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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




"The home made beeps and beats are created by Robert J Lake from La Porte, Indiana...His music makes you want to bounce around your bedroom dreaming..." - Super Ace

"(MP3 Minute)"

"...The catchy synth melody gets you bopping and momentarily lifts from that it’s-almost-Friday-but-I’ve-still-got-4-hours-of-work-left-today funk." - Popwreckoning

"[MP3] Polychromatic: "Good Enough""

"Polychromatic is in all likelihood the most microscopic of bands we've ever publicized on IGIF. His myspace has just 12 profile views as of now, his music just 31 plays, his only two friends are the ubiquitous "Tom" and myspace music. He has no photos, no official website, no blog entries, no bio and no comments...Polychromatic, real name Robert Lake, clearly has a lot of fun with his music. It's light, colorful and playfully auto-tuned. It doesn't ask much of its listener, but its catchy neon hooks make sure it doesn't have to. While it may be slow on the upkick, halfway through it turns into a Postal Service-esq midnight club jam, thumping and twisting and firing all synapses into oblivion." - I Guess I'm Floating


Still working on that hot first release.



I make music because I love making music and because far too much of it sucks these days.

The music that excites me the most is the music that influences me the most; my favorite bands at the moment are probably Black Moth Super Rainbow, The LK, Kupek, and Blackball False, Truth!, and my main influences are PROBABLY Beck, Bjork, Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, and The Avalanches, with some Anamanaguchi thrown in liberally all over the place.

I got the name after listening to a Blackball False, Truth! song that rhymed something with 'static.' My head started unconsciously figuring out that something rhyming with that would be a Good Name For A Rock BandTM and this is the result.

This is an awful biography for the purpose of promoting that result.