Pony Up!

Pony Up!


Pony Up! play an amazing brand of smart and funny pop music. The four female Montreal, QC natives craft extremly catchy pop that can having you laughing out loud on one track and then pull at your heart strings on the next. Pony Up! also served as Ben Lee's backing band when touring.


The latest upholders of feminine prestige in the race for hit parade honors are a commanding fivesome calling themselves Pony up!. Formed New Year' eve 2002, they spent a year together honing their skills and shaping their sound, before unleashing it on the world, debuting at a pizza parlor in Burlington, Vermont. They spent the next year wowing crowds in one-horse towns and sprawling metropolises alike, loading their gear into various clubs, art galleries, and abandonned movie theatres. Armed with a veritable arsenal of pop hits, Pony up! entered the Hotel 2 Tango studios in the fall of 2003. They cut eleven strange and wonderful tracks, seven of which are slated for an ep release in october of 2004 on Dim Mak records. Comprised of sisters, roommates, coworkers and lifelong friends, Pony up! is a genuine labor of love for all involved. With Lisa J. Smith on bass, Lindsay Wills on durms, Laura Wills on keyboards, and Sarah Moundroukas on guitar, they rotate lead vocals and deliver inspired harmonies to a rapt audience at every show. Indeed, Montreal's phenomenal pop combo always bring down the house. For Fans of Belle and Sebastian, Call and Response, and Camera Obscura


Ben Lee/Pony Up! - Split 7" (Dim Mak Records 2004)
"S/T" (Dim Mak/Ten Fingers January 2005)