An unexpected mix of flavours, we're a high energy band with a large variety of influences. We come from a base of rock n' roll but incorporate an alternative sound into our music.


We just finished our new, unmastered, demo at Willyboy Recording Studio in London, ON and are excited about getting back on stage and playing our new material. A little rough around the edges, our music draws fans of blues and classic rock, but has more than enough kick to get fans up and dancing.

Starting out as a few 16 year olds who knew how to play instruments, we jammed to whatever CD was most recently purchased by one of us. The Band, The Cars, Buffalo Springfield and Weezer are among the first bands I remember us all getting into. Playing on the same baseball team, it was easy for us to go over to someone’s place after practice and jam. Once we came up with something that sounded good, Josh would sing the ingredients from the insulation we all had in our basements and jam spaces as filler lyrics – Polytarp Super 6.

Once we turned 19 we started to call ourselves a band. We began playing live this past summer and decided to record a real, legitimate demo. We expect to continue playing live around London and Kitchener-Waterloo whenever we can and plan on playing festivals and shows across Ontario over the summer.


Premastered Demo - Willyboy Recordings, London, ON

Set List

Long Golden Lies
Badass Miss Empty Glass
Casually Smirking
Last Resort
Youth for a Quarter
Happy Notes
This is a somewhat random setlist we used recently for a 30-40 minute set. We have more songs that are in rotation as well.