Point Blank Recordings

Point Blank Recordings

 New York City, New York, USA

Point Blank Recordings is a unit of Impact Worldwide Entertainment, a marketing, management & consulting group. Point Blank Recordings has courted attention from Atlantic Records, July 2010 and The Primary Wave Publishing Company, September 2010. We have more than fifteen artists around the nation.


Point Blank Recordings
A Division of Impact Worldwide Entertainment

Point Blank Recordings was created as an independent record label, the primary music component of parent company, Impact Worldwide Entertainment on January 1, 2010 after an explosive online campaign leading up to the New Year. At the time, the first recording artist’s to be named were MIC Angelo of Paterson, New Jersey, B-May of Garland/Denton Texas and Tony Murk, also of Paterson, New Jersey. The focus of the label at the time was to develop and promote recording artist’s no one knew about, a needle in a haystack that would later earn it’s right to compete against major competitors with years of industry established connections, resources and dominance. While MIC Angelo went to work on an upcoming video release for his lead single, “Monster”, B-May went to work on his own project, a mixtape and constant promotion of singles already released and that gained him regional attention. The Impact Worldwide Entertainment CEO himself deemed these projects so serious, that he himself would manage the leading acts of the record label.

With constant promotion and exposure, MIC Angelo and B-May began to make people take note of the newcomers. The labels popularity online began to flourish, and before long, the calls and messages from other aspiring talent flooded the email of Impact Worldwide Entertainment CEO, Jonathon Sisco, however the next big act came from an entirely different source, a mutual acquaintance, an artist introduced to the CEO as, “Yung Shimmy Fly”. At first, Sisco doubted the ability of the newest prospect. Yung Shimmy Fly possessed a natural marketable look, and hunger for the business, but Sisco was unsure of the recording artist’s music potential. Sure to prove a point, and to solidify his standings, Yung Shimmy Fly took advice from Sisco and quickly presented him with “Crush”, an entirely different sound that Sisco had never heard before. Highly impressed, Sisco took serious interest in signing this new artist in March of 2010. Sisco knew Point Blank Recordings would compete with the roster in hand.

In the coming months, Yung Shimmy Fly released an official music video for “Crush” shortly after MIC Angelo’s debut video of “Monster”, as B-May released his next single, “Be With Me”. Through the parent company’s affiliations with a now defunct production unit, Sisco acquired the next artist, Nikki Nonsense, a raw, edgy, lyrical act with a substantial following in his home city of Philadelphia. Nikki composed a debut album titled, “Tales of Sense” with plans to tour around the country with other artist’s on a previous label. Plans were never finalized, so Nikki, tired of the illegitimate business practices of others, joined the Point Blank Recordings roster. He recorded his first collaborative effort with MIC Angelo, “Rum Runner” followed by a third verse feature on B-May’s Itunes smash, “What You Want” before differences with Sisco and MIC Angelo caused the veteran MIC Angelo to pursue his own interests in music. Forging ahead, the remaining label mates pulled no punches in delivery, performances or promotion for the next few months leading up to April and May when Point Blank Recordings noticed two additional powerhouse artist’s named Walt Chamberlain (formerly known as Thugga) and Young Blayze, both residing in Savannah, GA. Walt Chamberlain metaphorically advanced with a delivery comparable to some of hip hops superstars seemed a no brainer for Point Blank Recordings. The acquisition added Walt Chamberlain’s versatile, street savvy repertoire, background while Young Blayze, seventeen years old at the time, added creative lyrical and exciting punch-lines, though uniquely different from artists in his age bracket. Each artist performs in their home states, often time reaching out to one another to share creative works, collaborations.

June, July of 2010 brought along Kid Astro and Kid Kaine, sixteen and seventeen year old established recording artist’s producer and engineers. Kid Kaine originated out of Maryland while Kid Astro contributed a different style of music based in Canada’s exploding entertainment circuit. The two utilized their talents to professionally mix and master the label-mates music, the same time working on individual projects of their own. Guided by growing momentum and fanfare, Point Blank Recordings continued to expand by adding The Bout That Dough Music Group, six individual artists ranging in ages of 14 to 19, all of Savannah Georgia. BTD established themselves as more than ordinary recording artists, having already catalogued more than thirty unique songs on their own amidst an impressive regional fan base. Under development, The Bout That Dough Music Group has begun production on their solo and joint collaborative works to include their counterparts under the Point Blank Recordings umbrella. In December of 2010, another Savannah native, Lil Roe added to the southern region’s grip on


In current rotation is:

YSF, Crush, complete with music video, Bother Me and Psycho which can be found on ingrooves, Here We Go, I Wanna Know and more!
Walt Chamberlain, Party, I Stunt, Gone for Too Long and more!
Kid Astro of Canada has released, Imma Star, Dreamer, Main Girl and more!
B-May has released Hands Up, Grind Time, It's You and more!
The Bout That Dough Music Group, six individual members, careers, projects, but together are a movement.
Kid Astro(Canada) Main Girl Music video released on 4.22.11
Danni D Music is our first female artist, currently working on her EP.

Set List

A typical set list is composed of about five to ten songs, depending on venue and time slots. We do not have any cover songs but this can be arranged if required as well. Each set is roughly three minutes long, depending on the energy of the crowd because we definitely impress! Our repertoire is primarily urban with a stylish edge of rock and we also have r&b acts to deliver the more sentimental feel and look.