Poni Hoax

Poni Hoax


Poni Hoax are not a local hype but an urban legend. Poni Hoax are not an infant disease but a tropical virus. Poni Hoax are not a soap opera but a spectral odyssey. Poni Hoax are not a placebo but hard drugs. Poni Hoax are not a bottle at the sea but a war declaration.


2001. Time is suddenly frozen, within a few seconds the angels of the apocalypse are among us. Laurent Bardainne doesn’t have the patience to wait for the end of the world : he founds Poni Hoax.
2005. Poni Hoax rise from the ashes. Their first single, «Budapest», is a dark prayer to the cathartic power of disco. One only rule : let’s dance on their graves.
2006. «Poni Hoax», first album. The single «She’s on the Radio» is an electro-pop hit dedicated to the one who’s everywhere to be heard and nowhere to be seen. The band imposes itself on stage as a rocking dancing machine. Some describes Poni Hoax as a dreamed collaboration between Nick Cave and Giorgio Moroder. Maybe.

A Frankenstein composed of complete different body parts :
Laurent Bardainne : music and keyboards
Nicolas Ker : lyrics and vocals
Arnaud Roulin: keyboards
Nicolas Villebrun : guitar
Vincent Taeger : drums and percussions
We know from them that :
They are not like-minded individuals.
They gather instinctively.
Some of them met ten years ago at the Jazz conservatory in Paris.
They burned the Academy and forgot their music theories in order to breathe.
Rock n Roll saved their life.
A Second album produced by Tigersushi head Joakim, where a French band is not just a French band, reaches supersonic speed, breaks all boundaries and conquers the world.
2008. «Images of Sigrid». Joakim is again at the control but everyone pulls the triggers. This second album is a collective work joining the dots between pop and avant-garde, rock and electronic music, disco and new wave, R n'B and ambient, just like its great predecessors Roxy Music or the Talking Heads. One thing remains constant through these 13 tracks, the will to write everlasting pop songs, universal anthems like «Antibodies», «Hypercommunication» and «Crash Pad Driver»..
In the myst of this digital megalopolis, you'll meet a few ghosts : a suicided painter, a young girl who believes in happiness, and all the ones who remained quiet when you begged for forgiveness.
« Images Of Sigrid » confirms a presentiment : Poni Hoax is the best thing that ever happened in France since the legalisation of abortion and the end of death penalty.
Therese D’Avilla : «There are more tears shed on fullfilled promises that on those who are not.».
God listened to «Images of Sigrid».


2008. Images Of Sigrid (album)
2008. Hypercommunication EP (single)
2007. Antibodies EP (single)
2006. Poni Hoax (album)
2005. Budapest EP (single)