Dover, England, GBR

If Interpol had been born in Poland and were more gothic they would sound like this.!!! The Glastonbury Leftfielders are a promising embryonic talent who produce nicely crafted song structures. They sounds like Queens of the Stone Age jamming with Bauhaus. Watch Out!!!


THE POISE RITE has created a new album entitled "Milosz Hated RockandRoll". The band invited rising talent of the British music scene, Julian Tulk, to participate in the project. Rock Sound Magazine wrote of him: "... Masterful blend of emotion and integrity ... Tulk's voice holds your attention with a gentle but vice-like grip ... 9 / 10".

This is the new & fresh face of the band, which adds new ideas and creativity. Julian Tulk's rock and folk influences, combined with the cold-wave sound of The Poise Rite is likely to grab many a fan of these genres. The band has also worked on special visualization, which will complement the live shows, creating a spectacle of light & sound.

Band members:
Bart – vocals, electric guitar
Olegs – drums
Krystian – bass guitar, Hammond organ, acoustic guitar
guest: Julian – vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar

See websites for more information:

Tel: +44(0)7950435709


Major festival appearances:
2007 - Glastonbury Festival (Leftfield Stage)
2007 - Heineken Open’er Festival (Headlining Talent Stage)
2007 - MFT Malta Festival in Poznan
2007 - Poland Street Underground Festival at the Vinyl Factory (London)
2008 - OFF Festival (Lesna Stage & Myspace Stage)
2008 - Jarocin Festival (Main Stage)
2008 - Wembley Square of Fame (London, Headlining 2nd Stage)
2009 - Pulse Festival 2009 - Bristol, UK
2009 - Polish Arts Festival - Southend-on-Sea, UK
2011 - Malta Festival (Main Stage – supporting Fleet Foxes & Portishead)

Lenny Kravitz, Wyclef Jean, Fleet Foxes, Portishead, Pati Yang & Stephen Hilton (Flykkiller)

"...stunning... their album should make good listening for any fans of strong bass linses, intelligent guitars, pronounced vocals, and dominant drumming... it may just be worth keeping an ear open for these guys. They might just be bursting onto the scene soon." (

"...there is certainly a future for the band... with its big eighties-esque vocals and loud crunching guitars... they’re almost like a heavy Interpol or a European tinged Black Rebel Motorcycle Club... good fun and a mighty fine racket." (

"...Poise Rite is the better known of the two bands - having already played the Hammersmith Palais, the Mean Fiddler and the Astoria in London. Fans are said to compare them to 80s rock bands and the group has just signed a contract with EMI for its first CD album. (

Set List

aprox set: up to 1 hour (depends from the promoter)