po livin

po livin

BandHip HopR&B

Coming from the home of music it's self.Po'Livin might just be the most diverse group of individuals to represent Mississippi and it's original musical culture.But you must know one thing "The Last Shall Be First And The First Shall Be Last".Mississippi Stand Up.


ARTISTIC INTEGRITY is the word that seperates PO`LIVIN from alot of other groups.SOCIETY has a funny way of influencing artist to compromise their music just for the sake of being popular.so they all start to sound the same but not PO`LIVIN if you want to hear a UNIQUE sound that is only an attempt to spread GOOD MUSIC then PO`LIVIN is the mind state.we are influenced by LIFE and the LOVE of MUSIC,WE HAVE RESPECT FOR ALL ARTIST and what they do but we keep our music PO`LIVIN.


we have released our first project,DON`T CHA WANNA PO`LIVE (da EP) from our upcoming album PO`LIVIN VOLUME 1.we currently have music on cd baby and receive local radio play of the single WHAT`S UP,and major club play of the single GONE CUT.

Set List

WE don`t have a particular set list that we perform.we have a 30 song catalog that we pick from depending on what type of performance that we have.