Pony Come Lately

Pony Come Lately



A deep sonorous voice commands the stage as glimmering oceanic feedback fills the room, "Hello, we are Pony Come Lately", the shimmering atmospherics cease and drumsticks click.

Their live premier only months ago, Pony Come Lately, whose name belies their punk-influenced music, attack songs with a tightness and intensity that can only be attributed to their extensive collective experience in previous Bay Area outfits: Carson (bass), in The Pattern; Travis (guitar) in Black Cat Music; James (drums) in The New Strange; and Justin (vocals, organ) in The Richmond Sluts.

With a cold, nervous beat that gallops inside of your speakers, Pony Come Lately's sound is vaguely reminiscent of early British new wave, combined with a dark swirling fusion of gloomy post-punk and a healthy dose of Doors-inspired psychedelia. But their scope is far broader than that of a revivalist band. Pony Come Lately are obsessive rock fans inspired by the D.I.Y. ethics of punk, creating a minimalistic style that is relentlessly imaginative and experimental.

Constant practice and a compulsion for the recording studio has Pony Come Lately primed to become regulars on the dancehall circuits of the Bay Area and the world!


"Coastal Life" appears on the Noise Pop New Music Podcast Episode 5.

Set List

1. Pony Come Lately
2. Traffic
3. Coastal Life
4. Twilight Kills Love
5. Tourism
6. Alone In The Palace
7. The Unfortunate Satisfaction (of Being Right)

One set. All original material. Approx 30 min.