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This Ohio-based four-piece brings to mind visions of Transatlanticism-era Death Cab For Cutie and ‘90s Britpop with their big, bright sound. The lyrics themselves are intelligent without being pompous or overbearing, drawing from literary sources that are mythological and biblical in nature.
Amplifier Magazine.com - Amplifier Magazine

“Pomegranates showcase transitions and dynamic prowess [through use of] melodic guitar lines, gusto vocals, and unorthodox song structures.”
Cedars Newspaper - Cedars Newspaper

…wide range of instruments, claps and sing-alongs, with a knack for melody.
- Exclaim Magazine

…wide range of instruments, claps and sing-alongs, with a knack for melody. - forthesound.com

The songs are poppy and excited, but they also dip into these hushed moments of melodic precision. I’m sort of getting that whole Wolf Parade/Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! thing here, only Pomegranates seem to lean more towards the pop and less towards the experimental. There are dance beats, keyboard lines, handclaps, and the sort of across the room backing shouts you’d find on an Arcade Fire album. Good stuff, immediate, but tasteful. - myfriendcleveland.com

Pomegranates use just enough varied instrumentation to their advantage, with samples, keys and acoustic guitars creating enough different sounds to prevent monotony. Reference points seem hard to come by here, but perhaps picture a more stripped down Anathallo, as the two seem to share a lot of musical and aesthetic traits (however, no horns here).
Punknews.org - punknews.org

With all the softly swooping melodies the blog-and-tunnel indie fashion victims love without any of that lingering aftertaste of melodrama. It's almost as if indie kids learned to have fun again. - aversion


"Two Eyes" - EP

"Everything is Alive" - LP
College and indie radio play for various tracks.



As the old adage goes, “diamonds are a girls’ best friend.” Whereas that may be true for some, this girl thinks music lays diamonds to waste. Sure diamonds are sparkly and pretty to look at, but the same can be said of the band Pomegranates, and they play music too. See? Wasted.

It’s not just any ol’ music the Poms play either. The Cincinnati-based quartet works a fine blend of pop rock, or as the boys call it, “experimental pop.” I know what you’re thinking—truly experimental music doesn’t have pop appeal. In most cases you’d be right, but this is just what sets the Poms apart. They somehow manage to integrate both into their music, and they do it so well.

Pomegranates began in the young minds of Jacob Merritt and Isaac Karns, long time friends whose respective musical projects had recently disbanded. With a mutual desire to continue making music, the two began penning songs. Immediately they felt this new project was heading places, so they solicited the help of Joey Cook, and the three got down to business. Their initial practice session gave shape to what would later become their first song, “Nursery Magic”. Poms were official. This was November 2006.

It was not even four months later when the band began to record their debut EP, Two Eyes, at The Lunchington in Columbus. The five-song disc was tracked in two days and the finished product is no flash in the pants either. The EP boasts intricate, melodic guitar arrangements adorned by bells, samplings and keys. Hand claps and tambourines actualize in the quirky percussion section, while falsetto vocals dance delightfully above. This is sophisticated stuff for such a youthful band.

The fact that the music is sophisticated is not the only thing noteworthy about the Poms. Recording an EP within four months of being a band is fairly unprecedented, not to mention recording five tracks in a mere two days. I’m not even finished yet. When Two Eyes hit streets June 12 of 2007, it was no more than a week later they were inking a deal with indie label, Lujo Records. Are you keeping up with the pace here?

It’s no stretch of the truth that things have moved fast for this fledgling band, a band the Ohio City Beat has said is a “less spastic, but no less dynamic Modest Mouse.” Another local publication said this of the Poms:

“Pomegranates showcase transitions and dynamic prowess [through use of] melodic guitar lines, gusto vocals, and unorthodox song structures.”

Initial impressions such as these have been actualized in the release of the band's debut full length, Everything Is Alive, recorded in August 2007 at Sound of Music with Bryan Walthall and Miguel Urbiztondo. From start to finish, this album is, simply put, a delight. Drawing on influences like The Beach Boys and The Kinks, Everything Is Alive is a 10-track recording that's as timeless as it is fresh, and has garnered comparisons to early Modest Mouse.

Available now exclusively through Lujo Records and worldwide in May, Everything Is Alive is an invigorating and stunning masterpiece.

Joey Cook (vocals, Guitar, Keys, Percussion), Isaac Karns (Guitar, Bass, Sampling, Percussion, Vocals), Josh Kufeldt (Bass, Guitar) and Jacob Merritt (Drums, Percussion) are Pomegranates.

For more information please visit myspace.com/pomegranatesart.