polyester pimpstrap

polyester pimpstrap

 Tallahassee, Florida, USA

"Jamband Booty Music."


Formed in the fall of 2003, Polyester Pimpstrap is a fresh and zany band from Tallahassee, Florida. This group of pranksters has been making a name for themselves in the South East with their high energy live shows, all encompassing sound, and humorous stage antics.

Over the last two years polyester pimpstrap has been touring the SouthEast and building a steady fan base. They have been featured at such festivals as Down on the Farm in Quincy FL., where they performed to over 2,000 people, as well as having played such notable venues as the Georgia Theater in Athens, GA. and the Hard Rock Live! in Orlando. Their high energy shows, complete with intelligent lighting and other theatrics have continued to grab audiences and leave them wanting more.

Constantly evolving and challenging the norms of the industry, polyester pimpstrap has been known to play all night when allowed, their heavily improvised music spanning genres from rock to funk to electronica to hip hop and on and on... Their shows are often riddled with witty banter and quirky stage antics; however the most enticing attribute of this foursome is their ability to make even the most tame of audiences get up and dance like there was no tomorrow. Polyester Pimpstrap has an album on the way, scheduled for Fall 2007, so be on the look out. Catch these guys at a venue near you soon, after all, aren't you wondering what a pimpstrap is?


polyester pimpstrap - polyester pimpstrap (2007)

Pimpstrap makes regular appearances on North Florida's top rated rock station, GULF 104.1FM, and are favorites of the DJs Yuckers, and Chili Pepper. Pimpstrap can also be heard on KPHI web radio, out of lovely Salt Lake City, Utah. We love your bilingual page KPHI, mucho gusto!

Set List

Their set lists vary, and are often spontaneous, usually consisting of originals with a tasteful cover thrown in every now then (Michael Jackson's Thriller, Steely Dan, The Specials) Most shows consist of two 90 min. sets, however polyester pimpstrap has been known to play all night when allowed, boasting numerous five hour sets.