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"Lost My Love" - 2013
Former band name: The Left www.theleft.ca



The story of the Pompadoors began and will most likely end on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California. Josh Wyper with brothers Eric and Carl Davis walked through the streets of Hollywood, with 7-11 wine in hand and discussed what they really wanted out of life and their music. Through their revelations, the band, and their upcoming reality series, was formed.

Carl: “What’s the name?” Eric: "We should name it after our best feature." Josh: "You mean Carl's hair?"

Inspired by their heroes, The Band, The Eagles and The Beatles - the group has married that classic rock and roll feel with a modern roots and dance vibe. When they are not out of town, the band plays Vancouver's best high class dance club: The Fanclub every Friday night from 11pm-3am.

Lead singer, Josh Wyper, has a magnetic stage presence. When combined with the powerhouse talents of former runway model, guitarist Carl Davis and current comedian, drummer Eric Davis - the trio capture the heart of every single person in the audience without any strain.

Their debut record, "Into the Sierra Madre" was recorded inside their church, mostly live off of the floor. Ryan Smith, (Elton John, Bon Jovi,) mastered the record in New York and Mike Fraser, (ACDC, Aerosmith,) mixed the track, "Lost My Love." They have performed in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver. With ten years of experience and collaborations with some of the worlds' finest tastemakers, the Pompadoors take what's old and make it new again. They create the ultimate experience for audiences around the world both on stage and off.

"They really grabbed me from the first time I heard. The band has a big, warm, organic sound that makes you want to hear more." - Ryan Smith

"They exude so much passion but stay humble and focus on what really matters, the music. Their sound is a true reflection of who they are, a unified personification of soul and class." - One1One Magazine