't know where I'm going
just gonna' follow the tumble weed
got my song book and my pride
that's really all I need ..."

Peace, poetronigirl
- Bak Pak Book Publishing

"A View From the Bus:Poetry in Motion"

In a moment when the Metropolitan Transit Authority is gettin' "no love," bus-riding poet priestess Roni Walter wouldn't know what to do without the ailing entity--warts and all. Her bus pass isn't just fuel for the muse but her bid at proactive civic involvement.Her big break came in 1995 at a front and center House of Blues gig in Hollywood at which she co-hosted a "Roni'z Bakstreeet Poetri" event with celebrity diva Pam Grier. One gig bloomed into the next, and before she knew it, pop star Brandy was reading her poem "Invisible Woman" on the sitcom "Moesha." What passes outside of a the window--no matter how broken-down or at-surface hopeless--becomes inspiration, poetry on the page.
--LYNELL GEORGE - Los Angeles Times

"Tha's Why The Lady Is A Mack"

Roni Walter is Hustler. The woman could sell you 50 cents for a dollar, and she'd be the first one to admit it. The Poetess trafficks the arteries of Los Angeles, a city that desperately needs to start talking with itself again, and like Walt Whitman with a monthly bus pass, she hears America talking. - DETOUR MAGAZINE

"PoetRonigirl @ Pepperdine University"

She was sensational and uplifting. I was simply delighted to bring her to the Pepperdine campus. Her performance was a nice addition to our month of diversity and culture on our campus. - Letter From Campus Life

"Roni @ Citrus College"

This past fall, Roni performed for a group of 700+ Californai Community College Student leaders where our students told me that we would be bringing her to our campus soon. Roni is incredibly easy to work with as well as being adynamic performer. Our campus experienced a double dose of Roni during Citru College's recent diversity week, when Roni performed her work in the open setting of our Campus Center and again as she went into an Acting Fundamentals class and worked with the sutdents there on their presentation skills. I have received nothing but high praised for her performance in both the class room and the Campus Center.

Adrienne Thompson
Student Activities Coordinator - Associated Students Coordinator

"PoetRonigirl @ Santa Monica College"

Roni, as we begin a new year and approach a new semester,I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for sharing your time and talents with the campus community at Santa Monica College. It has truly been a joy and delight having you as a performer during our student activities, year after year. Both the Associated Students Board of Directors and Office of Student Life Staff have been proud to have you take part in many significant occasions on campus. Roni, I am happy to consider you as a part of the Santa Monica College family, through the spirit you bring to the campus commuity.

Patricia W. Brown, Ph.D.
Dean of Student Life(2002) - Letter from Past Dean of Students

"A Night of Poetry At Panera Bread"

Her performance was unmatched and she is selfless in her cause of poetic justice. PoetRonigirl possesses a dedication to the art of poetry that is commendable and is essential.

Toni Drago/writer - Studio City Sun

"PoetRonigirl @ San joaquin Delta College"

Roni Weaved the experience of her works into the receptive souls of the audience. The result: they went with her on a lyrical expedition of poetic expression. Ms. Walter's words unleashed thoughts both jocular and grave, yet always poignant. Through humor, heartache, and readily identifiable human circumstances, Ms. Walter entertained, educated, consoled, and challenged "her" audience. I highly recommend her
without reservation.

Supervisor of Student Activities
David l. Ferrell, M.S. - Student Activities Office


Road Poems & Song Lyrics/In Search of Highway America(Lyrics PoetRonigirl & Music and Background vocal by Julie Gribble)
*Collar Green Dreams/Spokenword cd
*America Through My Eyes/Poetry Book
*Highway America(single) Lyrics by PoetRonigirl & Music and Lead Vocals by Sean Wiggins




Road Poems & Song Lyrics Tour
Booking contact Roni @ 818-916-1963


Roni aka Poetronigirl is a trailblazer in the spoken word/acoustic music industry. She is the founder of "PoetRonigirl's Acoustically Speaking" music series. For five years she successfully hosted and produced a poetry and music night at The Comedy Store in Hollywood. Her original poetry has been recited by "Brandy" on the TV show "Moesha”. As a poet/host she held a five-year residency at Borders Books in Santa Monica. She was selected to host the very first poetry and music venue held at Magic Johnson's Starbucks. In 1995, "roni'z Bakstreeet Poetri" concert was a smash hit at the legendary House of Blues on the Sunset Strip (standing room only!!!).

As a spoken word entertainer, she has successfully blended her poetic lyrics together with various acoustic guitar players while performing live on stage. In her spare time (which is rare), she works hard to promote her mixed media/collage artwork. Her artwork combines vintage, as well as, recycled paper and re-purposed glass bottles together to make one of a kind, unique pieces of artwork (www.Instagram.com/PoetRonigirl

Poetronigirl has been a favorite at various colleges and universities through her "Poetronigirl'z Wordz Across America-College-Book & Club Tour" series. A partial list of the campuses where she has performed include USC, Pepperdine, UCLA and UC-Santa Barbara. "Road Poems & Song Lyrics" is the title of her current spoken word/acoustic cd, which combines traditional acoustic music with her unique style of home spun lyrics. Her first spoken word cd “Collard Green Dreamz” remains a favorite with her audience. She has self published two books of poetry, "Fierce Women/ We Are Shadez of Every Color of Womanhood" and "America Through My Eyes". “America Trough My Eyes” is a story told through poetic pieces. It is the story of a poet who travels winding roads and broken trails as she chronicles her journey of life.” Her third book of poetry and song lyrics will be released in 2010.

PoetRonigirl continues to teach poetry workshops at schools, libraries and non profit organizations. She is indeed an American poet who will forever travel the open highways by Amtrak Train or Greyhound Bus ... whispering in the wind:

“i wish you could see America through my eyes”

Peace & Blessings

"If I Were A Poet
I Would Color the
World With My Words/PoetRonigirl

***PoetRonigirl is available to teach poetry and spokenword performance workshops for both children and adults

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