Poetry to the People

Poetry to the People

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The perfect multicultural exhibition of spoken word. Poetry to the People is one of today's premier spoken word groups. Their performance encompasses love, sexuality, race, AIDS, history and more.


A combination of Award Winning poets and performers, Poetry to the People is Milton “Ranik” Jackson and Kendall “Chosen” Exume.

With over 10 years of combined performance experience, Poetry to the People seeks to recognize the challenges of love, address topics of social concern, politics, respect and the importance of the creative art of poetry.

Chosen brings the element of love, sexuality, while highlighting a respect and admiration for women. Chosen’s repertoire far exceeds love poetry, his work also addresses the topics of AIDS and STD’s, social inequality and more.

Ranik (Rah - Neek), a fire starter like no other, has written two books on this topics of social inequalities, culture, love and oppression. He has performed at over 50 venues, received 2 literary awards and has been recognized by Eastern CT State University and the Hartford Courant for his voluntarism and his fight within the civic arena through poetry.

Poetry to the People has already appeared at:

Columbia University
Smith College
Hesser College (New Hampshire)
Northeastern University
State University of NY at Fredonia
University of Hartford
Central Connecticut State University
Eastern Connecticut State University
The Artist's Collective (Hartford, CT)
Trinity College (Hartford, CT)

Poetry to the People is the performance poetry group that will definitely provide the Fire and Light you seek at your venue, college or university.


Books authored:
Stimulation Through Words by Kendall Exume (Fire Light Projects, May 2007)
Fire Light: Some Kind of Wonderful by Milton Jackson (Fire Light Projects, February 2006)
Life, Liberty and Love by Milton Jackson (Fire Light Projects, March 2003)

Set List

Length = 1 hour +

Poems (not in order):

Poetry to the People (Intro - Duo)
Life, Liberty and Love (Duo, Civil Rights & Multiculturalism)
I am Chosen (Self Introduction)- Chosen
Rah (Self Introduction)- Ranik
A Better Tomorrow (Social) - Chosen
Soul Star (Love) - Duo
A Jones For... (Love) - Ranik
My Teacher (AIDS) - Chosen
Epidemic Numbers (AIDS) - Ranik
Speak Truth (AIDS) - Duo
Under The Influence (Social/ Music) - Chosen
We Built This Nation (Social/ Civil Rights) - Ranik
Internet Game (Social) - (Chosen)
You Take Everything (Love) - Ranik
I Love This Poetry - Duo