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Naugatuck, Connecticut, United States | SELF

Naugatuck, Connecticut, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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"Political Animals Bring Live Hip Hop to CT!"

In the of age of Lil Wayne and T- Pain where synthesized beats and auto tuned lyrics flood the air waves; it’s refreshing to see a hip hop trio out of Connecticut that combine raw, conscious lyrics with classic rock sounds. After listening to the eye-opening track “Sensory Deception” which stingingly sheds light upon the ills of modern day society, I had to find out more about this group. I luckily caught up with the members of Political Animals who filled me in on their upcoming projects as well as their musical influences.

In high school, drummer Trenton Wright was heavy into mainstream rock listening to the likes of Nirvana and Metallica and by his senior year he got into hip hop with Nas’s Illmatic. Never having any formal drum lessons it was surprising that he and a few friends decided to perform at his high school’s talent show, rocking the crowd to Nirvana’s classics. He played around with his newfound drumming talent for a while, but put it off while he attended CCSU. After college Trenton had a few stints with other local bands but it wasn’t until March of 09’ when he hooked up with rap vocalist Sartorios, bassist Jen Harper and DJ Benny Black.

Bassist Jen Harper of Naugatuck began rockin’ out on her guitar when she was 13 years old. She stated, “I took to it like a fish in water and eventually realized music is what I was put here to do.” Jen has been involved with bands and musical projects of various genres and her goal is to learn as many musical instruments as she can. Jen keeps an open mind to all styles of music especially focusing on exceptional instrumental talent and thought provoking lyrics; which she feels real hip hop is all about. Making music of substance is important to the bassist, and Political Animals does just that.

The man behind the sick lyrics is Sotorios. Originally from Bridgeport but currently in Naugatuck, the Greek/Italian bleeds hip hop. The rapper recalls rhyming for his grandparents in the back of their car when he was young, not realizing at the time that rapping would become such a big part of his life. At the tender young age of 8 he became addicted to Nas’s Illmatic tape the first week it came out after stealing it from his big bro. “I didn’t really get what he was saying but I was addicted to it.” Being involved with music kept him out of the trouble of drugs and other vices that many people around him had succumb to; hip hop was his outlet. Sotorious has many musical influences of all genres and feels that not only rhyming, but showmanship is an important facet to rocking the crowd with his music.

Political Animals will be releasing their album, “When Animals Attack” for free download Saturday April 16th and will be kicking off the release with a live show at 9:00 pm at Cooks Cafe in Naugatuck. The group prides themselves on making music for people of all races and cultures. Their sound is unlike anything you’ve ever heard and a true breakthrough for Connecticut hip hop music. Listen to their lyrics intently, and you will get a true feel for what these three talented artists are about, and how they plan on changing the face of rap beginning in our state and looking towards the world. Be sure to check out more of Political Animals on their website: www.pacthiphop.com - Mel Lo's Notebook

"In The Cut Political Animals (interview)"

Political Animals are – Old Skool flava with a hint of rock thrown in for good measure. They are definitely not a fleeting fad – 15 years in the game can testify to that. Hailing from the state of Connecticut, they have opened up for the likes of – House of Pain, Esoteric, Afroman and Jedi Mind Tricks.
Here at Rawroots, we like to have a balanced look at hip hop, but it’s nice to come across a balanced group. Political Animals are “Smooth Consciousness with a Rocky edge” – and here they are choppin’ it upwith the UK’s Rawroots… Enjoy! - RawRoots.com

"When Animals Attack EP Review"

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Reviews: Political Animals – When Animals Attack
ampedsounds January 19, 2012 0



Evolutionists would agree that the most dangerous animal to walk the face of the earth is man. And of that genus is a ferociously bred species whose elaborate flows and adroit command of the English language have the propensity to excite and entice feelings from euphoria to angst in others. That species is the Emcee. Sitting in the midst of these amazing orators is New Haven’s own Political Animals, a three piece Hip-Hop band (Sotorios Fedeli, vocals; Jen Harper, bass; Trenton Wright, drums) who are moving crowds with their latest EP “When Animals Attack”.

The trio’s ability to blend stripped down, infectious instruments with raw striking lyrics is nothing short of amazing as heard on the mesmerizing track “Read Between the Lines”. Harper’s vigorous bass grove sets the tone for Wright as he hammers out a volley of stabs and kicks. Fedeli drops verses al la LL Cool J as he artistically weaves emcees, songs and album titles into his composition and gives the listener a quick crash course in Hip-Hop history. “Blast the Bass” is a record that takes Hip-Hop back to its roots; a break beat, a slammin bass line and an emcee who brings out the best in the music. Fedeli goes off with the velocity of a young Chuck D and the dexterous flows of Black Thought provoking inner visions of the emcee moving the crowd. Other notable tracks are “Wannabeez” and the thought provoking “Sensory Deeption”.

The most ferocious bred species to ever walk the earth continues to evolve and Political Animals are living proof. Their bold instrumentation, intense vocalism and creative concepts separate them from other artists in their genre. This crew is rock solid and will be used as the model that propels the evolution of the emcee forward into the future. - Amped Sounds

"Political Animals best Hip Hop Group of 2010"

In some cases, brand-new musicians made their mark as though it were effortless. Political Animals have dominated the hip-hop scene without even having a record yet — their live show is that good. - The New Haven Advocate


When Animals Attack (7 Song EP) released April 2011
- Single "Blast The Bass"
"Blast The Bass" single featured on dozens of prominent hip hop websites & blogs such as: indiehiphop.net, yoraps.com, hiphopruckus.com, dotgotit, hiphopsnobs, and many others)



Political Animals means to be human. Hip Hop is our culture. It is our way of life. Our Philosophy. The music that we make reflects our opinions, experiences, and views as one human or, as a collective ranging locally to globally. Through our music we promote everything from peace, love, unity, partying, social and self awareness. We also display the negative parts of life such as crime, abuse, oppression, violence, corruption and cruelty without glorifying it. We believe in balance instead of being a one trick pony. Hip Hop music does not actually have its own sound. It uses every style past, present, or future. Political Animals brings you just that. Hip Hop never died. You just can't find too much of it on the television or the radio. True Hip Hop music is played in the small clubs, lounges, parks, basements, attics, school auditoriums, in the backyards of small towns, right to its birthplace, the streets of the inner-city.

Covering a wide range of topics, POLITICAL ANIMALS make sure their music can be enjoyed by any and every fan of hip-hop. "Wannabe MCs," is a song which calls out all the artists who follow the latest trends rather than their heart. The tribute song to the hip-hop artists who came before them, "Read Between The Lines" is a song any "old school" hip-hop fan can appreciate. The fan favorite "Sensory Deception" can only be described as "haunting" and "chilling."

In an era where the majority of hip hop artists "press play" and hit the stage POLITICAL ANIMALS stand out by bringing out the raw sound of hip-hop with a completely live sound. No pre-recorded music, no background beats, just pure hip-hop. Laced with funk grooves, break beats, the power of rock, and classic hip-hop, their sound is unlike anything you have heard before.

Has opened for and performed with: Krs-One, Mr. Lif, Jedi Mind Tricks (3x), House Of Pain, Saigon, Apathy, Sean Price, Afroman, Esoteric, Blacastan, Reef The Lost Cauze, Sadat-X, Cormega, & La Coka Nostra