New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

We want to create music that is visceral, like that of a dream, with all the absurdities of subconsciousness and sensual extremities of emotion that go along with it. Music is the manifestation of the unreal into reality.


Upon living in and venturing around many places in North America, Collin Yeo eventually ended up in New Orleans. He started PonyKiller around 2008. After various line-up changes, Tim Nolan, who shares a very similar nomadic background as Yeo, solidified his spot as drummer and percussionist. A couple of years and one major US tour with Down later, Michael Ledet, a New Orleans native, joined the band to round out the collaborative newly reformed power trio. PonyKiller's vast array of influences range from The Police to Erik Satie to Darkthrone to the Pixies to Hendrix... the list can go on and on.


The Wilderness