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Poison Boys

Chicago, Illinois, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Chicago, Illinois, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
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"Poison Boys -Boat El Alamein, Paris Live Report"

Originally from Chicago, the glam punk group Poison Boys is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year with a French tour and a first date in the capital. Released in 2023, the disc “ Headed for Disaster ” is a compilation tracing the evolution of the group over the previous seven years with unreleased tracks and demos dating from 2014 to 2018.
With such a broad repertoire, Poison Boys draws its inspiration from groups like Ramones, New York Dolls, Hanoi Rocks, or even The Doors and notably Motorhead (editor's note: We will notice the pretty "snaggletooth" tattoo representing the famous logo of the group anchored on the arm of leader Matt Dudzik), at the end of the concert on eponymous title will also be played as an encore.
If it is always a question of whether rock is definitely dead or not, one thing is certain, the group is only at the beginning of its longevity!


Headed For Disaster
Bustin Out
Little Speedway Girl
Day By Day
Cant Get You Of My Mind
The Searcher
Sleaze City
Knocked Down Again
Fast Time Rocker
Countdown Love
Take A Chance With Me
Rubber Band
About That Girl
Pub Rock Hit
Slow Down
Set You Free
Out Of My Head
Judy Says
Another Day - Among the Living

"Poison Boys – Knocked Down Again – Video Exclusive"

RPM Online we were super stoked when Matt got in touch and asked if we’d like to air their new single. Of course we said a rousing Hell Yeah! So here it is kids: ‘Knocked Down Again’.

They just finished up a run of shows during the summer for what was called their Midwest “Tour” – tour in quotes due to it being several different out of town weekend gigs through the past couple months instead of a bunch of shows every day for a while. They said it was a total blast!

The next show for Poison Boys will be at Reggie’s Music Joint in Chicago on Wednesday 9/27/23 opening for the Oi! band Booze and Glory from the UK. The band have been powering through with their new three piece lineup of Matt Dudzik on vocals and guitar, new bassist Johnny K who just joined right before their Spain tour back in February of this year, and drummer Matt Chaney.

This video was filmed by their Swiss friend Sleepy Doc Julius who came along on this tour for film and photography. In the past he has filled in on guitar for Poison Boys tours in 2017, 2018, and 2019. - RPM Online

"What's Your Poison?"

Chicago rockers POISON BOYS are back with a brand new single and video.

The aptly titled 'Steamroller' follows on from last year's acclaimed second album Don't You Turn On Me and finds the band newly configured as a power trio with founder singer/guitarist Matt Dudzik joined by bassist Johnny K and drummer Matt Chaney.

Formed in 2014, the Boys have been building an explosive reputation on the back of a bunch of 7"s and a brace of full-lengths on labels like Dead Beat, Hobo Wolfman, No Front Teeth and Riot Records, not to mention coast to coast touring in the US and Canada.

Drawing on the typical influences of the Stones, the Groovies, the Stooges, the Dolls, etc, the band mix a bit more energy into the pot citing classic UK punk like Generation X, Vibrators and Slaughter & The Dogs. Extra points for Dudzik's Discharge t-shirt in the video! - Vive le Rock


Hot on the heels of their sophomore record ‘Don’t You Turn on Me‘ Chicago rock and roll rowdies Poison Boys are keeping the fuse lit with the release of some killer stand-alone singles that started with ‘Rubber Band‘ last October and ‘Set You Free‘ in February.

‘Steamroller‘ is the latest to drop and it’s a sneering, in-your-face rocker that mixes the protopunk punk bands of the ’70s and the sleazed street glam of the early ’80s for a delicious rock ‘n roll cocktail. It’s too easy to drop the lazy comparisons here, New York Dolls, Heartbreakers, Dead Boys, Hanoi Rocks, but the band does sound like they’ve been messing around with a flux capacitor. ‘Steamroller‘ is a loose and volatile spark that rocks like it could crash and burn at any time.

Poison Boys have been around since 2014 mostly as a quartet, and released their debut ‘Out of My Head‘ in 2019 and ‘Don’t You Turn on Me‘ in 2021. But after a tour of Spain this February, the band decided to move forward as a very loud power trio:

Matt Dudzik – Vocals/Guitar
Johnny K – Bass
Matt Chaney – Drums - 50thirdand3rd

"Poison Boys - Don’t You Turn On Me (Riot/Golden Robot)"

Finding the midpoint in the trifecta of hard rock sleaze, punk rock energy and power pop accessibility is damn difficult, and you can probably count the number of bands who’ve done it on one hand. Well, get the other hand ready, because Chicago’s Poison Boys nail it on their second LP Don’t You Turn On Me. (Originally released last year on digital, the record has now reached vinyl.)

Led since their 2014 inception by guitarist/vocalist Matt Dudzik, these guys probably can’t cross the street without sneering at oncoming traffic, but they know from hooks. Check out the title track as absolute proof that rock & roll’s corpse does more than twitch – it dances. Nodding towards obvious inspirations like the Stones’ “Street Fighting Man” and the Stooges’ “Gimme Danger,” “Sweet Marie” makes acoustic guitars sound threatening, even though we love the risk. “Can’t Get You Out of My Mind” takes pop-punk out on a date, but forgot to take a shower first, while “Dick in the Dirt” drops any pretense of kindness and gets downright rude. “I Was Cryin’” manages to slam seventies hard rock and sax-laced proto-punk together and produce one ugly, beautiful baby.

Interestingly, the band drops the ‘tude and shows some vulnerability on the closing cut “Take a Chance With Me,” even as the ghost of Jerry Lee Lewis tries to fuck up our hero’s chances in the background. Despite being third in line, the blazing “Day By Day” screams stage-melting show closer. With a song in their hearts and spit on their lips, Poison Boys clearly have both kinds of music down – the rock and the roll. - The Big Takeover

"Featured Artist: POISON BOYS"

Anticipating how an interview will go is always a mystery for me. What might we talk about? What will I learn about? Maybe some kick ass stories. That's what was running through my head when I called Matt, lead singer of the Chicago based rock band Poison Boys. With Matt is Steve, the guitarist for the band. Fittingly, the two were headed to a Kiss concert when I phoned them; Poison Boys' music sounds like a mix of Kiss-era rock with punk threads that hold their music together. This is intentional, Matt explains that the sound that he's trying to go for is Kiss meets the Exploding Hearts. And they do this perfectly. The band's two albums, "Don't You Turn on Me" and "Out of My Head" is like if the New York Dolls, The Damned, and Lou Reed had a threesome and out popped Poison Boys. Their songs are energetic, even the slower ones like the Stonesy "Up to the Sky" on 'Out of My Head.' But how did this band start? I assumed they had been together for a while since their playing is tight. But it's more complicated than that.
Matt and Steve both grew up in the Midwest. Steve in Chicago, Matt in Northwest Indiana. As you can tell with their music, Matt has always been into punk music. He notes that the first two albums that propelled him into digging around the historic punk catalogue was the Sex Pistols "Never Mind the Bollocks" and the Ramones anthology "Hey! Ho! Let's Go", which belonged to his older brother. Matt started Poison Boys back in 2014 with childhood friend Mike Lippman, who tragically passed away eight months after the band was formed. "I felt like the best way to keep his memory alive is to keep playing the songs we wrote together" Matt notes. Matt powered on, eventually releasing the Poison Boys' 2019 debut "Out of My Head". "Most of these songs on our first album were written by me and Mike" Matt explains as he navigates his car. Steve didn't join the band until 2018 when Matt put out a search for a new guitarist.
Steve saw the ad, went in for a jam with the band, and ended up clicking almost immediately. Even though Steve was new to Poison Boys, he had been playing in punk bands around the Chicago area for a while. "It was a breath of fresh air" Steve exclaims as he points out the unique and fun nature of the band's music. Steve was immediately thrown in the mix, going on a five-day Midwest tour just weeks after joining. Unfortunately, the tour was cut short after the band's van broke down after the first gig. This won't be the last of the band's troubles with a van; the band's van broke down shortly after arriving in Canada fro a Canadian tour they did in 2019. The band has toured most of the US and Canada, other than the Pacific Northwest region. Matt notes that the Southern part of the states was his favorite. "People forget but that part of the country is beautiful. New Orleans, Miami, and Savannah. Super cool places with a good crowd".
Matt produces most of the band's music but friend and engineer C.J. helps out. Both Matt and Steve agree that while small, Chicago has a very supportive and talented scene of rock bands. "Great street sausages, too". While Matt is now a vegetarian, he reminisces about his days of visiting the local street sausage lady often to get his daily fix of local food after jam sessions.
Poison Boys plan to tour sometime in 2022. Follow their Instagram @poisonboysofficial - New Rock Order Magazine


According to who you talk to, rock and roll is either dying out, evolving, or back in full swing. In the case of the POISON BOYS from Chicago, they’re pumping new life into the genre and keeping it as punk as possible! POISON BOYS recently released their new single ‘Little Speedway Girl’ via Riot Records. ‘Little Speedway Girl’ is a tasty little punk rock romp that channels all the good vibes from rock legends like New York Dolls, The Stooges, Kiss and UK punk acts such as The Heartbreakers and The Vibrators.

‘Little Speedway Girl’ gave a strong indication of what to expect from their new album Don’t You Turn On Me, which will be released digitally on the 29th of October.  ’Don’t You Turn on Me’ is a Stones-worshipping, 70’s sleaze rock-inspired hit about losing a loved one to a falling out and wanting to make up with them. The track features backup vocalist Dana Athens on layered soul vocals, a 70’s slide guitar in the bridge, and long-time Poison Boys touring guitarist “Sleepy Doc” Julius Lange on keys.

Don’t You Turn on Me is the second full length album from POISON BOYS. It’s a long time coming since their first album Out of My Head in 2019, and is a general move in the direction of the band’s punk styling and ability to write hard-hitting, late 1970’s punk, steeped fully in rock n roll roots. It ranges in vibe from more early-mid 70’s sleazier hits, like title track ‘Don’t You Turn on Me,’ ‘Sweet Marie,’ or ‘I Was Cryin’,’ to blistering punk rippers like ‘Nothing but Darkness,’ ‘Day by Day,’ and ‘Keep Knocking,’ to instant punk classics that could have been played by early punk bands such as ‘Little Speedway Girl,’ ‘Living on the Edge of the Knife,’ or ‘She’s Nowhere.’

The band’s classic Johnny Thunders sleaze is showcased on ‘Dick in the Dirt,’ and ‘Take a Chance With Me’, while a less aggressive, more charming side is shown on ‘Can’t Get You Out of My Mind.’ Shining bright like rock n roll torch bearers through the endless sea of bands who add too many modern influences to their pursuit of punk, POISON BOYS are bringing you back to 1977 with this new album, transporting you to a time and place you may not have even existed during, but definitely wish you were there for. - The Rock Pit

"POISON BOYS – ‘Don’t You Turn On Me’ (Riot Records)"

In early 2014, long-time friends Matt Dudzik and Mike Lippman decided that their time was here and now and put a band and demo together and began playing shows in Chicago, Tragically, towards the end of that year, Mike passed away at the age of 23 due to an accidental drug overdose. In honour and continual recognition of their friendship, Matt decided to continue the band and the vision the two of them shared for the future of the Poison Boys. Tourchbearers for all things sleazy and punk rock n roll Poison boys were now on a mission.

Releasing two singles for No Front Teeth Records, before releasing a third on ‘White zoo Records’ time was quickly approaching for the band to finally complete a full length album, and ‘Out of My Head’ was born to Dead Beat Records in 2019.

The current line-up of Poison Boys of singer/guitarist Matt Dudzik, guitarist Steve Elfinger, bassist Nico Bones, and drummer Matt Chaney needed to follow up the debut with further proof that these cats are the real deal and sleazy Rock n roll isn’t dead nor on life support but in rude health and kicking ass and taking names. Signing with Golden Robot/Riot Records in July 2021 is proof enough that Poison Boys aren’t slowing down any day soon and right from the first beat this sophomore record is on fire!

Think classic Dolls mixed with the best of The Heartbreakers (Johnnys ones not Toms) and a fair smattering of other significant influences like the attitude of the Stooges and Hanoi Rocks and you’re sort of in the right ballpark. The albums title track is such a trip of classic Rock and Roll with a subtle undercurrent of twelve-bar boogie its got a healthy doff of the cap to T Rex meets debut Faster Pussycat but it comes across as effortless and the attitude and gang mentality shines through and when it’s done this well it’s exciting and a really great listen.

The opening salvo of the title track and the pummeling of snotty punk rock with great gang vocals on ‘Living On The Edge Of A Knife’ is superb. The songs are short and sweet and the production is bright and in the front of your speakers like a snarling dog, Check out ‘Day By Day’ if you don’t believe me with the guitar breaks jumping up like a hungry German shepherd dog smelling blood. the lead track was the Sweet inspired ‘Little Speedway Girl’ with its banging chorus clocks in at a sub two minutes of wham bang thank you mam then get the hell out of dodge. Perfect.

You’ve got to love the swagger of ‘Dick In The Dirt’ Poison Boys have really stepped up to the plate on this one and the quality of the songs is awesome with great riffs tied to great melodies all wrapped up with great vocals pulling it all together like every gang needs, check out the BV’s on ‘She’s Nowhere’ then follow it on with the acoustic rocker of ‘Sweet Marie’ as the boys strip it back to basics with every ounce of dirt being rinsed out of the acoustics whilst the bass drum keeps the beat before a Townsend guitar crashes in to compliment the tune.

Man I love the guitar tone crashing against the saxophone on ‘I Was Cryin’ as the vocals recall some epic early 80s Iggy for good measure then to sign off they tip the hat to Jerry Nolan with a pretty scorching version of ‘Take A Chance’ that just about hits the spot for what has been an excellent record.

If you’re gonna take a chance on buying a new loud and snotty record then ‘Don’t You Turn On Me’ is one I would highly recommend. Now getoutofhere!

Buy Here

Author: Dom Daley

Spotify - RPM Online

"Interview: Matt Dudzik (Poison Boys)"

(Translated from Spanish)

If anyone has pleasantly surprised us in recent weeks, those are the American Poison Boys. The Chicagoans have a new studio album ready, entitled "Don't you turn on me", which is a trip to the past, and a review of the history of rock and punk from the last century. A proposal that may seem somewhat retro that first, but against all odds it sounds fresh and daring. As Matt tells us, his goal of having fun and having a good time is reflected and, what is more, it is contagious. Listening to his new LP is a delight that gives you an adrenaline rush to face the rest of the day. We could not miss the opportunity to get to know them a little more and this is what we discovered.

Follow them on their Facebook to stay up to date with all their news.

Where does the name of the band come from? What does it mean?

Matt: The name 'Poison Boys' comes from a song by one of the most inspiring bands for us, a Rock n Roll Punk band from the late 1990s and early 2000s from Portland, Oregon called The Riffs. To us it just means 'Rock n Roll Punks' ... people who love Punk, love Rock n Roll, and like to have fun and have a good time together.

What moment / musician / band pushed you to dedicate yourself to music?

Matt: We're more musically inspired by early 70's Rock n Roll bands like Flamin 'Groovies, Nervous Eaters, Berlin Brats, Rolling Stones, New York Dolls, The Stooges, Kiss, and late 70's punk bands from the Kingdom. United like UK Subs, Slaughter ... and American Dogs, Motorhead, The Vibrators, Generation X and Punk bands like Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers, Ramones, The Zeros, Dead Boys, etc.

What is your favorite cover of all time?

Matt: Probably "Exile on Main St." by The Rolling Stones.

What is the best concert you have attended?

Matt: Motorhead at the Congress Theater, Chicago in 2011 or at the Rolling Stones concert at Soldier Field in Chicago in 2019.

How was the band formed?

Matt: Poison Boys formed in the winter of early 2014 with me and my old friend Mike Lippman. We decided to start playing the music that we cherish the most and wanted to hear more and wrote some songs for the new band. We got a few more members for the band and started playing some of the songs that ended up on our first album, 2019's full-length Out of My Head.

Define your teammates in one word.

Matt: Matt Chaney - mysterious, Steve Elfinger - someone to trust, Nico Bones - artistic, Matt Dudzik - determined.

What difficulties did you run into in the early years of the band?

Matt: Our founding guitarist and lead co-songwriter Mike Lippman passed away 8 months after the band started, in August 2014, with his then-partner Jenna Carlisle. That was the hardest thing we've had to deal with so far. He was a lifelong friend of mine from childhood and we had played in many amateur bands together. It was a difficult decision to continue with the band or not, and after a brief hiatus we decided to go ahead with a new line-up and continue playing the songs that Mike and I wrote together as an ongoing tribute to our friendship. I think he would have wanted that. Other than that, only several members of the band resigned or moved due to their own personal reasons multiple times. Since 2018 we have had a fairly stable lineup.

What can you tell us about the new album?

Matt: The recording sessions for our new album "Don't You Turn on Me" started in mid-2019, but most of the work was finished in late 2020 and early 2021. Recorded by the same engineer , CJ Rayson, who had previously worked with us on our first album "Out of My Head", released in 2019. We are currently in the early stages of following up on our next album which will be released next year. The vinyl release of "Don't You Turn on Me" is due out in July 2022 due to delays at the record press plant and our former label Hobo Wolfman Records, which unexpectedly canceled all upcoming vinyl orders, otherwise we would have vinyl much earlier. It will now be released via Riot Records / Golden Robot Records, who just released the album digitally on all streaming platforms on October 29, 2021.

How is the current situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic affecting you?

Matt: As for most bands, the covid has just slowed down the touring / booking process for the most part. Now that the shows are slowing down a bit, we have a couple in our area, playing our first show since before the pandemic at Sabbatic in Milwaukee on Friday 12/11, and Liar's Club in Chicago on Saturday 11/13.

What can't you forget, before getting on the tour bus?

Matt: The team and our brains! Also "the jugs" (a gallon of water to live and fill in the service stations)

How is a day in your life, when you are not on tour?

Matt: Stupid like anyone else's. Finding work, working jobs, leaving jobs, making new songs, rehearsing them, practicing when we can. I should be on tour forever!

What are the last three albums you have listened to?


Motorhead - "Overkill"
UK Subs - "The GEM Singles"
Ramones - "Too tough to die"

What musicians would make up your All-Star Band of all time?


Singer: Stiv Bators
Guitarist: Steve Jones
Lead Guitar: Johnny Thunders
Bassist: Dee Dee Ramone
Drums: Jerry Nolan - Confined Rock!


This is it. This is the holy grail of 21st century Rock and Roll. Danceable, slamming drum beats, noodling bluesy bass lines, rollicking honky tonk piano, snarling, familiar vocals, and totally ripping sleazy guitars to satisfy 1970s guitar-god worshippers, Chicago's glam-punks the Poison Boys are back to give you the nastiest 70's sleaze mixed with some hard hitting, slap-in-the-face production quality you've been begging for but couldn't quite find with their brand new single, "Dick in the Dirt" from their upcoming second full length. Pick up the whiskey and 30 packs because it's time to party, hard. Or stay sober and party hard anyway. Just make sure you party. Hard.

Turn this shit up to 11, and leave it on repeat. For fans of Johnny Thunders, Ya-Ya's era Rolling Stones, Dead Boys, Iggy Pop.

“’Dick in the Dirt’ is about that time you got too wasted to make it to the couch and woke up on the floor covered in your own puke. Head pounding, mouth tasting like something died in it, you reached back for the bottle and woke up wondering where the last 2 weeks went,” explains frontman Matt Dudzik.

“It's about getting caught up in the moment and forgetting about depressing reality for a bit. A playful hit for all the rockers and punks to sing along to.”

Check out “Dick in the Dirt” on all streaming platforms now and stay tuned for their slamming second LP out this summer.

Find Poison Boys at linktr.ee/poisonboys, facebook.com/poisonboys and instagram.com/poisonboysofficial now. - One Track Mind Zine

"Singles Club – August / September – Still All Killer No Filler"

Poison Boys – ‘Little Speedway Girl’ (Riot Records) gang vocals, twelve bar chords on the chorus, snotty vocals why these Poison Boys spoil us with their Rock n Roll songs. Bring on the album already if this is what it consists of. Love it long time baby.

If someone is saying the Pandemic has killed Rock n Roll needs to go see the ear doctor because this is Rock and Roll as fuck and some. Now go tell yer friends. The huge chorus has had us singing along since the song initially appeared on the b-side to 2017’s ‘Bad Mouth’ single, and the song is finally getting it’s time in the limelight after the band re-recorded for ‘Don’t You Turn on Me’. - RPM Online

"Poison Boys - "Dick in the Dirt""

Garage punkers Poison Boys have released a couple new songs in recent months, the most recent being "Dick in the Dirt". It's a throwback rock and roller with classic rock guitar licks and snotty vocal delivery. It's a fun melodic tune to crack one open to. Poison Boys also released a video for "Nothing But Darkness" featuring footage from a show opening for The Adicts at the House of Blues. Both singles are from the band's upcoming second full-length album. Listen to "Dick in the Dirt" below and watch the video for "Nothing But Darkness" here. - Change the Rotation

"Poison Boys – ‘Nothing But Darkness’"

The first single from the second album is upon us and what a banger it is too. I love The Poison Boys they just get things done. No-fuss or fanfare they just write kick-ass tunes and this glimpse behind the curtain of the second record is a joy. It’s a bruising affair all switchblade knives and dark alleys and the breakdown is a smoldering mass of sleazy Rock and Roll and if this is what coming then bring it on boys it’s gonna be a top record. - RPM Online

"New Music Blast: POISON BOYS – ‘Nothing But Darkness’"

It’s been a little over a year and a half since Chicago’s Poison Boys exposed us to their seedy dive bar rock and roll with their debut ‘Out of My Head‘

It hasn’t exactly been completely quiet though. In 2020 they dropped the raw 7’ ‘Mean Queen‘/’Take a Chance with Me‘ and now we have the first taste of their forthcoming album.

‘Nothing But Darkness‘ opens with arena rock fury into a deliciously dirty riff before divebombing into a scrappy and sleazy dose of hard-rock-stained street punk.

We hooked up for a little Q&A.

How was your 2020?
2020 was what it was, but we made the best of it. Started off with a bang getting to play the House of Blues for around 400-500 people while opening for The Adicts, that was totally sick. We ended up getting some pretty cool footage of the show that’ll be used for a music video for “Nothing but Darkness” that’ll be out soon. We also released our fourth 7″ record called “Mean Queen” on badass looking yellow vinyl through our friends at Hobo Wolfman Records in Chicago. Finished out the year working pretty hard on our new LP, which will contain “Nothing but Darkness” + 11 other tracks so we’re super excited about that.

Thoughts on the recent deaths of Sylvain Sylvain and Phil Spector…
Syl Sylvain was obviously a huge inspiration to us. Without him, there wouldn’t be a New York Dolls and of course, then there wouldn’t really be a Poison Boys. We owe our sound in very large part to the music he made and while we never got to meet him, we feel a pretty tremendous loss with his passing. Phil Spector on the other hand also made some absolutely stone-cold classics. Some of them could possibly have even sounded better more stripped-down, but then it wouldn’t be that Phil Spector sound we all know. All I can say is he made great music and terrible life decisions. I’ve dealt firsthand with some super fantastic songwriters/musicians that had an awful abusive side and ended up ostracizing the majority of their friends, lovers, and bandmates because of it. It’s a damn shame but it’s still worth celebrating those who played the actual music that was written. The Ronettes, The Crystals, Darlene Love, those are some of the best if not THE best singers of all time in my opinion and their music changed my life forever from hearing them in the car as a little kid. In recent years I’ve played the hell out of that Back to Mono box set. It never gets old.

What’s up for 2021?
This year we have a bunch of releases in the works. Stay tuned for the next single off of our upcoming LP, this one called “Dick in the Dirt“. A lighthearted sleazer of a track I’m sure many of us can relate to about getting so wasted you find yourself waking up on someone’s lawn the next day. Some of us have been there… more than a few times! Cheers! - 50thirdand3rd

"POISON BOYS. Mean Queen 7” (Hobo Wolfman)"

Chicago band with a sound that seems to be based firmly in the mid-Seventies, somewhere between New York and Hollywood. ‘Mean Queen’ is a great, trashy slice of primal punk rock that could’ve come straight out of a Detroit garage. Starting with the sound of a revving motorcycle and a riff that owes a nod towards the Runaways, the song quickly builds into a sleazy epic that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on the first Dead Boys album. The flipside has a great, snarlin’ cover of the Jerry Nolan song ‘Take a Chance On Me’ that really gives previous versions a run for their money. This is a great, boisterous punk-rock’n’roll offering and if it doesn’t get you jumping around your bedroom, then you haven’t been listening properly! - Fear and Loathing Fanzine

"Run It Back: Poison Boys "Mean Queen" B/W "Take A Chance" On Opaque Yellow 7-inch (Hobo Wolfman Records)"

Poison Boys is a Chicago-based Glam Rock/Punk band, who have actively been touring, releasing music, and glamming it up since 2014. Poison Boys' current line-up includes Matt Dudzik, Steve "Stevie Poison" Elfinger, Josh Mitchell & Matt "Chainblaster" Chaney with touring/part-time members "Sleepy Doc" Julius & Nico "Bonesy" Bones. Stevie Poison & The Boys have previously released material on No Front Teeth Records, White Zoo Records, Dead Beat Records, and most recently, Hobo Wolfman Records. Following their 2019 full-length debut, Out of My Head, Poison Boys have joined forces with Hobo Wolfman to unveil their latest single, "Mean Queen" B/W "Take A Chance." We would compare Poison Boys' body of work to something along the lines of New York Dolls, Diamond Dogs-era David Bowie, The Darkness, The Struts, and one of our personal favorites, Hammered Satin. As a matter of fact, the B-side to "Mean Queen" was, actually, written by New York Dolls' original drummer, Jerry Nolan, as "Take A Chance with Me" B/W "Pretty Baby" released on Sweden's Tandan Records in 1982. - The Witzard

"Poison Boys- Mean Queen 7""

Two more cuts of pure sleaze from Chicago’s finest: the Poison Boys. These guys come strutting back to life like Johnny Thunders and bands like the Dead Boys and Hanoi Rocks as they groove the fuck out on these two killer new cuts. The title track comes swingin’ outta the grooves in all it’s Berlin Brat-ey glory with red hot guitar licks and sneering vocals to match. The B-side was written by New York Dolls' original drummer, Jerry Nolan and they totally do justice to the Nolan classic "Take A Chance With Me". Another winner from Chicago’s finest. - Dead Beat Records

""Out of My Head" (Dead Beat Records) Album Review"

"The core spirit of the Poison Boys is the syringe addled sounds of the Heartbreakers, the Dolls and Thunders solo material with echos of fellow guitar-slinging, riff ‘n roll disciples like Hanoi Rocks, the Berlin Brats, Dead Boys, Nervous Eaters and the Joneses. ‘Out Of My Head’ lives up to it’s Junkie Rock name spewing the best kind of smutty, sloppy Rock & Roll sleaze across 12 guitar-centric, gutter dwelling tracks that reek of shitheads, ex-girlfriends, bad decisions and life gone wrong." - Dead Beat Records

"Poison Boys ‘Out of my Head’ (Deadbeat Records)"

Expectations sometimes provide shocks to the system when things prove to be quite different that what you expected. The Poison Boys have released some previous singles/ EPs and material, which I have loved, and I went into this debut album expecting the album to be a more straight forward up tempo punk n roll album. While it is definitely a punk n roll album at its core, these 12 diverse songs make up an album that is diverse, deep, accessible, and a whole lot of fun. I have been following the Poison Boys for a few years now, and I could not be happier with what they have done here. I can imagine everyone from Chuck Berry to Johnny Thunders wanting a chance to come back and guest on this one.

The title track gets the party started and hits my original expectations as it comes on like a cross between the Humpers and Electric Frankenstein. The mix allows the guitar riffs by Matt Dudzik to pop out of the speakers and the bass (mostly Adam Sheets) and drums (mostly Matt Chaney) hit just as hard. ‘Slow Down’ starts with some brief piano notes before everyone else gets in on the action. The riff in the song feels pretty standard, but the song really connects perfectly. I actually thought about old artists like the Big Bopper here as well as someone like the J. Geils Band as this song compels the listener to smile and enjoy the moment. I can picture the glasses in the air as the crowd sings along to the main hook. Another stone cold rock n roll style classic follows in ‘Cut Right Out.’ If anyone out there remembers the likes of Junk Records, this one would have fit like a glove on their roster with those backing ‘wooohs’ settling nicely in the mix. The beat here carries a great groove, guaranteed to get the hips shaking.

Starting on track four with ‘Empty Heart,’ we start to see the band really expanding the songs. The thundering groove of this epic five minute plus song initially may feel a little long, but this one has proven to be a grower with Dudzik’s charismatic vocals being stretched and pulled on the journey. ‘Downtown’ returns to a fairly basic trash rock standard approach with a simple hook that hits the spot. It feels a bit like the Stones jamming with Hanoi Rocks, especially the way some of the guitar pops in the mix where it gets some extra space. I also love the false ending but perhaps I should not give that away. Wrapping up the first half of the album, ‘Up to the Sky’ opens with some acoustic guitar reminding me of Johnny Thunders before the song kicks in at a midtempo pace on this fellow five minute rocker. The acoustic guitar touches really give this album a wonderful depth. Dudzik’s vocals on the chorus really inspire a singalong, even if you are like me and can’t sing a note.

Flip the record over and the good times show no let up with first single/ video ‘Tear Me Apart’ getting it started at breakneck speed. The vocals really take a backseat here with the verses featuring fewer words, and the electrifying guitar riffs pushed to the surface. The hook in the chorus is sharp, but it is the guitar that has stayed with me the most on this one so far. The piano that is featured here and across other songs will hopefully be replicated in the live setting. ‘Desperado’ features some awesome saxophone and again reminds me of early Hanoi Rocks, right down to Dudzik’s vocals, the tasteful backing vocals, and the way the chorus is constructed. This has been one of my early favorites from the record. Hopefully, the band will get an opportunity to make this a single at some point. Slowing the pace down a bit, ‘True Romance’ simmers along nicely with the groove getting under the skin. The backing ‘woooh’s’ are used again here to awesome effect. When the main chorus hits, it really opens up the whole song with the switch in the dynamics.

‘I Won’t Look Back’ turns the tempo back towards rocket speed with the guitar licks again deserving to be highlighted, but the song itself has been the slowest to connect with me. The band hit trash rock nirvana again with the rollicking ‘Say Goodbye’ reminding me again of the Humpers with the rhythm section nailing this one. Closing song ‘Been Here All Night’ truly feels like it had to be the closer on the album and ends the record on an incredible high. The song shimmies and shakes on the beat with the guitar riffs begging to be played by the listener. Something tells me the guys worked long and hard on this one but knew exactly where it needed to be on the album. It just feels like a celebration musically.

The Poison Boys showcase that there is plenty of magic left in rock n roll over the course of these 12 songs. There has clearly been a ton of heart, sweat, and love used to create this album as these songs drip with the genuine distilled spirits of everything that makes rock n roll amazing. Are the vocals always spotless? Do the instruments hit every note perfectly? Absolutely NOT! This is pure, primal rock n roll the way nature intended. A great summer for music became even better with this album. Recommended? You should have it put it on order when you started reading my introduction. - RPM Online

"Album of the Week: POISON BOYS – ‘Out of My Head’"

George Thorogood once said “Rock ‘n’ roll never sleeps it just passes out“. Taking that quote to heart, Chicago’s POISON BOYS new LP ‘Out of My Head‘ is definitely the soundtrack for some blackout nights.

There’s no suggestion of rocket science here, just three-minute shots of reckless and ramshackle rock and roll that embraces the Hollywood Brats’ trash, Heartbreakers’ swagger and Dead Boys-era street punk.

Production-wise, you know nothing here has been fixed on the computer, it’s all guitar saturated, unbridled rock & roll with a solid groove. Blown out and loose, Poison Boys sound like a seedy dive bar house band. And that’s a compliment. - 50thirdand3rd

"Poison Boys Out of My Head LP"

You wouldn’t get any arguments calling this punk, but you could for sure make an argument that this is pub/street rock’n’roll. It’s catchy and mid-tempo and solid. Certain cuts bring a classic rock’n’roll/bluesy element that reminds me of stuff the Chiswick label was putting out in the late 1970s. Nice. - Maximum Rock n' Roll

"Album Review: Poison Boys – Out Of My Head (Dead Beat Records)"

After a couple of well received singles, including last year’s ‘Poppin’ Eyes and Flashing Feet’ single, Chicago’s Poison Boys have just released their debut album, ‘Out Of My Head’ on Dead Beat Records. WOW! These guys draw inspiration from all the greats, Thunders, New York Dolls, Ramones etc. They also wear these influences proudly on their sleeves, and for older rockers, it’s ultra-cool to see a new lot of torch bearers coming through. Comparisons with the Dead Boys are unavoidable, yet there’s also a fresh flavoured approach these guys apply to their music that’s music to my ears. As the bio reads, “The core spirit of the Poison Boys is the syringe addled sounds of the Heartbreakers, the Dolls and Thunders solo material with echos of fellow guitar-slinging, riff ‘n roll disciples like Hanoi Hanoi Rocks, the Berlin Brats, Dead Boys, Nervous Eaters and the Joneses.”

The album opens in a big way with ‘Out Of My Head’, loud and raucous and a lot like Australia’s own Jet. That’s a good thing folks. The boisterous cover of Larry Williams’ ‘Slow Down’ works extremely well in a 60’s trash/garage way, with a ton of melody and Thunders-esque riffs. I’m pretty sure the Dolls used to cover this during their red commie 74/75 period. Still on the Dolls, the riff-heavy ‘Cut Right Out’ certainly fits the bill, with a tune heavy on the melody and stray cat licks – right down to the harmony vocals. Absolutely love ‘Up To The Sky’ while the full throttled ‘Tear Me Apart’ seeing the band take it up a notch. Again, there’s an abundance of licks and front main Matt Dudzik kicking out the jams. Love it. The more measured yet still real tuneful ‘Desperado’ is highlighted by Buddy Bowzer-like sax on a tune that’s hard to resist. ‘True Romance’ grooves with a capital G with Dudzik channelling equal parts Jagger/Johansen. Another green tick. There’s a faithful cover of the Dead Boys ‘I Won’t Look Back’ that stays pretty true to the original, while ‘Been Here All Night’ swaggers supremely and is a total Hollywood Brats/Dolls trip. Man, the guitars nail that Thunders sound to the letter. Dudzik’s licks are a key ingredient to the Poison Boys sound, and the perfect foil for his vocals.

If you are an old rock fan who says, ‘I’ve heard this type of stuff before – the first time around’, well, keep your self-righteous opinion to yourself and get back to your couch – I for one think that bands like the Poison Boys are breathing new life into the stale, overweight rock ‘n’ roll of today where you either have nostalgia acts, Ed Sheeran or click-track dominant formulae pop. The Poison Boys are a much needed shot in the arm. It’s refreshing to hear the Poison Boys coming through and breaking out to hopefully, bigger and better things. Younger, louder and snottier than most in 2019. 12 tracks all up and all cut the mustard. 9 out of 10. - Australian Rock Review

"Poison Boys Poppin’ Eyes and Flashing Feet 7″"

A two-song 45 from these Chicago boys. Straight out of the STOOGES and JOHNNY THUNDERS school of rock’n’roll. This came out a year back, and they’ve since put out a full-length. Back in the day, they would have fit right in with that CBGB’s sound. Good stuff. - Maximum Rock n' Roll

"POISON BOYS: Poppin’ Eyes and Flashing Feet: 7”"

Some rockin’ punk from this Chicago band who presumably took their name from the TKO Records 7” single from The Riffs way back when. A-side tune has an actual Raw Power-era Stooges feel to it complete with piano and Williamson style guitar lead. Not a lot of newer bands can pull that off and it is damn well done here. On the flip there is some serious Berlin Brats crashing into the Joneses vibes and, again, shockingly well done. This band has the look but they seem to spend even more time on writing great songs. I am very interested in hearing the recently released LP to hear more. Glam punk deluxe! –Mike Frame - Razorcake

"POISON BOYS: Bad Mouth: 7” EP"

Three tracks of sleazy, trashy punk/rock. The New York Dolls are the obvious influence here, but there are echoes of others as well, particularly Los Angeles sleaze legends the Mau-Maus. Not a bummer in the bunch, with “Fluctuation” being the pick to click. –Jimmy Alvarado - Razorcake

"POISON BOYS: Headed for Disaster: 7”"

Rock and roll punk is something that I can be incredibly picky with. I think the main reason is that I don’t really care about the majority about it. I don’t really care all that much about all of the New York Dolls and Dead Boys clones out there in the world. Hell, I can barely be bothered to put on the originals so why would I bother with some wannabes? Well, the good news is that Poison Boys are actually really fucking good—stripped-down rock’n’roll with a bit of a mean streak and no overtly cartoonish personas to be heard. I could see these guys fitting in with what was going on with Junk Records back in the 00s. No Front Teeth is still bringing the quality after all these years! –Ty Stranglehold - Razorcake


2024 - Poison Boys / Thunderroads Split 7" (Sioux Records, Iowa, US)
2024 - Poison Boys / Jonesy Split LP (Ghost Highway Records, Madrid, ES)
2023 - Headed for Disaster LP (Compilation 2014-2018) (Tropically Hot Records, Chicago, US)
2022 - Don't You Turn on Me LP (Golden Robot / Riot Records, Sydney, AUS)
2020 - Mean Queen 7" (Hobo Wolfman Records, Chicago, US)
2019 - Out of My Head LP (Dead Beat Records, Cleveland, US)
2018 - Poppin' Eyes and Flashing Feet 7" (White Zoo Records, Lecce, IT)
2017 - Bad Mouth 7" (No Front Teeth Records, London, UK)
2016 - Headed for Disaster 7" (No Front Teeth Records, London, UK)
2014 - 3-Song Demo Cassette (Self-released, Chicago, US)



According to who you talk to, Rock and Roll is either dying out, evolving, or back in full swing. In the case of the POISON BOYS from Chicago, they're pumping new life into the genre and keeping it as punk as possible. Staying true to the sounds of early 1970's protopunk mixed with late 1970's New York and UK punk, with a sprinkle of dirty glam for good measure, the band is a breath of fresh air in today's Punk and Rock and Roll scene.

One of the hardest working punk bands in recent years, POISON BOYS are hot off the presses with their new full length LP 'Don't You Turn on Me' on Riot Records. The band's influences are clear on the album, bringing punk energy reminiscent of late 1970's UK bands SLAUGHTER & THE DOGS, THE VIBRATORS and GENERATION X ("Day by Day," "Living on the Edge of the Knife," "Little Speedway Girl," "Keep Knocking," "She's Nowhere," "Can't Get You Out of My Mind"), mixing it with early 1970's ROLLING STONES, FLAMIN' GROOVIES, BERLIN BRATS, 70'S IGGY POP, and MC5 ("Don't You Turn on Me,""Sweet Marie," "I Was Cryin"), and late 70's New York Rock n Roll sounds of JOHNNY THUNDERS ("Dick in the Dirt", "Take a Chance With Me"), and the DEAD BOYS ("Nothing but Darkness").

In early 2014, longtime friends Matt Dudzik and Mike Lippman felt there weren't enough real Rock n Roll bands left, especially in Chicago. The two quickly put a band and demo together and began playing shows in the Chicago area, steadily gaining a following throughout the summer of 2014. Tragically, in the fall of that year, Mike passed away at the age of 23 in an accidental drug overdose. In honor and continual recognition of their friendship, Matt decided to continue the band and the vision the two of them shared for the future of the Poison Boys.

Over the next three years, the band completed it's first tour of the East Coast in 2015 (kicking it off opening for THE VIBRATORS in Chicago), released two 7" EPs—Headed for Disaster (No Front Teeth Records, 2016) & Bad Mouth (NFT Records, 2017)—and ended 2017 with a successful "Bad Mouth in the South" Southern US tour. In 2018 the band played a four-show West Coast stint in April dubbed the "Lost LA Weekend," a two-week "Wasted in the West" West Coast tour in September (opening for THE ZEROS in Los Angeles), and released their first music video for the track "Bustin' Out" from their third 7" Poppin' Eyes and Flashing Feet (White Zoo Records, 2019).

The following year was hugely successful as the band released their debut full length 'Out of My Head' (Dead Beat Records, 2019), two music videos "Tear Me Apart" and "Been Here All Night" from the LP, and completed a triumphant East Coast/Canada tour in support of it all. The album was far from a straightforward "Punk n Roll" record, with songs ranging in style from THE STOOGES' "Raw Power"-inspired proto-punk classics like the title track "Out of My Head" and "Tear Me Apart," to more sweet sounding glam stompers like "Cut Right Out" and "Been Here All Night," to the old school Bomp! Records/HANOI ROCKS influenced, sax-drenched hit "Desperado." The album also includes an absolutely ripping cover of LARRY WILLIAMS' 1958 Rock n Roll standard "Slow Down" and the DEAD BOYS' teenage lament "I Won't Look Back."

POISON BOYS were on an upswing immediately preceding the covid-19 pandemic in 2020, playing House of Blues opening for UK punk heroes THE ADICTS to a crowd of 600+ people in Chicago. Their next 7" Mean Queen b/w Take a Chance With Me (Hobo Wolfman Records, 2020) (the latter written by JERRY NOLAN of the NEW YORK DOLLS/HEARTBREAKERS) was released in the fall of 2020.

The boys used their downtime wisely during the pandemic, spending the next year recording and releasing digital singles for their second full length 'Don't You Turn on Me' (Riot Records, 2021/2022).

Early 2021 saw the release of a music video for "Nothing but Darkness" off the album, compiled from live footage of their House of Blues show one year prior, and in the fall released a new music video for the track "Can't Get You Out of My Mind" before digitally releasing the album through Riot Records in October 2021, with the physical LPs being released after several pressing plant delays in July 2022.

Through 2022 into 2023 the band has gotten tighter than ever, picking up steam post-pandemic with the current lineup of singer/guitarist Matt Dudzik, bassist Johnny K, and drummer Matt Chaney, releasing a slew of post-album standalone singles including the STONES-drenched "Rubber Band," Heavy Liquid-era STOOGES style hit "Set You Free," and aggressive SLAUGHTER AND THE DOGS-tinged "Steamroller," the latter two including music videos. 

POISON BOYS are clearly not slowing down anytime soon, having completed a ton of Midwestern US summer shows to support the new singles, recorded new songs for upcoming releases, and having completed their European debut with a highly successful Spain tour in February 2023.