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Poison Ivy League

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Thought provoking well informed highly skilled and stylistic hip hop, with a crunchy realism crust, a hearty center of pained love and no cheese.


Met at Penn State. Created the only live origional hip hop scene in town called Hip Hop Anonymous, did shows the last thursday of each month and brought the people in cowtown some city music.

We went back to the roots of hip hop, no more overproduction and 18 set polysynth junkyards of sound. More acoustics, snappy corroded samples with soul. Primo stuff. Lyrics with meaning and art.


Waist Deep

Written By: Poison Ivy League

Jonny October
Ayo/Breaker one nine this is flight control we got a bird flyin blind towards th capitol/and tho the threat to the nations only fractional/the vice president suggest we use it as a catapult to get that oil field under undeniable lock/let the stock market drop and hide iunder iraq/ the wolves'll wear the wool and combine with the the flock/ call em unpatriotic when the bleedin hearts talk/cuz the Christians got our back as long as Jesus gots props/ignorance a drug and the fiend'll cop rocks/its really elementary we hide behind the enemy/bin laddens not a problem (sadam)/ donnys got the remedy/she cant smile/held her son for the last time/shed pain a pictiure of his life but he drew a flatline/popped a landmine/she wrote a letter to the president/hes on the back nine/please dont talk in his backswing/especially about that whole Osama Iraq thing/its sensitive dont mention it/make enough noise and your voice'll find someone to reckon with/


This is for the movement
This is for the worldwide
This the generation
Fuck what you think of me
(Against the war)x3

Picture the visual thats bigger than the vigil/and more important as the casualties continue/here we sit and debate with my own conscience/where do we draw the line between control and caution/a sense of guilt falls on my shoulders like a ton of bricks/when i think of all the time im just ignorin it/could it be different if we shifted our priorities/turned our attention to the world and not celebrities/a mother cries on either side of the equasion/and whos to say with certainty whos to blame when/truth is clouded by greed and propaganda/cant solve a question with so many different answers/too much pain when people try to play god/makin calls for all people puttin nations at odds/wheres the cause when so many are dyin/who can you trust when so many are lyin/it seems like a loose loose to me/no right way just a catch twenty two to me/I see/youve got no choice/youve got to fight the good fight/the blood thats shed/youll make em see the good life/


This is for the movement:
This is for the worldwide:
This the generation:
Fuck what you think of me:
(Against the war)x3

Added harmony:Who are you?Who am I? Weve been enemys for so long.Do you cry?Yes I cry. Who can you trust?We live in a Fantasy. And hide behind the face of our enemies.

Tony Wiz
Young people caught up in slaughters
crossing borders pushing freedom with no sign of supporters
as presidential orders seed torture violent orchards
fruits of murder spreading further claim our sons and our daughters
elect officials sit back
Osama's on the kickback
Television, newsprint we tell 'em what to spit black
Long as the chips stack
We had it been sewn
Treading water in a no win no fly spin zone
but what the troops we need to bring home
All they got left, post traumatic stress syndrome
Doctored scenes from a satellite beam
Bring a number, never faces to our plasma screens
No mute button truly stifles children's screams
There's no high definition to a dead man's dreams
And even though it's something that we've seen before
There ain't a purpose to this god damn war


This is for the movement:
This is for the worldwide:
This the generation:
Fuck what you think of me:
(Against the war)x3


Hip Hop Anonymous mixtape 2003,2004
The Poison LP 2006

Set List

We are currently preparing our set list for the Poison Ivy League tour of Ivy League schools.

Some songs are still in production.
Our most recent set list depends on the venu and is improvised at the scene of the crime.