Polaroid Love

Polaroid Love


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All Messed up

Written By: Rebecca Kneen and Richard Kneen

But if you can’t chase me then I wont chase you
And if the shoe don’t fit, then I guess he’ll do
I still cry at night, because I miss you face
Can they see right through, the whole that has replaced

I was so dam tough, when I ran away
You wouldn’t marry me and well that’s ok
You see in my head, all the silence grew, growing strong
And I know in time, I’ll see I was so wrong
And I’ll wish that I, wasn’t so stubborn
Only time will tell, if we’re meant to be
All I knows that I have grown

It’ a Thursday morning, I get up and I’m yawning
Another day ignoring, who I am
And I do not to notice all the jars I’ve opened
And who’s heart have I broken in this stand

What the hells wrong with me – I’m so messed up

Could have left it there, lost a part of me
In a desperate world, lacking energy
Had no room to build, all these walls I’d made
And it scared me so
I had to change my name, draw on a different face
Move to another place, you I can not erase
You are here in my heart, never another beat
With out you on it

Its Thursday morning and I get up yawning
Another day ignoring who I am
And I do not notice all the jars Ive opened
And whos heart Ive broken in this stand

Ah, what the hells wrong with me, I’m so messed up
God what the hells wrong with me, Im all messed up