Polaroid Kiss

Polaroid Kiss


Electro-Rock band from Salt Lake City Similar to IAMX,The Faint, New Order,Early Human League,White Rose Movement,Shiny Toy Guns


Formed in early December, 2006 when Brandun Reed drunkenly approached Tom Bennett at a local 80's dance club to discuss their completely different musical backgrounds (Brandun being influenced by electroclash and post punk Tom having been a singer for local emo,folk bands) and how they could somehow meld their influnces together. The pair agreed this was a fantastic Idea. Since then they have released an Indi-electro club hit 'White Lies And White Lines' and are currently in the process of mixing their debut album entitled 'Youth' with ambitions of touring the material nationaly come fall '07. Since, Tim Burgess has recently joined us for full time live guitar, and Earl Dixon additional synths/instruments.


White Lies And White Lines (2007) - Single
Youth (2007) - Alnum

Set List

1. Torn Apart At The Break Of Dawn
2. Stop Motion
3.Summer Song
4. Dreams Are Like Water
5. White Lies And White Lines
6. The Big Dive
7. Love In Transition
8. We Will all be ghosts
9. Don't Be Afraid