Poetry Slam

Poetry Slam

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All our poets come from the school of poetry slam which is the competetive art of performance poetry. Solomon Sparrow's Electric Whale Revival, a hilarious and inspiring poetry group featuring five of the world's top performance poets, comes to town for one night only this fall.


This fall, the Boston Poetry Slam presents touring artists Solomon Sparrow's Electric Whale Revival, in town for one night only: Saturday, September 29.

Solomon Sparrow's Electric Whale Revival is a spoken word experience like no other. This exceptional and inspiring verbal circus features five of the world's top performance poets gathered together for only one month on the same tour bus to travel cross-country, with five lasers of love aimed directly at your pelv... heartstrings.

Our poets collectively represent every National and World Poetry Slam since 2003, save one. This is a rare extravaganza made up of side-splits and stitches, hovercrafts and marbles, chocolate bars and polar bears, full of lightning and geese, bumping.

The Electric Whale Revival was born to inspire the masses to live fully without sounding like a slimy metaphysical experience. It is a total theater experience with audience interaction, music, laughter, and thoughtful commentary by five of the best writers/spoken word artists America has to offer.


Please see http://myspace.com/whalerevival for more information and audio samples.

Set List

What happens at the revival depends mostly on what you need. Solomon Sparrow's Electric Whale Revival will disarm, release, redeem, and revive each audience with great care.