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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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There’s a bit of creative genius in every one of us. Sadly, only a small percentage of us actually unlock that side to maximize its potential. Tapping into that potential beyond all obstacles started for Steven Allen (Pol-B) at a very young age. Pol-B learned the meaning of success through the hard work of his parents: his father, the first African American Commissioner of Buffalo, New York and his mother, who singlehandedly raised 4 children while working full time and attending school to obtain her degree.

It is that same dedication to diligence along with his natural talent and knowledge of the craft that makes this Buffalo native not just a rapper, but a well-rounded musician destined for success and longevity. The journey to hip-hop began with a young Steven Allen creating his own beats on tape by beat boxing into a karaoke machine. He was later groomed for the stage at the Buffalo Academy of Performing Arts where he spent his high school years. It was then that he began to feel the real burn of competition. “When everyone who attends a performing arts school excels at performing, it forces you to raise the bar. I auditioned in three different areas before being accepted into the school” said Pol-B. His dreams of being an educated artist led him to undertake music theory in both high school and in his undergraduate studies at Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, North Carolina. “I am a musician at heart and I do whatever feeds that emotion. My voice just happens to be my instrument.”

Pol-B brings an interesting mix of his New York flow with a touch of southern swagger. With musical influences that include Jay-Z and Raphael Saadiq you feel the strong punch lines of a lyricist beyond his years combined with the musicality of a soul pioneer, elements that are sure to keep each of his songs flowing through your mind with ease.

Pol-B is an artist with a story – not dressed up with delusions of grandeur, but real enough to reach everyone. When he began working on the Clocked Out mixtape, he was working a 9-to-9 job, where devoting time to his music became less and less possible. “I basically took 3 months off of work and went into the studio to focus on nothing but my music. I took a step down in my corporate position to pursue my passion,” said Pol-B. “I called it ‘Clocked Out’ because I essentially clocked out of a job and clocked into my passion. We all have passion we pursue, but we have to work to keep food on the table for our families. I find that balance on a daily basis.”

From there the connection was made with Philadelphia’s DJ Don Cannon to host the Clocked Out mixtape which, in turn, led to the connection with former Bad Boy recording artist Mase, who is featured on his smash single Hot & Cold. In a time where most artists do not even meet their collaborators, Pol-B spent valuable time in the studio learning and working with this industry veteran. “It was great to vibe with him and just talk to him. He gave knowledge about the industry and reminded me to keep my circles close and that everything isn’t always what it seems.”

Instead of aspiring for stardom, Pol-B chose the road less traveled – he decided to chase after greatness. The difference is simple: emulation can make you a star, but the path to greatness involves knowledge of the craft, honing your skills, and dedication to personal development. With this strong sense of individuality, Pol-B is on a mission to revive the element of originality that brought hip-hop from a dream to the fruition of universal acknowledgement. Pol-B an artist everyone can vibe with, and it makes Steven Allen a man everyone can relate to.