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Politically Erect @ Cheers Lounge

Roseland, Indiana, USA

Roseland, Indiana, USA

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Different is good, people. Remember this when you give a listen to the debut CD, "Condom Nation" by the original Rock/Blues/Acoustic band, Politically Erect. It helps to have a sense of humor. Then again, you may just develop one after being exposed to track titles such as "Silly Sh#$heads" and "Sunsets, Transvestites and Beer." If not, have a few drinks and repeat.

I will admit, I didn't know what I was getting into as I casually popped in the P.E. CD for some background noise. I soon found that Politically Erect doesn't hang in the back...they demand attention and a hearty lol from the listener. Compare it to passing a car accident that you just have to crane your neck to see, even though there may be gore, and it actually ends up being one of those clown cars and everything is okay, save a few nose losses and makeup smears.

Interesting, entertaining, strangely addictive. Especially if you are a fan of King of the Hill, Family Guy, and other raunchy cartoons. I did get hooked on some of the hooks, and gasped in hilarious horror at such lines as "You put the Cu#^ in Country," from the "Drunken Cowboy" song. "Pete the Bartender" started me out with a chuckle and then made me nauseous. I will not go into detail on this matter. You must endure the strange, torturous hilarity on you own.

I'll give these guys a chance to explain themselves.

Story of Johnnie's Got? "Johnnie's Got is a story of a young boy becoming a man through puberty. He soon finds there is a price to pay for love....or lust."

Drunken Cowboy Song story? "This is a true story of a rough and ready cowpoke and the evil prison wench he loved. Legend has it on the day he went to pick her up from prison, the brand new pick-up truck, his hound dog and the cowboy himself were never heard from again."

Serious song or serious repercussion? "Well, we try not to be too serious about anything except our love for music. Sometimes we make a statement and sometimes we don't. We just write songs when they come to us. When we write about something serious there could be repercussions because someone might take offense to our position, but that's between them and their own opinion. We will still write what comes when it comes. If we have to apologize for anything we write then we need to write songs for Barney."

Influences? "Our influences range from The Beatles to Charlie Daniels and from My Chemical Romance to Rob Zombie."

Who do you sound like? "We can't really think of any band that sounds like we do. The only comparisdon we can make is Tenacious D with some Led Zeppelin mixed in."

Perform locally? "We have a CD release party booked for March 14th at Cheers Lounge in Roseland."

Response to the CD? The response to our debut CD "Condom Nation" has been overwhelming and has far exceeded our expectations. Our MySpace has been getting between 150 and 500 plays per day, so we are very encouraged by the response....and very humbled, too."

Loyal followers and fan base? "We are very new, so we are still building a fan base of followers. Our typical fan ranges in age from 15 to 40, has a sense of humor, loves Rock, and is concerned that the world must be cared for by the people who inhabit it."

Goals? "Our goal is to always love music and always be able to play and perform our music for people who enjoy it."

The guys must be doing something right, as they are members of "Blues Rocks the World' magazine and radio prgram, and they have over 14,000 friends on myspace. Become one yourself and nab a CD at http://www.myspace.com/politicallyerect.

Monday, February 25, 2008 1:48 AM EST
- Sobendt.com


Condom Nation - 2008 - Erection Records
Johhnie's Got, South Bend Blues, Condom Nation and If I Had A Drummer have recieved airplay.



Politically Erect is an Acoustic Rock band with Blues and Country influences. They hail from the heartland and have all been involved in music for many years. Their sound is unique as they deliver blistering Rock/Blues/Country songs with intrumental attack usually heard on electric guitars. The band started a few years ago as a parody act but soon developed into a strong songwriting team which now focuses on the orginal compositions. "Condom Nation" is the debut cd and tracks have been getting airplay around the world. They held the #1 (Condom Nation) & the #4 spots on live365.com (ms-blues.com) radio for over a week in February, 2008 and have been featured on The Soupy Gato Show, Sobendt.com, Five7four.com and have been interviewed and tracked on 103.9 WRBR (South Bend, Indiana) since the release of "Condom Nation". They can be found at http://www.myspace.com/politicallyerect.