Valencia, Valencia, ESP

One of the most exciting bands in Spain at the moment. A mix between Phoenix and Two Door Cinema Club. Young, ambitious and a great prospect for the future. Their live show has also come a long way and they can put a brilliant show together.


They are barely known outside of their home country Spain at the moment, but one thing is being a complete newcomer and the other is appearing on the music scene like they have, with those songs, that sound and energy.

After their unusual debut album  "Getting down from the trees", recorded in Berlin through two months of intense sound investigation, the band comes back with "Rising Up", a stellar follow-up for wich all five members shacked up together for about six months in a rented house on the Mediterranean coast. 

"That close-knit creativity was likely instrumental in Rising Up‘s dance rock perfection. Polock took a risk in straying from the guitar-driven sound, decidedly shifting into a place where melodies are driven by keys, and frontman Papu Sebastián’s vocals often work in seamless unison. Compared to the band’s 2011 debut, Getting Down from the Trees, which percolated with punchy guitar riffs, this album is like a sunnier slice of New Wave pop." Polock Shacks Up to Beat the Sophomore Slump - By MTV Iggy, April 28, 2014


Polock EP (2008) Auto edited

Getting Down From The Trees (2010) Nacional Records, Mushroom Pillow, Inpartmaint Records, Tot Ou Tard

Rising up (2014) Nacional Records, Mushroom Pillow, Inpartmaint Records, Tot Ou Tard

Everlasting (The Remixes) (2015) Mushroom Pillow

Set List

2-High on life
3-Nice to meet you
4-Faster love
5-Not so well
9-Night Shot