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Polaradio - Sense the decades of eclectic rock influences pushing a new modern sound that appeals to a very broad audience. Polaradio has a powerful adult contemporary sound and a positive message of hope for a better day. Diverse songs we all can relate to on some level.


Based in Colorado, Polaradio released their self-titled debut CD in September, 2006. Their Uphill Revolution CD was released in March 2009.

Polaradio members are anything but new to the music world. Dusty Hughes, founder of Polaradio, picked up his first guitar at age 10 and never looked back. He played lead guitar for Second Stone for 10 years before starting his own solo career, producing two of his own CD projects prior to Polaradio. These two solo releases resulted in five successful singles. Dusty is also a talented producer, mixing and engineering projects involving many household names. Polaradio is about hope. "I've felt nearly every pain life can throw at you, but faith has sustained me. The lyrics reflect real hurt, real trials, but most of all, a very real hope," explains Dusty who is on lead vocals, guitar and keyboards.

David Ashley plays electric and acoustic guitar for Polaradio and is the background vocalist. David "Buzz" Busby is the lead guitarist, Frank Romero is the base player, and Daniel Tucker rocks the drums. All four of these musicians have spent the past couple decades playing in a variety of genres before joining Polaradio.

That these five people have come together to form this band is viewed by all band members as quite distinctly supernatural. Although they all love what they do together musically, it isn't about the stage and the lights. They've all come from scarred pasts, having personally experienced the hope they express in their music. Ask any of them and they'll tell you, after all they've been through, it's about better days ahead.

One recent review finds this music is very emotionally charged. IndieLaunchPad.com reports that Polaradio is "Really great stuff." Kayla Lawton reports that Polaradio is in "an entirely different league" among all the other independent bands she had reviewed in the past year.


Better Day

Written By: Dusty Hughes

I'm barely more than nothing
I'm even less in some folks world
A far cry from who I could be
and who I should be is even more
I am a living example
I am the voice of urgency
I see myself as stained with sin
And torn within, not who you see

So clumsy fake a mental shakedown
So shakes a fundamental breakdown
Just get your voice into my head
And go, turn it up

I've been down and I've been back again
Cause it always keeps me coming back to you my friend
I've been down and now I am back to stay
Cause you always keep me coming back to a better day

I find myself in circles
Trying to outrun myself
It's like I'm trying to race
To earn your grace and end up on the ground
I've come to terms I'm a failure
That's the place that I should have been
To finally see that in all, every time I fall
You pick me up on my feet again


Written By: Dwayne Seibert (2008)

Into the air another line of his
Another song of his excitement is
He missed the chance of reigniting it
Into the night the drive stole it
A world in need of the enlightenment
Taking time to be so relevant
A Heaven sent accomplishment
No need for abandonment
Gone is the anger of the present tense
Gone is the sorrow and forgetfulness
Gone is the seed of second guessing it
Gone is the suffering and being less
Pulled from the bucket of forgetfulness
Rescued from the silences
The fragile bond of the forgetfulness
Troubled thoughts and heavy heartedness
The wait for morning and of starting fresh
Tireless expressionist
Doing more and feeling less
A never ending game of chess
Gone is the fear and being hesitant
Gone is the need of being reticent
Gone is the sea of never knowing it
Gone is the greed of never showing it

All of Me

Written By: Dusty Hughes

I've come so far
I've seen so much
But without You it means nothing to me

I've seen the top
I've seen the in-between
And without You it means nothing to me

I hold my breath
While my heart is slowly beating in Your hands

When I feel like I could fall
I feel You hold me up
And You open up my eyes so I can see
When I feel like letting go
I feel You holding on
And I understand why I give You all of me

I've held the flame
I've touched Your heart
And without You it means nothing to me
I've seen the world
The secrets yet untold
But without You it means nothing to me


Written By: Dusty Hughes

I walk to the other side
I'm staring out the window
Into a life I used to live

Where everything seems out of place
I'm lost without Your saving grace
and the love You always give

Oh but now I'm here alive
I'm holding on to You
And You won't let me go
And I can survive
Holding on to You
Holding on to all I'll ever need

I saw my reflection
The poison deep within
Buried beneath my tears and shame

I saw my worries fading out
As You burned the shadows of my doubt
And breathed Your life in me again

All of the anger and the pain
All of the brokenness and shame
All of the hurt that would not heal
You took it away


Polaradio (2006)
Uphill Revolution (2009)

Set List

We change our set(s) often, depending on the venue from a list that contains about 2 hrs of original music. Here's a sampling of the list:

Better Day
Perfect Remedy
Maybe It’s Just Me
All of Me
See the Light
Waiting for You
Cover Me

We do a cover now and then. We'll just pick whatever we like on the radio or something about to be released. There aren't many covers we'll play more than a few times live.