We all come from different backgrounds but we all have one passion in common: create the magic of music. Because we all have different influences and styles, from jazz to rock to classical and folk, when we come together as a band our music is unique and honest, and the product is an eclectic sound.


Lauren Zoe- vocalist
Since the age of 4, Lauren Zoe has been performing. Even if it was just for a few stuff pets and some beanie babies or a audience of 500, she did whatever she could to make her audience happy , and to this day it is her most important goal. By the age of 11 Lauren had already discovered she wanted to be a performer. She was in numerous Professional plays, playing parts like Cosette in Les Miserable, Brigitta in the Sound of Music, Elsie in a Christmas Story, and she even dabbled in dance as the lead ballerina in Oklahoma. She was continually involved in local choirs, receiving high honors and lead solos until the age of 16, and at the age of 16 she fronted her own band ,Taste of Eden, which toured locally and received positive feedback from everyone that they were heard by. But it really was at age 11 , after being diagnosed with a chronic disease called Ulcerative Colitis, that Lauren knew what she wanted to do; she wanted to help people through music, inspire them , change them.
Since discovering this she has written, performed, and recorded an original song with Mike McCready , lead guitarist of Pearl Jam and has promoted her cause through various performances all throughout the country. She has become an advocate for diversity and has used her music to that advantage.
Since being accepted to the Berklee College of Music, Lauren Zoe has been working hard with her Band PolySky and has been planning a benefit concert that will be held at the Berklee college of Music in the Fall. She is so thankful to be given the chance to make music everyday of her life!!

Clayton Lillard, 19, San Antonio Tx, the guitar man for PolySky got his start with music at age 5 with private piano lessons. After six years of private instruction he then moved onto the Alto and Bari saxophone in his middle school band, and soon before high school, he started teaching himself drum set and the guitar. Apart from his music Clayton also started his own charity organization, Clayton's Backyard Crew, which took used and new bicycle donations from around the city, refurbished and assembled them, then donated them to children who have at least one incarcerated parent. Clayton's group has successfully donated approximately 1,000 bikes. He plans to fuse his passion of music with his desire to help others in the near future but is still making final plans on that. Presently, he is a second semester guitar principle student at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. This is where he met Lauren and started co-writing songs in his apartment not too long before forming the rest of the band. An honest musician who, "writes music for his own personal taste but loves to have an audience," also says that he does hope to be able to support himself financially with his music because, "it's what I live for, so why even bother with anything else?"

Jake Cohen- drummer-
Growing up in a house full of music, Jake started playing drums at the
young age of 5. His father introduced him to many great artists at an early
age, ranging from fusion greats like Billy Cobham, Lenny White, and Dennis
Chambers, to rock greats Mitch Mitchell, John Bonham, and funk great David
Jake began performing in public at an early age. At 10, he was selected
into the Lower Merion District Jazz Band, where he performed at places like
Philadelphia Phillies Games, and the Mariott in New York City. From there he
was selected into his middle school and high school jazz bands, winning
numerous solo awards at festivals. He also became involved in many groups
throughout high school, including his own Jazz Trio that began gigging
regularly around Philadelphia at the age of 16.
After attending the University of the Arts in Philadelphia for a year,
where he performed around Philadelphia with various rock bands,
singer/songwriters, and jazz groups, he began attending Berklee College of
Music in Boston this past fall on a half scholarship. After reading an ad
that was looking for a drummer for a "Damien Rice type project," Jake met
Lauren Bruno. After one rehearsal he joined her group, and has been in it
ever since.
Playing with Lauren is one of Jake's favorite musical projects. "I love
Lauren's music because it's so original, especially her voice. I really
think people are going to go crazy over the way she sings." Jake also loves
being a part of a band. "I'm involved with so many projects, mostly studio
stuff, so it's nice to be in a band, where I can give some input, and be a
part of the writing process."
Jake is into all kinds of different music, most notably RnB, Pop, and
Jazz. His favorite drummers are David Garibaldi, Steve Jordan, Jeff Porcaro,
Vinnie Colaiuta, Ahmir "Questlove" Thompson, and Al Jackson Jr.

Jonah Wei-Haas has been playing the piano classically since the age of 8. He performed a solo junior piano recital. Also versed in rock and funk music, he played drums in a funk rock band, Sup


PolySky EP