Poncho Cannella

Poncho Cannella


Dreaming in Silence Mexican Guitarist Singer Songwriter with Cuban roots performs a spirited hybrid of African and Latin rhythms exuding dogma and ritual. He is an entirely compelling performer and continues to reap fans internationally with his powerful songs and authentic solid guitar playing.


Forgotten Knowledge

Musical experience is energy, and where would your experience take you if you've felt the power of music in ritual ceremonies?
How might you play music, if you were a descendant of the Mayan Indians?
What if you grew up in Cuba, with the influences of Santeria, a mystical belief system?

For Poncho, music has always raised more questions than it answered. He is deeply aware of the power of music, and invites those who enter into his music not to enter into it lightly. For him, music is a dark and eternal sound that sends a message that cannot be ignored. From the ancient Mayan forests to the hill country of Bolivia to modern-day Ottawa and beyond, music has traveled with him, in him, and he feels is now ready to be heard for a new, more pressing reason.
Poncho-Cannella is a native Mexican who grew up in Cuba. He grew up listening to the mayan legends of his grandmother, who shared the power of music with him. The music that Poncho brings to the stage is not your grandmother's music, however - not by any means.

Poncho studied physics and math, winning a competitive spot to study these disciplines at the University of Mexico. As he learned more about these domains, his interest in the structure and effects of music deepened further. Spurred on the Mayan stories, Poncho battles in his guitar work to tell tales and fight wars.

Set List

covers - santana
typical repertoire - original latin jazz