Ottawa, Ontario, CAN

Politique is a sordid love triangle between electro, indie, and female-fronted synth pop - rock-bot electro with an intensity onstage that always melts into a sweaty workout on the dancefloor!


Politique has wrapped a busy 2009 playing festivals and an August Canadian tour!

Politique recently played alongside Young Galaxy, Hey Ocean, Winter Gloves, Hexes+Ohs, Small Sins, and Ruby Coast.

We are busy writing and recording album#2!
A sordid love-triangle of bittersweet indie, synth punk and electro conspire to wrap you up in this debut...

With respectful nods to the past and wide-eyed optimism to the future in songs like "Drifter", "She Makes My Mind Smile" to the sexed up electro-nihilism of "Old War, Cold War", the ironic, jangly guitar pop of "Young, Fast, Stupid", this definitely aint your daddys new wave…

The focus of “Politique” was pure pop bliss - quick, in your face melodies, indie energy without too much gloss, and dance punk rawness.

Mallory makes the vocals swoon. Etienne pushes the beats into the red. Richard layers on angular, wire-y guitar everywhere, and Roland whips up the Moogs and bass.

We are a sordid / torrid love triangle between electro, indie, and angular synth pop. We sincerely hope you love it!

Roland started this whole thing in 2005 - previously playing synth and producing with Liquified(www.liquified.org) , a deep house project that used to tour as a live PA. We released our debut "13 Methods of Hallucination" on US label World Domination to much success and campus airplay; then came "Maintainin" in 2002, and most recently, a 12" vinyl remix of the Cures' "Same Deep Water As You" in 2005, and a whack of digital releases avaiable via the website.

Politique is our collective take on electro/indie/post-everything sounds, injected with adrenaline, heart, and soul. The same sentiments people had in 1979.
But with new twists.
Our plan was to take years of experiments with synths and samplers and apply it to a more 'song' based medium than club-based tracks allow.

Politique has been tearing off the roof with sell out shows recently, and in the past, members have played NXNE, CMW, and venues like Lees Palace, the Rivoli, Zaphods, Barrymores, and the National Gallery of Canada.

Available June 24, 2008 online and at indie record stores everywhere.

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"Politique" - digital zen, 2008.
available on iTunes and select indie shops (End Hits, CD Warehouse, Compact Music)

Set List

35 - 45 minute set.
8-12 songs, depending on time contstraints.

Old War, Cold War
Fragility is Not Frailty
She Makes My Mind Smile...
Issue 1
Young Fast Stupid
Beat The Retreat