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Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | INDIE

Brooklyn, NY | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Rock Avant-garde


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Meet Pollens, Seattle's Dirty Projectors"

Not that Brooklyn-based band Dirty Projectors has exclusive rights on Afrobeat-inspired indie rock, or combining wordless vocal counterpoint with trickling guitars — but the similarities are too striking with Seattle act Pollens not to mention. Check Pollens' freely downloadable songs at pollens.bandcamp.com and enjoy the videos above. Both have been available for months but I'm just getting hip now. - Seattle Times

"Pollens: Not To Be Sneezed At"

"I don’t know if, or how much, Pollens play live. Their music sounds like it may only truly exist within a laptop and keyboards. But, equally, it may not, and they may be veterans of their local live circuit. Music is so complex these days.

Existentialism aside, their music also sounds like the kind of smart, sweet and sylph-like pop that hides its plentiful hooks under deep layers of oddness. They are in there, though, and repeated plays of weirdly compelling songs like After Dance reveals them, surprising, delicious and bright." - A New Band A Day

"Suggested Listening: pollens"

"Seattle’s pollens is a sight to be heard…no wait a sound to be seen…no wait a smell to be tasted. Oh crap lets start over. pollens, a rather small sounding large band from Seattle, somehow take what usually wages war on my allergies and turns it into stunning harmonized vocal wonder. They pack 6 or more folks into their sound, pimping out off beat vocal harmonies coupled with a pure rhythm sometimes consisting of drums, electrics, and acoustics. Its quite unique and certainly a pleasure to listen to." - Pasta Primavera

"Chances are..."

"Chances are that If you randomly hit play on any of the songs on this album from Seattle’s Pollens it’ll be a good one and will sound somewhere between The Dirty Projectors and Devendra Banhart." - Don't Die Wondering

"MUST LISTEN // Pollens"

"Seattle six-piece Pollens has a sound that is unique and interesting in a very recognizable way. Their upcoming EP has vocal elements reminiscent of Animal Collective and Dirty Projectors running rampant throughout, but the easily placeable nature of Pollens’ influences doesn’t lose them any points for originality. Songs like “After Dance” and “Cats” are so pleasantly trippy and brilliantly catchy that one can’t help but love the innate oddness of Pollens’ sound, and I dig them hard. Check out my favorite tracks below, find more at Pollens’ corner of bandcamp, and be sure to swoop up a copy of their EP when it drops on April Fools’ Day."

- Bears Eat Beats


"Pollens are from Seattle, not the city you would imagine they’d come from, despite the fact that the grunge tag is well dated now. All the six members of the band seem to sing as rich vocal harmonies dominate their psych-alt-folk mixed with electronics. Pollens is a kind of American response to UK’s Tuung, they have the same freedom and playfulness in their compositions and production, although the core of the songs always comes from an acoustic guitar and a voice. All songs are written by two members of the band, Jeff Aaron Bryant and Hanna Benn. Actually they are the missing link between Neil Young, America and Panda Bear/Animal Collective." - Spirit of Eden

"Not Quite 20 Questions with Pollens"

"Pollens are a Seattle band that have an Afro pop-ish drone sensibility with 6 (although they only had 5 when I saw them) vocalists. It's one of the best things I've seen live in a long time. I talked to Jeff from the band about what makes them tick. Download the group's first EP to listen to while reading!" - Circle Into Square


Pollens, EP, self released, April 2011

Pollens, Brighten and Break, January 2012 release

Pollens, '83, self released, July 2016  



Ready. No memory. No culture. Pollens is an American musical group living in Brooklyn. Palpitations and playlists. I repeat myself. Pollens is big singing and quick, toothy percussion. The tempo is up-. Hybrids, mash and repetition: they’re calling their music bogo-beat. There should be more about dancing. My magic, my mazes. Some of us went to art school, and some of us didn’t. What’s the difference between practicing and pretending? Nausea, regalia, treasure. Do I walk or take the city bus? Which twin wins the labradorite? Pollens comes in different sizes and dispositions. What’s that sound? So much talk of food and trivia. I forget. Pollens sing about the body, negotiation and mistakes, immediacy; about witches and warnings, kids and contest champions.