Polaroid Fame

Polaroid Fame


Polaroid Fame, Byron Bay's new musical sensation are exploding into the conversations of everyone who are witness to their live show's. Their music has an alternate rock inspired edge and after shows are linked with the likes of The Police, Incubus and Sunny Boy's and something you cant describe.


Polaroid Fame may hail from the laidback surfing Mecca that is Byron Bay, but this is not another acoustic rootsy band singing about the ocean.
This quintet of talented musicians is not so easy to pigeonhole. Their inventive sound is a fresh, unique offering to the thriving local music scene.
Songwriter & lead singer Frankie Kimpton, acknowledges that “soon after the band formed I bought a second-hand chorus pedal and it was one of those defining moments where I realised our musical direction”.
The catchy upbeat tunes on their most recent EP Another place to live offer the listener pop-rock hooks and lashings of electric riffs. There are also snatches of early 80’s Sunnyboys in the instrumentation juxtaposed with Kimpton's gentle vocals. Throw in a little of The Police and more recent references to U2 and The Cure and you will have the beginnings of what Polaroid Fame are about.
But this is no derivative simulacrum of bands gone by – these former music school students are treading an alternate path of their own.
Their passion and drive has seen the band build a steady fan base in the local music scene and their latest EP is on high rotation on community radio 4ZZZ, FBi and RRR.
After working for a few years in various jobs that failed to pique his interest Frankie enrolled in the Northern Rivers Conservatorium in 2005. He never looked back. Through his study he was almost forced into song writing and his creative side was unleashed.
It was at The Con he met bassist Mitchell Hill and the duo formed the core of Polaroid Fame in 2005. Frankie’s childhood friend Damian Watts weighed in and not long after joined drummer Chris Johnston and wife Zoe Kimpton on keys. They began playing for friends and family and eventually at local venues. Audiences were listening in and as the band steadily built their popularity, more people were calling for gigs from PF.
Renowned producer Anthony Lycenko (Pete Murray, The Beautiful Girls and Elvis Costello) produced their latest EP “Another Place To Live” and is set to record their new single in early 2008.
The upbeat edge of the songs belies an introspective, moodier side of Kimtpon’s songwriting. Tracks like Done before deal with the monotony of routine and the pointlessness of a life without passion. The EP’s title track Another place to live looks at the power of change, and the opening new doors to new perspectives on life. Kimpton’s songwriting also flirts with idea of going back in time and reliving moments long since past.
Polaroid Fames pared-back delivery and Kimpton’s warm vocals reveal an honest charm that draws listeners in.


Done Before

Written By: Frankie Kimpton

You and me should be together, opposites always attract. History is always repeating, you and me agree to that.
It's all been done before my friends
It's all been done before my friends she said, my friends she said.
Why do you look at me this way, another day has gone to waste. Every thing you do to me now, put on the back burner for days.
It's all been done before my friends
It's all been done before my friends she said, my friends she said


Written By: Frankie Kimpton

What's the day when, something's put into your mind. How did it find, how did it find it's way & who the hell said everything should be in line, it's all intwined it's all intwined you'll find.
You and me where over, over you me there's closure.
There's things out there, stalking us all the time. How fast can you run or even can you hide. It started out small but than began to grow, it's everywhere it's everywhere I turn, it's everywhere, it's everywhere we go.
Cause you and me where over, over you and me theres closure. You and me theres closure and you and me.


Self Titled EP 2005
(7 Tracks)

Polaroid Fame "Another Place To Live" EP 2007
(8 Tracks)

Set List

We can fit any time frame. Normally we do one solid 45min to 1 hour set. But have the material to fill at least 2 soild hours of music.
We try and take people on an emotional ride with our live original music.