Point of View

Point of View


Punk-influenced band with grunge and catchy melodies. We DON'T scream. "We write songs with meaning, and everything you hear comes from our Point of View."


Point of View was formed in South Florida when two long-time friends decided it was time to get serious. Anthony and Brian had basically learned how to play their instruments together dating all the way back to 1999. After playing together in the band, "Subcutaneous," for over 3 years, they parted and the band broke up. The two finally reunited musically, and met an amazing bass player, Jake. Point of View was born. Everything took off from there. A demo cd was recorded almost instantly, and the band is now performing everywhere possible to promote their musical point of views.


As of April 2006, the band has a 3-song demo CD for sale comprised of:

"Growing Up" , "FEMAville" , & "I'm Sorry"

Set List

Our typical set list contains about 10 songs, almost always including every song on the demo, as well some of our others including a grunge-influenced song, "Short & Stable," our powerful "Yesterday," and our fast and energetic song, "Ruin My Day."