Reminiscent of early 70's rock & roll, with a southern flavor and just a touch of bubble gum.


In our pretentious society, seldom will you find an artist grounded enough to credit a one-hit wonder as the inspiration for their foray into a musical career. For Jeff Hatch, the mind behind Ponyno, the possibility that his music could evoke the same happiness he felt from the catchy hook of the The Stampeders 1971 hit “Sweet City Woman” was reason enough to pursue this artistic endeavor. If his music could create the same joy for one listener then, in his mind, he is a success. Due to our ingrained jadedness, resulting from a music industry turned capitalistic, it is difficult to truly grasp the profoundness of such humble aspirations.

The foundation for Hatch’s love of a pleasant melody was established as early as age seven, as he often found himself parked in front of the television lost in the heartwarming tunes of David Cassidy and the Partridge Family. During the earliest stages of adulthood Hatch took to music as a creative release. Finding himself amid the burgeoning Seattle music scene, he began to play with a local band called Green Ice. Music soon lost priority, however, as he took on the roles of husband and father. After a 15-year recess he returned to music with a fiery passion. Always urging his children to be unrelenting in pursuit of their dreams, Hatch felt compelled as a role model to hold true to the lesson he taught. With the help of renowned Seattle producer Gary Reynolds (Carrie Underwood, U2) the resulting album, Rosa Mystica, is 12 beautifully composed tracks charmed with the intuitive and nurturing personality of a true family man.

Everything surrounding Ponyno carries a great deal of symbolic meaning. The band name is an idiomatic Native American term representing the village black sheep; for Hatch it serves to recognize the shortcomings of the human condition and offer submission to a higher power for guidance. As a Devout Catholic, he aims to bring spirituality back to secular music. Rather than employ the preachy manner that isolates much of contemporary Christian music, Hatch merely uses his music to share his love for God, and all His creation. The title of his debut album, Rosa Mystica, is part of this praise, as Mary, the Mother of God, is referred to as The Mystical Rose.

In the early years, as a novice song writer, Hatch strived to create songs that would change the world. George Bernard Shaw once wrote, “The man who writes about himself and his own time is the man who writes about all people and all time.” This is directly relevant for Hatch, as he became a more seasoned songwriter he turned inward and wrote of what he knew: his love for his wife and eight children, experiences of the past, and his faith. Throughout Rosa Mystica, listeners will find enchanting melodies drifting below lyrics that possess a refreshing sincerity. As a self-taught guitarist, and with influences stretching multiple genres, his sound lands somewhere in the realm of acoustic folk with a bit of country twang. It has often been described as, “if Neil Diamond went country” or “a blending of The Grateful Dead and the Partridge Family.”

-Trevor Dye, Ariel Publicity


I Believe

Written By: Jeffrey D. Hatch

Looking back, I can see, but I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow or today all I know is that my heart shall rest in peace.

When I touch a rose, when I see the sky when I’m by myself, or with others.
When I’m feeling down, When I want to fly, I believe.

When I go, it won’t be long, till I sing that final song, and say I love you too, I’ll say goodbye, much to do, so little time.

I feel it calling, my life slips away, the time is coming, any day.

All Our Life

Written By: Jeff Hatch

When the sun sets deep in the west end
and the good Lord calls it a day
We can lay here warmed by the fire
with the nighttime passing away

All our lives joyful and sorrowful and glorious
Grace fills our hearts and becomes us guiding our way

She fulfills deep in our hearts all the loneliness
filling with love all our emptiness all of our days

When we rise up early in morning
And the good Lord brings a new day
Then my mind falls back to the evening
And my memories take me away

All Comin' Back

Written By: Jeff Hatch

Well I’m on my way left in a hurried spin
I’m not goin back again I’m pickin it up where I left off way back when
I was young I couldn’t do a thing I keep remembering
It’s all comin back to me now

Don’t know why don’t know how I feel
It’s more than I can take
Don’t know when don’t know where I’ll be
But I can hardly wait
Don’t know who don’t know what I’ll see
Somethins’ gotta break

Now I’m on my way time is a friend again
pick up what I couldn’t end bring it on back with me home I’m goin to
find my peace here in a perfect place forget what I can’t erase
It’s all comin back to me now

Coffee Shop Ballad

Written By: Jeff Hatch

I Met her in a coffee shop she put her hand out and made me stop
And said to me ya got a light
Well I had quit just the week before I said to her I wasn’t sure
Another guy lit her up it wasn’t right

I met her in a coffee house another guy with my future spouse
I didn’t know then, what I know now and how
I couldn’t find the light that burns so bright
But it will be all right

Then I went on my lonely way I got a job with decent pay
I bought a house and a motorbike
It wasn’t long before we met again I looked at her and then at him
Another guy I took a hike

Well there she was all alone this time I looked at her
she put her hand on mine I wasn’t sure if it was true
she said to me have ya got a light and then I knew this would be my night
And so I said yes I do

It was that fateful night that girl would be my wife
Now I finally know what I could not comprehend
Well I have found the light that burns so bright
Now I know it’s all right

There's a House

Written By: Jeff Hatch

There’s a house in Bowling Green Kentucky
Every day a girl is waiting for me
Makes a lunch and brings it to me
There’s a house there a girl waits for me

Near a church at L&N Depot
Where my bus pulls up to let off people
There we meet next to that steeple
At the church There a girl waits for me

Every day I drive in where she waits to see me
Then we walk the afternoon away
And I pray for the day we will always be together
But for now we’ll just wait and see

There’s a church near L&N depot
Where I’ll wait in front of all those people
Up she’ll walk under that steeple
At the church, take our vows on that day

Anne Marie

Written By: Jeff Hatch

My name is Anne Marie I am much older now and not so pretty but I keep busy in the day
Taking up my time as a volunteer they say they need me even though I don’t get paid

I’m Anne Marie

When noontime comes I take a coffee break I walk on over to the closest coffee place
I sit alone I bring a magazine but what I want I would really like to say

I’m Anne Marie won’t ya talk to me Anne Marie

When evening comes It’s time to go back home where I get lonely but it’s only in the nights
I go to bed pretend he’s with me there I read a little then turn out the light

I’m Anne Marie won’t ya talk to me
I’m Anne Marie

I Really Love You

Written By: Jeff Hatch

It couldn’t be a single thing I told you cause I got so many things I have to say
In awhile from now when I can hold you well it won’t be time for talking anyway

I really love you and I really need you but then the two of us get lost along the way
Why don’t I love you the way that I want to seems like the time runs out of time within the day

It seems to some your love is hard to handle but I wouldn’t want it any other way
When they get done with talking I just smile cause I think of you then I have to say

Every time I hear you every time your near me darling
I just want to be with you I hear your voice and my heart starts calling


Rosa Mystica

Set List

9- 10 songs. 30 minutes.