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Beyond your expectation, the most mind blowing display of passion in music out today. Annointed ministry and commanding flow meets catchy lines, and the presence of the holy spirit. Point5 is a life changer. He has been featured on The Steve Harvey Show, AGN, Ellen, several Motion picture soundtracks, national tours and festivals. Contact Point5 today for your event!


Growing up in the midst of desertion, racism, rejection, and failure, Point5 persevered through it all and signed his first record deal at the age of 18, touring with the likes of Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Baby Bash, and more. After discovering that money, fame, and women were not what he needed to fill the void in his life, hewalked away from it all to pursue the higher calling of Christ. Now he stands as a representative of endurance and character. Point5is traveling the world and creating music unlike anything in the industry. His music is deep, his performance is engaging, and his ministry is undeniably effective. Simply put, heis doing something that has yet to be done;using music to fuel a revival in the hearts of people all across the world.
Point5presents a purely Christian message that anybody, religious or not, can relate to and respect. Point5is the type of artist that not only brings a captivating concert experience but most importantly, a life changing encounter with God. He is passionate, prophetic and relentless in reaching the lost and hurting people in this world that so desperately need Jesus.  Providing solid truth, revealing hope through a life with Christ and whole-heartedly loving people Is really the heart of this ministry. 
Point5is one of the most qualified Christian artists in music today! An educated man with four degrees (including a Masters in Communication), a military veteran (with several medals of achievement), a first responder, a parent, an airman, motivational speaker, singer, rapper, songwriter, and more. He is an award winning artist who has been featured on the Steve Harvey show, AGN, Ellen, a number of motion picture soundtracks, and festivals. Serious skill...punchlines, metaphors, a ridiculous vocabulary, and a bold delivery make Point5 one of the most captivating artists in the industry, sure to spark a life changing revolutionin any setting!


I know

Written By: Point5

Lord I know that your love is patient your love is kind
It’s hard to believe that your love is mine
But I will cherish it, share it with the world
Make sure that it’s true and through you if I decide to share it with a girl
Cuz I know not a whole lot Lord
About your book but I’ll just keep on reading I just won’t stop Lord
Cuz I’m infatuated and gravitated and uplifted
By the gift of your scripture and its relentless intentions
And I know that some will acknowledge you, and follow you
And others won’t bother to holler that you are the father
But I confess with my tongue that Lord Jesus you’re the one
And I confess with my hands that Lord Jesus you’re the man.
Now I can say it with a hip hop language
With the power of God inside of me I can be hip hops greatest
I formed a combination of holy and hip hop phrases
And made a stage presentation for a hip hop nation


I know I know that it’s dark I can’t see
But I believe that your son will come shine on me
And I know I know that there will be rainy days
But you’ll come take that pain away
And I know I know that it’s dark I can’t see
But I believe that your son will come shine on me
Cuz I believe in your Word
I believe every word
And of all the things out there, Lord you come first
I know

Part 1

Written By: Point5

Imagine my suprise
when I open up my eyes and realize
Everything that was around me was a lie
wasnt I
protected by the spirit that's inside?
My mind it had me fried and I could no longer rely, Oh my
sometimes I can't deny that I cry
and the emotions inside of me
complied with my pride
even though I kept physically growing my spirit died
and then I relized its in you I must confide!
Lord God
I'm not used to you cuz your odd
your so different from the rest
when Im around you I'm refreshed
next Im pressed to make the people stop guessin
Its a life lesson learned sure dog you should confess him
as your Lord and your saivor give him the praise
let him explain your ways as you change your ways
and for the rest of my days Im gonna praise the name
of him and have faith in today
because today you saved


Written By: Point5

I can become anything that I Am says that I am
Already already cuz my plan
Is to take the gospel anywhere you want me to t-take it to
So I can become anything anywhere that you take me to
Lord you just make me new, did it time and time again. Devoted all my time to him
And see them rhymes, they done changed a lot of lives.
Set a lot of people free from addiction and suicide (but uhhhh)
All the glory is really God’s and everything that you think that I am I’m really not
Because I’m broken. I’m helpless. I’m really nothing without Him
And He resides inside of me so I’m truly astounding

I’ll go! I’m gonna give my all and I won’t slow
I’m gonna show the world what they don’t know
I’m gonna be the one when it’s done, yeah I’m gonna take it higher
If I made it this far, I can take it higher
If I made it this far, I can go anywhere
If I made it this far, I can go anywhere
Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere, anywhere

See I’m gonna take it higher
Get all my frequent flyer miles
As I tell the world how you saved me from all of my prior
Sinful disgusting, greed, hatred, and lusting
You gave me something to trust in, made me everything that I wasn’t
Now I’ happy with who I am and there’s nothing I can’t do
I’ll go anywhere, anytime, do anything for you
Cuz see if I made it this far, the HE did his part
I’m a Ducati in the spirit. Need a kick start (vroom)
And now I’m gone em. Full speed ahead, Arnold Swartzenneger strong on em
I’m going to give my all, everything and I aint holding back
Every time I see a problem I’m like “here Jehovah that!”
You can take it, I can’t.
You’re the one and I am. The one you have chosen to hold the world in his right hand
Take it from here to Mexico, Australia, to Thailand
And all the way around the globe. Going hard. Aint never going slow so….

I’ll go! I’m gonna give my all and I won’t slow
I’m gonna show the world what they don’t know
I’m gonna be the one when it’s done, yeah I’m gonna take it higher
If I made it this far, I can take it higher
If I made it this far, I can go anywhere
If I made it this far, I can go anywhere
Anywhere, anywhere, anywhere, anywhere


-Mixtape- "Opening Act" -May 08
-DJ Pure "Christ Hitmakers vol. 1"
-Dj Pure "Christ Hitmakers vol. 2"
-feature on Common Man's album- "Element" -2 songs: "Everytime" and "Fountain of Life"
-Feature on Mynista's album "Preperation"-1 song: "And even if"
-Feature on Vision's album "Getting Serious"-2 songs: "It is what it is" and "Victory"
-Mixtape- "Fade in2 the Background" -May 2009
- E.P. "Life Change" -March 2010
-Feature on Ces Magmatic's FOCUS- 1 song- "High"
-11 Contributions to the mixtape "Memoirs of the Jesus Freaks" released by Pure Music Group-June 2010
-Feature on DJ Grand Mill's TRANSFORMED-1 song- "I'm New"
-Soul Fusion Radio Compilation album (vol 2) - 1 song- Hope
-feature on Pierre's "Turn it Around"
-debut album HELLO GOODBYE- Nov 2011
-Feature on Rio's "Grind City" march 2012
-Feature on Purpose's "REBIRTH" album

-"Hope" won gospel rap song of the year @ the 2009 Independant Gospel Music Awards
-"It is What it Is" was nominated for christian rap song of the year at the 2010 Urban Inspirational Awards

-"Hope" received regular airplay on Clear Channels Majic 104.9(fm) and on Hallelujah 1600(am) in St. Louis, MO
-"Extra Extra" received regular airplay on Clear Channel's 100.3 the beat(fm) in St. Louis, MO for several months
-St. Louis Radio station Power 89.9 featured the songs "hope" and "extra extra" regularly
-Power 89.9 featured both songs in a battle of the bands throughout April 2010. Listeners called in and voted online and in the end Point5 beat several National artists such as "The Afters" "Mercy Me" "John Rueben" and more.
-"Hope" received regular airplay on Holy Culture Web Radio
-"I Will Run" was also featured on Holy Culture Web Radio
-"Anywhere" Has been on more than 20 online and local radio stations

-Point5 has traveled To nearly all of the 50 states and the Nation of Guam.
-Shared the stage with many notable artists such as
Da T.r.u.t.h., Kirk Franklin, Flame, J.R., Frankie J, Baby Bash, Disciple, Flame, Our Hearts Hero, The Letter Black, Family Force 5, Seventh Day Slumber, Mynista, This'l, Ambassador, KJ-52, Mr. Del, Proxy,Toby Mac, Big Daddy Weave, Icon for Hire, and more.

Education and Experience:
-Graduate of the Chaplain's Service Institute (Montgomery, AL)
-Bachelor's Degree in Speech Communications, minor in Religious Studies
-Associate's degree in Social Work
-Chaplain's Assistant in the Air National Guard (SSgt)
-Active Duty Military veteran.

Set List

I have a long list of songs and I am available for a set length up to 2 hours long. Prefered set length is 45 mins- 1:15