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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Duluth News Tribune "Small Town Girl's No Small Time Talent""

Stacy K is a new talent on the Minnesota music scene who has a brand new EP called “Little Glass Houses”

Stacy has a disarmingly mature voice.
She blends (like many good songwriters) a keen eye for
observation, elements of her own personal experience and a
vivid imagination. It’s never transparent how that division
breaks down, but her expressive pipes keep your ear glued to
the story line.

The places and elements that she references are always
unexpected and a bit unusual, but that’s part of the charm

Journaling began as young as 12 or 13 and that discipline
has paid off in canny and clever songwriting that is wise
beyond her years. When something intrigues Stacy, she
writes about it in journal and in song. In the latter, it’s never
cliché or repackaged. It’s fresh and incisive.

With her eye for detail, good writing instincts and that expressive voice, there would appear
to be many more good records down the line for Stacy K. –John Ziegler, Duluth News Tribune.
- John Ziegler

"POGMATONE Live at the St Paul Opera House"

After two acoustic acts, POGMATONE took the stage and performed a set that could only be described as blistering. They rained down funk grooves and larger than life prog riffs in a heat storm of energy. An unbelievably solid rhythm section provided a foundation that Stacy K soared over with vocal acrobatics. The guitar work of Trent Baarspul was nothing short of intimidating. He sent licks into the stratosphere, while bassist Beau Jeffrey held down infectious bass lines.

In between fiery renditions of originals, cans of PBR were cracked, brandy was sipped, and jokes were told. The members of the audience weren't the only ones having fun...

The live versions of their material proved to be much more ambitious than on the album. The chords were booming and the melodic lines, dizzying. The band had a power that made a small DIY space feel like something greater. They went on a ride that spanned multiple decades of musical influence, and the crowd was lucky enough to be on it. Simply put, POGMATONE was unstoppable. If you didn't dance, you should check to see if you still have a pulse. - Radio Noir


EP's Released:
The Attic Sessions 2007 (Stacy K Solo)
Little Glass Houses 2008 (Stacy K Solo)
In the Country 2008 (as Stacy K & the Groovestains)



we were born in the 80's. Our dads were outlaws and our mothers are in the grave. We roam the land searching for the sunset. We dance wildly beside the fire light. We drink. We smoke. we play groovy folk----what? We are POGMATONE.