Poofy and The Busboys

Poofy and The Busboys

 New York City, New York, USA
BandHip HopFunk

At times we're fast, hard and explosive; however PAB can be laid back, gentle, and smooth. PAB's fusion of funk, rock, and hip hop is as intricate as it is catchy. We dont like to limit ourselves to a certain genre, but every song sounds distinctly our own.


When Greg joined the band a few years ago we immediately transformed from a bunch of musicians playing instrumentals to a real, hard hitting, complete group. Of course, it took Ronnie (bassist) leaving him a message saying, "I heard your myspace, stop being a waste of talent and come jam." With such a persuasive argument, who could refuse? One thing that sets us apart from other bands is our refusal to fit into a single genre. Our influences are drawn from such a wide array of music that it's almost unfair to try and name them all. Truthfully, it all depends on which member of the band you're speaking with. Some will say that they take their cues from Led Zeppelin. Others would say Atmosphere. And still others would name Herbie hancock, Billy Joel, the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, the list goes on...and we are well aware that it doesn't help in narrowing anything down for whoever's reading this, but it's the truth, which is what we are all about.


Self titled EP.

"Sunshine" is played all over the bars in Long Beach, New York.

Set List

Back to C
Reservation for Hesitation
Little Buddy
Life In Hand
Winter Wanderland
And a bunch more it just always depends on the night and the venue