Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Poly/Western is a stoner art rock band balancing loud rock with delicate and pretty slow jams.


Baltimore-based rock band Poly/Western has carved out a niche for itself in a crowded scene. Combining the delayed, anthemic qualities of ‘Joshua Tree’-era U2, the controlled spastic chaos of the Dismemberment Plan and Talking Heads, with a bit of Josh Homme at his most psychedelic, Poly/Western is rock enough for the rockers, hip enough for the hipsters, and stoney enough for the stoners.
Truly entertaining and professional, Poly/Western delivers a tight, compact, well thought-out show every night. At venues equipped with a projection system, Poly/Western plays its entire set to a timed and coordinated custom-made psychedelic visual display, which is projected over the band and its amplifiers. Amazing visual displays and great music are the hallmarks of a Poly/Western performance, and large reason for its growing and dedicated fanbase.


Stream the following sold out and out of print EPs at http://polywestern.bandcamp.com

Down Home Blizzard Demos EP
Orange EP

Poly/Western is currently recording a 3rd EP while writing songs for a forthcoming full length album.