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Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Rock Indie


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Poly Action @ Hard Luck Lounge

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States

Poly Action @ Cheer Up Charlie's

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States

Poly Action @ Barrel O' Fun

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States

Poly Action @ Cheer Up Charlie's

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States

Poly Action @ Sahara Lounge

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States

Poly Action @ Empire Control Room & Garage

Austin, Texas, United States

Austin, Texas, United States



"Local Bands You Should Be Listening To: Vol 34"

Local four-piece Poly Action craft punchy rock n' roll filled with jubilation and mischief. On their latest single, "Defeated Red Bells," the band playfully strolls through sticky melodies and hooks before concluding with a rapturous climax buttressed by dueling guitars and vocal harmonies. It's a bouncy pop-rock tune brimming with echoes of prog and 60s psych that never loses energy. "Danny Devito (Wanna Belong)," the single's b-side, finds Poly Action at their most hyperactive. "The other day I met Danny Devito/ outside the corner store/ we stepped inside his Winnebago," frontman Ray Garza sings over a salvo of peppy guitars and overcharged drums. Here, Garza sounds like a teenager who's neglected his Ritalin, spewing oddball witticisms at hyper-speed. Under two minutes long, "Danny Devito" seemingly flies by within seconds, a brevity that encourages repeated listens. With their energized rock tunes and indelible hooks, Poly Action is one of Austin's greats. - Do512

"Single Premiere: Poly Action “Defeated Red Bells” & “Danny Devito (Wanna Belong)”"

While recording the excellent Baby’s First Rock N’ Roll, Poly Action ended up with more tracks than they knew what to do with. But since they’re such swell guys, they’ve decided to gift two of these extras to you to celebrate their inaugural tour kick off this Wednesday, April 4th at Hotel Vegas and we’re delighted to help them facilitate this post-Easter gift giving. The single nicely frames both sides of Poly Action’s musical personality, with lead off track “Defeated Red Bells” being a psych-tinged western ballad while B-side “Danny Devito (Wanna Belong)” is a punky tribute to everyone’s favorite Hollywood weirdo. Give them a listen for yourself below and be sure to stop by Hotel Vegas to wish the boys off on Baby’s First Rock N’ Roll Tour! - OVRLD.com

"Can't You Hear The Ring?"

Recent KUTX Song of the Day featured artist Poly Action has been together for about a little over a year, but it took no time at all for the power pop-rockers to make one hell of an impression on the local scene, especially upon the release of their full-length debut, Baby’s First Rock ‘n’ Roll. Looks like baby’s first rock ‘n’ roll was right on the mark.

Now, the gang’s about to embark with new music (Defeated Red Bells ready and roarin’ to go) on their first tour together, through cities across the Midwest. Send Poly Action off in a blaze of glory when they perform tonight at Hotel Vegas, 1500 E. 6th St. And it’s a top bill: The Oysters, Mean Jolene and PR Newman. Doors at 9 p.m. Shake yer tail feather, freak. So recommended ’cause it’s so good. - KUTX

"Song of the day: "Defeated Red Bells""

Poly Action powers through the next phase of their career this week with a new release and a tour! While performing in another local quartet, Lola Tried (of which he is still a prominent member), guitarist and vocalist Ray Garza began Poly Action as a venue for his own songwriting only relatively recently. Just last year Poly Action rocked their way through their debut album, the aptly titled ten-song Baby’s First Rock N’ Roll, had been playing frequent local sets well before then and have ever since. Though the group is still young, 2018 is certifiably no longer baby’s first rodeo; now Poly Action is set to embark on a national tour in the next week with stops in Nashville, Chicago, Pittsburgh and Arlington.

Poly Action touts their tour kickoff 9PM this Wednesday at Hotel Vegas with supporting acts (and fellow Studio 1A veterans) PR Newman and Mean Jolene. Poly Action also enjoyed their sophomore release today with the unfurling of Defeated Red Bells, two B-sides from their debut album recording session that are still A-sides in our hearts. Don’t be defeated by all the April Fool’s ruses you fell for yesterday – Defeated Red Bells is a free download (no foolin’)! - Jack Anderson (KUTX)

"Poly Action 11.7.17"

Poly Action might be new on the scene but they’re really taking Austin by storm. The powerpop-rock group has been making a name for themselves around town for their bizarre, kinetic live shows; no two are the same but they all get audiences on their feet. The Austin-based four piece is fronted by Ray Garza, who takes the lead on songwriting duties, while his three backers make it their business to pump out catchy tunes. The group’s debut studio release, Baby’s First Rock n’ Roll, came out this month. The record has a touch of that Flaming Lips indie-rock with a big helping of alt-country rock in the style of greats like Wilco. The tracks bounce out of the speakers, proving that none of that on-stage energy has been lost to the studio. Poly Action dropped past Studio 1A to showcase some of their best stuff. Missed the session? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered right here! - KUTX


Some albums are just fun. They put any pretension aside and make music that contains infectious hooks and puts you in a good mood. That’s one of the ways I would explain the exceptional new release by Poly Action entitled Baby's First Rock n' Roll.

The band mentions bands like Ween, Pavement, Wilco and Beck as reference points. I’d argue that Poly Action embraces surf rock more than any of those bands. Their music doesn’t contain the undercurrent of weariness and melancholy that you hear from Wilco or the genre hopping nature of Ween. A much better parallel would be the band Girls that embrace very similar aesthetics and often combine similar genres.

Baby's First Rock n' Roll contains ten songs and no lulls. Sequential order matters to some of us out there like myself who was raised listening to tapes. It seems it matters to the members of Poly Action as well. The band cuts the fat off the tracks and leaves us with songs that felt like a pleasure to listen to in sequential order.

Without saying a word that band gets your attention with the opener “Outta Tune” as they launch in a Sonic Youth-esque wall of sound. They quickly lay off and launch into a catchy and buoyant verse. It’s amazing how much you can cram into two minutes and forty-six seconds with a talented group of musicians. It feels substantial despite not getting past the three-minute mark.

From there on the band delivers the goods. The surf rock inspired drumming on “Ten Hundred Years” and the saloon style beginning on “Black Smoke Cloud” are just some of the impressive moments throughout this album.

The band's single “The Accident of 1993” combines surf with a vibe that work in a frivolous spy thriller from the ’70s. I love the combined sense of danger, noir and levity. The band can even get you emotional with songs like the closer “Staying Awake.”

​This is a great album and one I will be revisiting quite regularly. Highly recommended. - Divide and Conquer

"Poly Action interview"

Q: Can you talk a little bit about the history of Poly Action?

A: The band formed in 2015. I had been playing in other bands for several years and was ready to start work on my own songs. When I approached each of the guys about playing, I needed to make clear my goals and intentions for the band. Sometimes you start playing with people, and momentum starts revving up, and that causes someone to be like, "Oh man I didn't sign up for this." I wanted to avoid moments like that. Fortunately everyone was immediately on board, and so far things have been great. There's a lot of musical and personal history between everyone in the band. These are longtime friends who I've admired immensely, and I'm lucky to be in their company.

Q: You guys have a sound that to my ears is instantly infectious. It reminded me of a now defunct band called Girls that also combined elements of surf with garage rock. What is the songwriting process like for the band?

A: Thank you. Before assembling the band, I was working on little home demos on my laptop. But once the group was in place, and we had our first rehearsal, it became abundantly clear that these guys can come up with stuff way better what I was coming up with. Where it arrived is, I'll bring the skeleton of a song to the band, and we'll just start playing it, to feel it out. It’s crucial that this be a band, and feel communal, and to have each member print their personality onto these songs.

Q: Your song titles have names that made me want to pay attention to lyrics such as “The Accident of 1993.” What themes and ideas run through the album and are there stories you can tell about a specific song?

A: This album is sort of the documentation of discovering what Poly Action was. One of the big turning points for us was writing "The Accident of 1993." That song is a joke. I remember sitting at my kitchen table, five o'clock in the morning and just having a hard time playing through it just once because I was laughing too much. It was just this silly song that was written in five minutes. I half-heartedly brought it to rehearsal later that day and the guys filled it in immediately and it was hilarious! The realization to not take ourselves so seriously was huge, and that song turned out to be one that people really responded to. I think that when we play these goofier songs like “Accident” or “KFC” it sort of drops people's guards. They think, "oh these guys are goofy." Which puts them in a different place when they hear our other, not so goofy stuff. Hopefully that works in our favor.

Q: You recorded the album at Estuary Recording Facility. Can you talk about that experience? How did you make aesthetic decisions? How involved was the engineer and did you work with a producer?

A: We recorded with my long time friend Evan Kaspar, who I play with in another Austin band called Maryann. Not only is Evan a gifted musician and songwriter, but he is an accomplished sound engineer as well. He handled all the technical aspects of recording, and he has a great intuition. He just knows what we're going for, and we can get to our destination with minimal discussion. It really was just a group of friends recording songs in a studio. Very relaxed, which is important.

Q: Is there a different type of energy when you play the songs live? What is your live show like?

A: We try to bring as much energy and enthusiasm to our live performances as we can. I've seen too many bands that look bored or uninterested in what they're doing on stage. If you're not having fun playing your songs, how do you expect anyone else to? There's always rock n’ roll shows going on in Austin, every night of the week. We have to find a way to sort of cut through, and make people want to come back and see us. We do our damnedest to be entertaining. - Divde & Conquer

"Exclusive Track Premiere: Poly Action “The Accident of 1993”"

Fuzz rockers Poly Action are back with their weirdest single to date. “The Accident of 1993” has the band concocting a Troma-esque scenario where a 40 year old man is the victim of some kind of bizarre accident that turns him into a literal baby. Over chugging riffs and blitzkrieg hooks, the group indulges in goo goo gah gah gibberish while also detailing the manbaby’s smoking habits and existential dread about his condition. It’s like David Cronenberg remaking Littleman with a Superchunk soundtrack. Trust us, you just need to hear it for yourself, and then go see them Saturday, April 29th at Spider House with Tres Oui and more: - Ovrld.com

"Exclusive Video Premiere: Poly Action “Outta Tune”"

Indie popsters Poly Action are one of the most lovable bands in Austin, but chances are if they started waking you up with impromptu jam sessions in your bedroom, you’d turn against them fairly quickly. That’s the basic concept behind Ray Garza’s video for Poly Action’s single “Outta Tune,” until it starts to go more meta and life imitates art for its put upon lead actor. Though the video is simple, it’s exceptionally well-executed, with more heart and better writing than 99% of the indie flicks you see at SXSW. Check it out for yourself, then catch the band this Saturday, February 4th at Cheer Up Charlie’s, but don’t blame us if Poly Action start popping up in every room of your house after. - Ovrld.com

"Live music preview: Cosmic Birthday with Poly Action,Kay Odyssey, Lowin, Bitter Birds at Hard Luck Lounge"

I caught Poly Action recently at Hotel Vegas and they're legit. Ray Garza and company delivered a completely entertaining rock n roll set that was equal parts prog, pop, garage and punk which makes me think their name is a perfect vehicle for the band. After taking another listen to their Bandcamp page I'm hyped to see them again. - Greg Ackerman


Need proof of our city’s depth of talent? Listen to the quality of Poly Action’s folk-infused rock ‘n’ roll, which surpasses the expectations for most bands gracing local dive bar stages. The rollicking fun and gritty blend of acoustic and electric elements is present, but the group adds rewarding details like startlingly thoughtful layers of picked guitar parts and outstanding vocal melodies delivered by Ray Garza—most apparent in the mid-song breakdown of “The Cat & His Cane.” Elsewhere on this solid debut are well-crafted, comedic country gems like “Bottle of Pills” or “The High Road.”

--Bryan C. Parker - Bryan C. Parker


Baby's First Rock N' Roll (2015)



Poly Action are a power-pop, rock 'n' roll band from Austin, TX comprised of Ray Garza (guitar), Gianni Sarmiento (lead guitar), Zane Frisch (bass), and Ben Humphreys (drums). Since forming in 2015, Poly Action have toured the East coast, and Midwest including Chicago, Nashville, Brooklyn, and Philadelphia. Their debut album, "Baby's First Rock N' Roll" has been described as having " a touch of that Flaming Lips indie-rock with a big helping of alt-country rock in the style of greats like Wilco" (KUTX) and a "rollicking fun and gritty blend of acoustic and electric elements" and "rewarding details like startlingly thoughtful layers of picked guitar parts and outstanding vocal melodies" (Austin Monthly). 

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