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If Brian Eno and Kanye West ran into one another in an elevator and got to talking about their admiration of Autechre.


Prior to 2007 the members of Polygons had absolutely no experience in performing or composing electronic music. Our band started as a plain and simple way to see if two guitar players who very much respected improvisation could make catchy and improvised electronic jams. The obvious thing that sets us apart from most electronic artists is that we don't play tracks from our laptops. We use all analog equipment and sequence all of our synth and drum patterns by hand. Our on-stage communication is minimal with the result being very close to a jazz approach. We manage to play off of one another to consistently create 4 minute compositions that are beat-driven enough to dance to and ambient enough to feel attached to. Less than a year after our self-titled LP we released a double album that is an extremely realized version of the music we had been hoping to compose from day one. One album, Intimate Knowledge, is an abstracted confession that is surreal in it's mood. The other album, Summer Inside the Atom, is a collection of summer jams that have more interesting ideas and production than your typical radio summer jam. By playing our music to larger audiences we hope to get the experimental and electronic geeks talking to one another and hopefully sharing stories.


1. Polygons (2008)
2. Intimate Knowledge/Summer Inside the Atom (Dual Release, 2009)

Set List

Typical set list is 30 minutes.
Album tracks we have played live from memory (no backing track) are as follows:
1. '75 Education
2. Potential
3. Light Cathedral
4. Miami to Key West