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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Music Monthly"

"...Rollie Belles was the singer then as he is now and what he has is a great popular band that has that certain sound that is very appealing to the radiowaves..." - Kelly Connely

"Philadelphia Underground"

"We all know how much Kim likes a new band. Ha. Well, Pointswest was awesome. Hailing from D.C. along with C Patch, these guys kicked so much as*. They were awesome, super nice, crazy, polite, funny, and very talented guys. These 4 guys have a cool presence on stage, as well as off it. Off stage they’re funny and kind, on stage they’re nuts." - Kim N


Everywhere (EP) 6 - track



Feeling a bit camera shy


Points West Biography
By Dave Roscoe

If a talented band keeps an audience entertained; and a successful bands keeps an audience wanting more, then Points West is a riveting addiction of independent musical creation. They are a genre-less entity that does not sacrifice the taste of the masses in their concoction of mainstream pop and Indie rock influences. Their crisp harmonies are reminiscent of bubble gum oldies while retaining a definite edge through hard-hitting guitar work. It’s a refreshing change in a market inundated with more and more whinny suburban angst.

PointsWest is comprised of lead singer/songwriter and guitarist; Rollie Belles, guitarist and vocalist; Michael Ligocki, bassist; Jonathon Swafford and drummer; Kevin Collins. No clever metaphors can express the level of friendship, teamwork, and family that exists between these four natives of quiet, rural Frederick, MD.

Belles stands point with soothing vocals that convey with crystalline clarity the emotional content of every lyric. Backing Belles’ vocal, Ligocki and Swafford bring harmonies that, each powerful enough to stand independently, add further depth to an already powerful melody. Ligocki’s guitar work is powerful, visceral and fluid with attention. His hooking guitar components teamed up with Belles’ rhythmic cords seem to strike and fade through every song, leaving a mark upon the listener. Swafford’s rich bass lines anchor the gliding guitars and provide momentum to compliment Ligocki and Belles. All the while, Collin’s wide ranged drumming expertise takes on many different styles in order to provide the best drum line for any and all situations.

Throughout the bittersweet lyrical prose, inspired by experiences that anyone with blood flowing through their veins can nod to and associate with, there lies distinct hope embedded deep in PointsWest’s schematic spawned from the archives of memory. PointsWest’s lyrics are a collaboration of their collective experiences and consciousness articulated by Belles. “Everywhere” brings an expression of sexual vigor and release teamed with the exquisite loss of romantic bliss. Gears are switched to “Summer Beat”, which oozes the concentrate of young love. Then from around the corner comes “Truly”, barely containing its own infectious and electrifying energy.

Throughout every selection, PointsWest maintains a moving emotional excursion while intertwining catchy beats and rhythms to make listeners think, feel, and jump.

PointsWest takes you on a journey using their fluid ingenuity to avoid titles or genre labels. They aim to please as many as possible and take in to consideration the listener in formulating their art. PointsWest is new and independent, yet there lies a romance, a classical bookmark to their style. They can harmonize softly or they can bring down the house with overpowering capacity.

Their ambitions are great. They realize only through hard work and dedications will their music reach its desired audience volume. Their teamwork ensures their title as a band; a living-breathing unit brought together in common purpose and goal.