Pontius Autopilot

Pontius Autopilot

 Crowley, Louisiana, USA

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Give Or Take (A Few Maybe More)

Written By: Pontius Autopilot

Are you where you belong

You take your time, just take things slower
Break walls and call it home
When faking your smiles never makes you colder
You can feel it in your bones!
The sweet, sweet sound
Of life as it is bleeding
Out of your cold hard veins!

Our bodies won’t last long
Please explain to me
The reason things went wrong.
Our bodies won’t last long
Why can’t you just say to me
The reason you can’t come home.

They won’t know anything, so
We’re bringing life back home.
And they say something different
But we can’t make it out, no.
You said for yourself
That it’s all for the best, I know.

104 Words Behind

Written By: Pontius Autopilot

I’m all right; don’t tell me that you’re not okay
Anymore. Anymore
‘Cause the lies made scars,
don’t tell me your not to blame
‘Cause you are, yes you are!

I can’t fall asleep when you’re the only one
Who puts these thoughts at ease,
I’m sorry for the changes made, but i'm not the only
Apparently i'm not the only one
Letting go!

They can't tell me anything!
'cause i broke these dreams
and nothing would be different!

When breaking the ice, means breaking these bones
I won’t think twice when we’re all alone
To say what I mean
To show how I feel
‘Cause it’s something that just wasn’t real.
‘Cause it’s something less than real.


Written By: Pontius Autopilot

We’re on our way tonight, you see
But you can’t (won’t) speak. Oh not to me.

But we made it home today
And nothing. Nothing could take away the greatest part of the scenery
Like you and all the colors you bring. You make this place interesting
Oh you were so interesting.

And I just wanna stay as long, as I can.
With your hair in waves like oceans
I wanna feel the sand beneath my feet
Dig my toes and taste the bittersweet air.
But it’s not fair
When you’re holding me down
I inhale, and water fills these lungs, I drown with each and every breath
I sink lose all depth perception
A relapse in strength, if only if only you’d throw me the length of attention I needed.
I was week and depleted.

I needed you then, but you pulled away!
You’d fake and pretend, like this was okay.
I’m here on my own. Won’t wait any longer!
I’m here on my own, I’m so much stronger.