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Birmingham, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Birmingham, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
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"Police Bastard - It's Good To Hate CD / DVD"

Birmingham is to metal as Yorkshire is to puddings and Somerset is to cider. First came Black Sabbath, who invented heavy metal and filled the pockets of stadium owners the world over. Then came Napalm Death, who invented grindcore and filled the underwear of venue owners who did not have a clue what had hit them.

Birmingham’s Police Bastard continue that heritage and manage to straddle both subgenres, combining the intense full throttle anarcho cacophony of the Napalm ones, with heavy as fuck bass riffs of the Sabs. In doing so they manage to discard the un-necessary bits and create a sound that is every bit as complex as it is furious.

This latest offering splits in two. First we have five new audio tracks – best played loud and miles away from civilisation (or how about out of the bedroom window if your neighbours are having a royal wedding street party?)

Luckily we get a lyric sheet, so we can tell you ‘The Lie’ is about being a wage slave. ‘God Off’ is a little bit critical of religion, to put it mildly. The capitalist dream comes under the microscope in ‘Erosion’, whist even the lyric sheet does not help clarify exactly what ‘Born to Die’ is about, although it still manages to carry us along with a ‘the capitalist system treats us like a disposable commodity and we are not having it’ vibe. The one song you don’t need a lyric sheet for, ‘I Wish’, is even more perplexing as to its meaning; wishing first for love, then hate, then to fight, then to kill and eventually to die. We are tempted to get analytical and dissect the ironic undertones, but perhaps we that’s not the point, it is, after all a rather decent slab of chunky punk that you can sing along to.

And that’s the odd thing, whilst the subject matter is – quite frankly – depressing, we get machine gun drumming, doom laden bass riffs and guitar work that manages to give a sly nod to Birmingham’s past axe heroes when necessary, but then quickly step back before descending into fret wank territory. But sadly, five audio tracks is all we get.

We do get, however, over an hour’s worth of DVD. The first section, ‘Keep an Active Mind’ is a compilation shot in pubs, clubs and squats, across Europe, including the Market tavern in their home town, the legendary Kopi squat in Berlin, the Czech Republic and others. The footage has a home movie feel to it, hand held cameras, no lighting, recorded in dodgy venues with less than brilliant PAs. Whilst I am sure the gigs were fun to be at, they are hard work to watch. We could have done with a few interviews, rather than people stuffing their face in the tour van.

The second segment, ‘Live at the AU festival’, sees a massive improvement in lighting, sound and footage quality, all be it from a slightly limited number of camera angles. Berlin’s Kopi, the third segment, looks like the best of the gigs to have been at and demonstrates how the European Squat scene can put on better gigs than many official venues in the UK, with a professional looking stage set up - just what is needed to show this band at thier best.

What we want now is a full length CD of new material – come on you bastards! - Peppermint Iguana 2011

"Police Bastard - It's Good To Hate CD review by Brum Beat - The Mike Davies Column 2010"

Along with fellow band members Simon Roe, Seano Porno and (occasionally) Si Reeves, mark Badger is also part of label mates POLICE BASTARD As It’s Good To Hate illustrated, they play even more hardcore guttural punk and deliver social alienation, anti-capitalist dream, state oppression invective such as “get a job, buy a house, have a car, wear a fucking tie, that’s the lie’ and, on the torn larynx, guitar piston stabbing Erosion, ‘where exactly has our government’s idea of a globalised, capitalist utopia really got us?’ Which sounds more like a political science exam question than an opening lyric. An intense 14 minutes of social and existential angst, a sense of humour wouldn’t go amiss.

It comes with a bonus DVD featuring three films. Keep An Active mind documents the year 2007-2008 and includes footage from a 2007 gig at the Market Tavern alongside that from their 2008 European tour while Live At 25 Jahre AU Festival and this year’s Live At Kopi were both recorded in Germany.

- Brum Beat 2010

"Police Bastard - It's Good To Hate CD / DVD"

It’s 1981, there’s rioting in the streets, Toxteth, Handsworth and other run down inner city areas around the country are pressure cookers waiting to blow. This is Thatcher’s Britain, everyman for himself, survival of the fittest.

Out of this broken nation the disenchanted youth find a release in the music, “Ghost Town” sums up a nation in decline and turmoil.

Fast forward 30 years.

The Tories are back in power, despite what Nick Clegg might have to say. We’re deep in recession, unemployment is reaching new heights, civil unrest is a real possibility with public spending cuts looming, sound familiar?

Funny how things go in cycles, so it is with music. I get to see and hear a lot of local underground music and there is a definite shift towards a trend in angry and resentful themes in many of the songs I’m listening to.

This EP from Punk/Metal cross over band, Police Bastard, is no different. Thing is these guys remember the turmoil of 30 years ago!

Fronted by local punk legend Pid, with additional vocals supplied by Johnny Doom, “It’s Good To Hate….” is 17 mins of the aforementioned anger and resentment. With obvious punk roots that have been given a metal edge, this ep is full of visceral vocals and guitars riffs supplied by the joint talents of Seano Porno and Mark Badger, that are fast at times and sludgy and grungy at others. The bass of Chris Crass and drums of Simon James are tribal, a call to the masses to war.

The songs leave you in no doubt, there is no hope here. Attacks against the establishment, institutional religion, globalisation and finally, a depressing tome, “I Wish”

Unfortunately, this EP accurately sums up the feeling of much of the down trodden and under privileged in society today, a nation that’s depressed and in need of serious medication. Do we really want to return to a selfish, self-centred society that epitomised Thatcherite Britain? I thought not. Music will always be a platform for voicing opposition and advocating change, and hopefully, as it did in the early 80’s it will strike a chord in many peoples hearts, and music can once again provide an antidote.

I’m not saying any of the tracks on this EP will be as iconic as “Ghost Town”, but it has certainly captured the feeling on the streets at this moment in time.

As an added bonus, there's a DVD included which features 24 live tracks. - 4/5 Tony Gaskin - Midlands Rocks 2010

"Police Bastard - It's Good To Hate CD / DVD"

Even by the standards of your average long-standing punk band, the personnel turnover of Police Bastard since they formed in Birmingham in 1994 has been pretty staggering. The pedigree of those members has been somewhat impressive as well, with various Police Bastards turning out, at various times, for the likes of Doom, Rubella Ballet, Sensa Yuma, Contempt, English Dogs and The Prodigy. You can guess who did the last two, surely? Anyway, after a lengthy hiatus, the band reformed in 2006 and continue to deliver hardcore/grindcore in its most virulent form, as these two discs of studio and live material ably demonstrate.
Shane Baldwin - Vive le Rock! - Shane Baldwin 2010

"Police Bastard - It's Good To Hate CD / DVD"

More great stuff from Iron Man Records in Birmingham...This was a total surprise, cause I'd not even realised that they had got anything new out, I'd seen em a couple of years before at the afterparty gig following Steve Ignorant's Feeding of the 5,000 gig (they were awesome then!) but assumed as I'd heard/seen nothing since that they'd split. well a few weeks after getting this they played at the Old Wharf in Birmingham on a sunday night, and along with Leatherface, I'd say the best band I've seen in 2010. This CD again was recorded a good while ago, but the best things are worth waiting for! 5 new tracks of brutal anarcho punk rock at its best! 4 Songs (like the title "God Off!) and a Mob cover (I wish). great line-up with Pid and johnny Doom together again on vocals, and three folks from Last Under The Sun to beef things up. Awesome! Also includes a live DVD as well, which I have to confess I've not watched yet, shame on me cause I'm sure it's interesting, must check it out soon as one of the shows it includes clips from the afterparty gig mentioned earlier which I was at! - Steve Ripping Thrash Issue 27 2011 - Ripping Thrash Issue 27 2011

"Police Bastard – It’s Good To Hate CD/DVD"

A fiver for a new Police Bastard EP and DVD which clocks in at well over an hour is a bargain you really can’t do without. The fact it’s released as a tribute to Trogg, who used to play bass for the band, but sadly died in 2008 is another reason, should you need one, to part with your ill-gotten cash.

The third reason is it’s bastard good.

The five-track CD contains a Mob cover (I Wish), which I much prefer to the original (never really got into The Mob), the fucking awesome hardcore punk of God Off and the infectious riff of The Lie. Before this week, Poundaflesh and Slipknot’s Iowa CD were my “pissed off” albums – you know those CDs you play to exorcise all that pent up brutality and fury, now there’s a third CD to add to the list!

I guess, for those who haven’t heard the band, Poundaflesh isn’t a bad reference point – those and Doom will do, if you must have lazy comparisons.
It’s fucking well produced and tight as fuck too.

The DVD is much better that the average “bonus DVD” you get with many CDs these days. Oh yes, this is good enough to be sold as a live Police Bastard DVD in its own right. The sound/picture quality is good, to great (especially on the Jahre AU Festival piece) and you get straight-ahead, no bullshit versions of many of the songs from Traumatized, and even their version of Police Bastard. The last segment was recorded this year, so you get live versions of two of the CD tracks – yay!

But as it’s a straight-ahead punk DVD you don’t get all the pretentious dicking around most “big” punk bands toss in for their own enjoyment and nobody else’s. In short, your fiver would be well spent on the DVD alone. - Itchy Bum 'zine Friday, May 28, 2010


Police Bastard/ A38 Split LP
1995 Barbaren Musi Records (BB010)

01 - POLICE BASTARD - Race Hate
02 - POLICE BASTARD - Smash The Face
03 - POLICE BASTARD - Kept Down
04 - POLICE BASTARD - No Justice, No Peace
05 - POLICE BASTARD - Payback
06 - POLICE BASTARD - Who's Side?
07 - POLICE BASTARD - Major Label Control
08 - POLICE BASTARD - Mind Siege
09 - POLICE BASTARD - Enslaved
10 - A38 - The Town Time Forgot
11 - A38 - Straight Out Of Nowhere
12 - A38 - Don't Think With You Mouth Full
13 - A38 - Let's Get Rich
14 - A38 - Star Struck
15 - A38 - Showdown
16 - A38 - Crawl
17 - A38 - Hormone Bomb
18 - A38 - The Dawning Of A New Era

Traumatized LP
1995 Inna State Records (A.N.O.K.LP002)

01 - The Lie
02 - Traumatized
03 - Mind Siege
04 - Payback
05 - Major Label Control
06 - Enslaved
07 - Regression
08 - Dance, Be Happy
09 - Race Hate
10 - Inferior
11 - No Justice (Peace Mix)

Police Bastard/ Defiance Split CD
1995 Ataque Sonoro Records (AS005)

02 - POLICE BASTARD - Traumatized
03 - POLICE BASTARD - Mind Siege
04 - POLICE BASTARD - Payback
05 - POLICE BASTARD - Major Label Control
06 - POLICE BASTARD - Enslaved
07 - POLICE BASTARD - Regression
08 - POLICE BASTARD - Dance, Be Happy
09 - POLICE BASTARD - Race Hate
10 - POLICE BASTARD - Inferior
11 - DEFIANCE - Concealed Genocide
12 - DEFIANCE - I'd Rather Fucking Die
13 - DEFIANCE - Waste Of Time
14 - DEFIANCE - Success Unattainable
15 - DEFIANCE - Hands Of The Few
16 - DEFIANCE - Kept Docile
17 - DEFIANCE - Too Close To Being Over
18 - DEFIANCE - Affect Change
19 - DEFIANCE - Burn
20 - DEFIANCE - Untitled

Gulf War Syndrome EP
1998 Ruptured Ambitions Records (SICKSICKSYSTEM013)

01 - Second Skin
02 - A Lesson In Human Control
03 - Gulf War Syndrome
04 - I Crush Worlds

Police Bastard/ Unkind Split 7"
1999 Fight Records (024)

01 - POLICE BASTARD - Powerless
02 - POLICE BASTARD - No Security
03 - POLICE BASTARD - Enslaved '99
04 - UNKIND - Aaneton Jattilainen
05 - UNKIND - Skuldkarusell
06 - UNKIND - Walking Back Home

Cursed Earth EP
2002 Twisted Chords Records (TCEP23)

01 - Thug Nation
02 - Mental Slave
03 - Sweatin' Green
04 - Mandatory Suicide
05 - Death To The Unbelievers

Traumatized CD/Limited LP
2007 Social Bomb (SBR 012)

01 - The Lie
02 - Traumatized
03 - Mind Siege
04 - Payback
05 - Major Label Control
06 - Enslaved
07 - Regression
08 - Dance, Be Happy
09 - Race Hate
10 - Inferior
11 - No Justice
12 - Kept Down
13 - Smash The Face
14 - Who's Side?

Dedicated (Live At AU, Frankfurt 16/10/2006)
2009 (Self Released By The People Of The AU, Frankfurt As A Tribute To Trogg!)

01 - Intro (The Lie)
02 - Who's Side?
03 - Smash The Face
04 - Payback
05 - Major Label Control
06 - Mind Siege
07 - Traumatized
08 - Exploitation
09 - Dance, Be Happy!
10 - Enslaved
11 - Regression
12 - Kept Down
13 - No Justice, No Peace
14 - Inferior
15 - Race Hate
16 - Police Bastard
17 - Kept Down


Satisfaction Guaranteed
1996 Ziegenkopf Records (ZKO-013)

01 - LES BONS A RIEN - Les Enfants De Duplessis
02 - KNUCKLEHEAD - No Attitudes
04 - DIRT - Lunacy Of Love
05 - STAGE BOTTLES - It's Our Time
06 - INKISICAO - Chagas
08 - CRADLE TO THE GRAVE - Goodbye Mother Earth
09 - WAT TYLER - Hops And Barley
11 - POLICE BASTARD - No Justice, No Peace
12 - LES BONS A RIEN - La Chasse
13 - DIRT - No Reason
14 - BAD INFLUENCE - Holes
15 - CONTEMPT - 12 Years On
16 - INKISICAO - Morto Vivo
17 - MOLOTOV COCKTAIL - Too Cold To Shit
18 - Scum Of Toytown - Work, Rest And Riot

Brum Scum

01 - SPINELESS - Hate Music
02 - BRIDEJUSTDIED - The House That Bleeds
03 - INTENTION - Focus1
04 - INTENTION - Focus2
05 - SPITHEAD - Hard Dog Club
06 - ACKBAR - Filter
07 - P.O.A. - Crisis Point
08 - EASTFIELD - 3 Seats
10 - I.O.D. - Feast
11 - ROTUNDA - Neutron Bomb
12 - POLICE BASTARD - Lessons In Human Control(LIVE)
13 - SPINELESS - Born To Breed
14 - BRIDEJUSTDIED - We Are The Hungry
15 - INTENTION - Bottle
16 - SPITHEAD - Personal
17 - ACKBAR - Way To Stop Bleeding
18 - P.O.A. - Blackout
19 - EASTFIELD - C15 Revisited
20 - MASSIVE HEAD TRAUMA - Edging Forward
21 - I.O.D. - Gob
22 - ROTUNDA - Redsky
23 - POLICE BASTARD - Relationshit

Still Can't Hear The Words-The Subhumans Covers Album
1999 Blackfish Records (ORCA003)

01 - ASSERT - No
02 - DICK LIKKAS - Drugs Of Youth / Animal
03 - WHIPPASNAPPA - Religious Wars
04 - RECTIFY - Society
05 - IMBALANCE - Rats
06 - BAIT - Zyklon B Movie
07 - TEN TENNANTS - Somebodys Mother
08 - HUMAN ERROR - It's Gonna Get Worse / Not Me
09 - MUCKSPREADER - All Gone Dead
11 - WAT TYLER - Evolution
12 - HELLKRUSHER - I Don't Wanna Die
13 - CRESS - From The Cradle To The Grave (End Bit)



Police Bastard has been influenced by many different bands ranging from the likes of Discharge / Chaos UK to Amebix, Rudimentary Peni, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath, The Cardiacs, Killing Joke. This makes up a dark, aggressive hardcore sound without losing power or focus. Risen from the ashes of Britians largest hardcore thrash bands: Doom, Sore Throat, Filthkick, English Dogs, Sensa Yuma and Contempt, Police Bastard was born in May of 1994.

Police Bastard - Confined (CD)
Released through Birmingham's Iron Man Records, November 23rd 2013.

Cover Art by Mark skinny Orton

Ten new songs recorded in early 2013 and released through Iron Man Records, Birmingham.

The Digital release of the album available September 30th and on CD from November 23rd 2013

Members of Police Bastard on this recording are:
Mark Badger Guitar
Chris Crass Bass
Simon Roe Drums
John Doom Vocals / Guitar
Seano Porno - Guitar
Stu-Pid Vocals

The Curse Of The Cross, Brought To Our Knees, Sick Sick System, Humanimal, Cries From The Earth, Binary Thinker, Words Confined, Bite The Hand, We Are The Dead, Fortress.

Play song samples from the album here on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Confined-Explicit/dp/B00F57UUM6

All Lyrics: Pid and John

All Music: Police Bastard

Layout: John Doom

The album was Recorded, Mixed, Produced and Mastered by Simon Reeves at Framework Recording Studios.

Label: Iron Man Records
Catalog#: IMB6021
Format: CD
Country: England
Released: 2013
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk

Other Police Bastard releases from Iron Man Records

IMB6018 Police Bastard: Its Good To Hate CDEP + DVD 2010

Police Bastard / War Plague Attrition Vinyl split album
(Vinyl version of Its Good To Hate with an extra track)

Police Bastard T-shirts and other items of interest

IMB6020 Police Bastard Dead to the world CD Album (Discography of everything from Gulf War Syndrome onwards with 7 never released new songs. Should be released next..)

IMB6021 Police Bastard Confined CD Album. Ten new songs recorded in early 2013. The record will be released through Iron Man Records. The Digital release of the album will be available from September 30th and on CD from November 23rd 2013


Iron Man Records, PO BOX 9121, Birmingham, B13 8AU, England

Tel: UK + 44 7974 746810 Skype ID: ironmanrecords