Poisonous Glass

Poisonous Glass


We are fog machines, lightning and cheap beer made human. We 'humans' like to play rock music.


The members of Poisonous Glass have been playing together for years. And even though the group itself is only a few years old, it's basically been in the making for a decade; having wild parties and listening to rock n' roll together for as long as they have, inevitably led to the group's formation. It's not too often these days that a band is comprised of childhood friends and their sound and on stage interactions reflect this. Their first public appearance consisted of a completely spandex clad joke on an Ossington balcony. With cowbells in their crotches, empty beer cans rained down on the crowd while buses stopped and families came out and unknowingly allowed the band to corrupt the minds and ears of their no longer innocent children. Eventually they realized that people loved being a part of their unique live experience and they began to pursue rock seriously and full time. After several years they've come to produce two EPs and a full length album. Their newest EP "Retrosexual" will be released this spring, followed by a summer tour of the east coast with Newfoundland's very own Donnie Dumphy. What once started almost as a drunken circus act became a serious endeavor, but the good times are something they've never abandoned.

Enjoy your head before it explodes.

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"Enjoy Your Head Before It Explodes" EP, 2007.
"Greatest Tits: The Breast Of Poisonous Glass" LP, 2008.
"Retrosexual" EP, 2010

Set List

Set is usually 45 min - 1 hour:

1. Hell Is Heaven (For Those Who Rock n' Roll)
2. Double-Up Dude
3. Monsters At The Wedding
4. Work Out, Rock Out, Pass Out (T.G.I.F.)
5. Girl, I Never Meant To Hurt You Baby (But You're A Lady Who Just Had To Fall In Love With A Guy Who Drinks A Million Beers)
7. Dinosaur, Man
8. Diesel Dick
9. Waterslide To Hell
10. Drink 'til I Die
11. Stick It In A Brown (Paper Bag)
12. The Women