New York City, New York, USA

Sugar-coated punk angst served with a side of hot, sweaty electronica.


Hey, Kids, Poingly here. Remember that Paula Abdul remix album? Yeah, that was my first cassette. It saved me from too much exposure to my parents' easy listening radio habits on countless trips. It sounds totally not punk rock; but trust me, it was. I fucking wore that tape down, pasted it together when it broke, and was forever influenced by Paula's sweet siren song.

When people ask me what I'm trying to do with my music...well, seriously, I'm trying to recreate that Paula Abdul remix album. That shit was hot, yo. I am, unfortunately, sort of shitty at it. My attempt at pure pop magic changes into a screaming mess, distortion plowing over power chord driven guitar, and a background beat thumping from the best freeware technology 1996 had to offer! One day, mark my words, my appearance on American Idol will be met with Paula responding, "What the fuck was that?"

Poingly has played the CMJ Music Marathon in 2004-2007, After The Jump Winterfest 2007, & WE Fest in 2007.


I Suck. (2006)
Virginia Is For Losers (2007)
So Sue Me. (2008)
The One with the Singer's Face on the Cover (2012)

Compilations, Remixes, etc.:
"Want U Back for Good" from Want U Back (Mabson Enterprises, 2012)
"Call Me...Maybe" from Call Me Maybe (Mabson Enterprises, 2012)
"Artificial Light" from Moostermania (Mooster Records, 2012)
"Get Up Get Out" from Electric Exercises (Mushpot Records, 2008)
"Don't Play With Guns" from 'Til Someone Puts An Eye Out (Superpickle, 1999)

Remixed Pale Eyes song: "Burn"
Remixed Foot Village song: "T.A.K.E."
Remixed Anavan song: "Mingle"
Remixed Project Jenny, Project Jan song: "Games"
Remixed Captain Ahab song: "Partybaby"
Remixed Snowden song: "Like Bullets"
Remixed Books On Tape song: "Bubblegum"
Remixed Mixel Pixel songs: "My Animal" and "Coming Up X's"
Remixed Vic Thrill songs: "Wailing Wall" and "Afrological"
Remixed the Peachwaves song: "Too Much Shit"

Set List

Poingly set lists range from 15 to 40 minutes of pure electronic punk fever.