Pond Rock

Pond Rock


Original rock, jam, and instrumental music in the vein of U2, Mogwai, and Wide Spread Panic.


Pond Rock formed in the spring of 2001 in Santa Cruz, California. The first gigs were college house parties. Now, the band is playing bars, clubs, and events throughout the West.

Early on, Pond Rock had the house party outlet to define a unique sense of groove and dynamics. Increasing their gigs, including a recent opener for Estradasphere, they’ve strengthened their roots and expanded their genre. The original jam-band elements have augmented into a unique jam-rock sound.

Each member of the band writes songs and instrumental pieces. They share influences from the classic rock canon, but in particular, the drummer, Matthew Westerman, 32, appreciates the vocal talents of Steve Winwood and Chris Cornell, and the technical prowess of Neal Peart. John Craigie, guitar, 24, admires Sound Tribe Sector Nine for their ability create ambient grooves, and draws on the likes of Page and Clapton as surrogate mentors. Jay Stafford, bass, 25, learned from Marley-era reggae and is heavily influenced by Radiohead and classic Pink Floyd. Many of these influences are covered by the band, but groovy, trancy, and high-energy dance instrumentals are the epicenter of Pond Rock’s craft. It becomes apparent, in the live setting, that the true, faceless identity of the band is revealed in their wordless songs.


For It

Written By: Westerman

wonder why you'd stand so long against the wall
as though the bricks told you special secrets
I guess I hope you'd be telling them to us all
cause I'd rather lean against the giant trees
but if there are some special truths
held in the walls of Babylon
I guess we should all learn them before the walls fall down

cause we could use the healing
and I will not abandon
anyone in here could take some healin'
and we'd be stronger For It

wonder why'd you drink the water from the tap
as though the healing in the water still makes it through the pipe
I would rather drink from sparkling mountain streams
maybe we should all take a sip
to check the city style again
before we overhaul the whole thing

cause we could use the healing
and I will not abandon
anyone in here could take some healin'
and we'd be stronger For It

I don't understand your motivations when you choose to stay indoors
the air in these building can't compare the synthetic light and plastic floors
and fiber glass walls make me itch but you can't even breathe in the spring time pollen wind
give me the forest floor and fields of grass
take your asphalt concrete and shove it up your ass

cause we could use the healing
and mother earth will not abandon
anyone in here could take some healin'
and we'd be stronger For It


"House of Peace and Love," independently released in 2003.

Set List

The band has enough material of originals, covers, and instrumentals to play three, one hour sets. Each set being a mixture of the three types. There are twenty original songs and instrumentals...

Love is Not a Crime
Make Respect
Dance Momma Dance
Rosetta Stone
Nature's Mistake
Gayle's Goodnight Kiss
Burning Rose
Dance Free
Face the Music
Warm Soul
For It
Lost Rhythm
Vampyress/Eye of God

...and over 30 covers, including...

Folsom Prison
Ring of Fire
Fade Away
Give Me Some Lovin'
Light My Fire
Hello, I Love You
Love Me Two Times
Immigrant Song
Black Magic Woman