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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Dooload Album of the week 31/09, Fr 31.07.2009"

"Poke macht originellen Hip Hop mit deutschen Texten, impliziert neben typischen Hip Hop Beatz auch alternative synthetische Backgrounds, wodurch sich das Album vom typischen Hip Hop doch stark absetzt.

Der Rapper schafft mit Steige Auf den Spagat zwischen prolligem Hip Hop Dasein und ernsthafter Lyrik und glänzt noch mehr durch Wortgewalt, als durch seine Schnelligkeit.

Insgesamt erinnert das ganze Album stilistisch wie stimmlich etwas an Curse.

Schwere Beats, viele Spielereien, Texte, bei denen man mehr als zweimal zuhören sollte und ein gelungenes Albumkonzept! Sehr lässig und dabei doch mehr!

Anspieltipps: Schaumbad, Geschichten, Mein Tag, Ich sag bloss"

Visit http://www.dooload.de/main/html/netlabel/rezensionen.php - Dooload.de

"POKE at Metropol Live & Unplugged"

POKE has been interviewed by Elise for "Metropol Live & Unplugged" show on EGOfm radio in Munich: http://www.egofm.de/default.aspx?ID=6293&showNews=496908

POKE also made a live performance. You find further details, the audio-interview and the video of his performance here: http://www.egofm.de/default.aspx?ID=6293&showNews=497138
- EGOfm Radio


Poke & D.OS.G. - Knochenbrecher Vol. 1 (1997) [LP/MC]

Poke & DJ Para W / Freestyleshokkids - Lauf (1999) [Maxi/12" Vinyl]

Poke & D.OS.G. - Knochenbrecher Vol. 2 (2003) [LP/CD]

LMC & Poke - Wo sind die Grenzen? (2005) [EP/CD] BIG-CD-008

LMC & Poke - Bigga Blast-D.OS.Gang (2006) [LP/CD] BIG-CD-010

Poke-R-Face - Die Zeit rennt! (2006) [LP/CD] BIG-CD-011

POKE - Steige auf (2008) [LP/CD] KV00108



POKE, 33, is an extraordinary artist and a real underground rap icon from Germany (www.poke-r-face.com) who's definitely gonna make it to the top because his unique feature is authenticity. His music and his German lyrics are far ahead of the usual affectation that is used by today's rap-stars to increase their popularity. Poke is aware of his responsibility and his message is as genuine as his sound.

This is the reason why so many celebrities in Germany love and support him. In his self-produced no-budget-clip for the track Hotstepper you can spot TV-presenter and chart breaker Oliver „Oli P.“ Petszokat dancing. The internationally acclaimed German teeny-rockers Tokio Hotel are wearing T-shirts of his own underground fashion label at awards and also other stars like model and VIVA-presenter Collien Fernandes, TV-presenter and actress Charlotte Engelhardt, TV-presenter, actor and singer Bürger Lars Dietrich are wearing Pokerface-Wear (www.pokerface-wear.com). The professional female boxer Julia Fikus enters the arena at fights accompanied by one of POKE’s early tracks.

His latest album “STEIGE AUF” was mastered by H-Peh (www.h-peh.com) who’s also responsible for the aural pleasure of records of Sammy DeLuxe, several artists from Aggro Berlin und many other famous musicians.

Several tapes, EPs and albums have been released with his crew BiggaBlast (www.biggablastrecords.de) since 1996.

His band consists of studied musicians who got the groove. His female counterpart is stunning and POKE himself is a charismatic entertainer. Their live-performance is electrifying and keeps you movin!

But POKE's also a famous graffiti artist (www.art4worx.de) whose work decorates walls of companies, schools, restaurants and other buidings all over the country.

His many talents have been witnessed recently by hundred thousands of TV-viewers on "Deine Chance - 3 Bewerber 1 Job" (to be found on YouTube) when he was battling for a job as leading fashion designer for the fashion label HoodBoyz of Berlin's streetwear store DefShop (www.defshop.de) which he won.

He is managed by KONTROLLVERLUST Events & Music from Hamburg, Germany (www.kontrollverlust.org).

Visit his homepage on www.poke-r-face.com and www.myspace.com/poke75.
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