Point Blank

Point Blank


Point Blank is a no-nonsense blue collar metal band with an original sound which is crunchy, driving, heavy and melodic. The musical talent of the band can only be matched by their energetic and intense live performances.


Long time friends and former bandmates, the members of Point Blank came together in 2000 and quickly made a name for themselves as one of the hardest working, most indomitable metal bands in the New York area. Their previous experiences in metal and hardcore bands have given them the opportunity to develop their chops alongside some of the best in the business.

With years spent sharing a stage with the likes of Shadows Fall, Slayer's Kerry King, Chimaira, Hatebreed, Biohazard, Death Angel, Kreator, Destruction, Exodus, Overkill and Nuclear Assault have helped the band to build a strong following, as well as a thick skin and tireless work ethic. Whether headlining or appearing as a supporting act, Point Blank's dynamic performances have captured the attention of other legendary artists, along with club owners, sound engineers and other industry professionals each time, not to mention their audience. While their music owes its fortitude to the influences of Slayer, Testament, Anthrax, Pantera, Iron Maiden, Kiss and Van Halen, (as well as countless other bands) Point Blank has managed to create a sound which is their own. Their songs combine crushing riffs - raw with aggression, together with haunting melodies, instrumental virtuosity and showmanship to create a hard hitting, ballsy performance that seizes a crowd, making them part of the action. When Point Blank takes a stage, there is a true feeling of ownership and confidence - a palpable energy that rushes through the room, lingering after the final note.

Point Blank celebrated the release of their first full length CD, "Cast the First Stone" by playing an in-store concert at Looney Tunes Records in West Babylon, NY on November 5, 2003, which according to storeowner, Karl Groeger Jr., was "the most successful local band in-store since Taking Back Sunday." A record number of discs were sold that night, earning Point Blank the #1 spot on the store's weekly bestseller list. "Cast the First Stone" was well received by audiences across the US, via internet sales, downloads and limited brick and mortar distribution.

Since the release of Cast the First Stone, Point Blank performed at the legendary Milwaukee Metalfest XVIII, and have been touring throughout the northeast. The band has appeared on News 12's Long Island Band Spotlight, interviewed and received airplay on several college and commercial radio stations. Their music has also been used in two independant films. Point Blank has been featured on Opie and Anthony's nationally aired XM Satellite Radio program several times, which contributed greatly to the band's nationwide popularity and sales.

Currently, Point Blank is preparing to release their second independent full length CD, entitled By a Thread, on June 20th, 2006. Not tampering with success, they will be celebrating their CD Release event that day at Looney Tunes CD store in West Babylon, NY. They plan to continue touring with hard work and dedication toward the goal of bringing their musical career to the next level...and beyond.


"Cast the First Stone" - LP November, 2003
"By a Thread" - LP June 2006

Set List

A typical set for point blank is approximately 45-60 minutes long. The only cover they normally will include in their set is a metal version of "The Devil Went Down to Georgia"