Po'okela Street Band

Po'okela Street Band


"Fusing Hawaiian and Reggae to a world mix"


Po'okela Street Band a.k.a PSB has been electrifying crowds for the past twelve years in Seattle with their unique fusion of Jamaican reggae and Hawaiian Island style rhythms to form a musical style known as "Jawaiian." This musical movement, developed in the early 90's in Hawaii, is gaining popularity in the Pacific Northwest due to the efforts of the band. They truly are the Hawaiian Reggae Ambassadors.

In Seattle, a melting pot of divers musical genre, PSB has taken its place among the elite reggae and worldbeat bands in the Pacific Northwest gaining the the respect of club owners and promoters. Enough so, that they have shared the stage with the likes of national reggae recording artists Damian Marley, Black Uhuru, Big Mountain, Burning Spear and Fiji.

The Hawaiian translation of Po'okela is Champion or Superior, a fitting name as the band always strives to better themselves musically and excel as artists. The band stays true to the essence of their musical roots as they all started playing music amongst friends and families in a simple 'backyard' setting in Hawaii called Kanikapila or jam session. If you have ever visited Pike Place Market, an open fruit and fish market in downtown Seattle, you will find 'Street Performers' who entertain hundreds of shoppers and tourists daily. Their artistic expression is passionately displayed through their performances. PSB admires the intense enthusiasm of these street performers and wanted their name to reflect this same fervor . . . hence the name "Po'okela Street Band". You will find PSB in night clubs from Seattle to Olympia, major festivals around the Puget Sound and at their favorite gigs . . . backyard luau's.

Their musical versatility is nothing short of amazing. PSB blends rock, funk, dancehall, hip-hop and rap into a musical identity coined as Urban Island Music. In one song they make you feel as if you are poolside at the Hyatt Waikiki listening to beautiful Hawaiian music with 4-part harmonies. In the very next song they'll groove you with a funky beat, a 'phat' bass line and with a rap flow that will put you in a funk-a-delic trance. They artistically blend the traditional sound of the 'Slack-key' guitar and Ukulele as well as consorting the use of Island vernacular into their music to stay well rooted to their culture.

So whether you want to 'Lively up' your nightclub, party or wedding, or if you just want easy listening Hawaiian Island music . . . PSB can do it all and will not disappoint.



Set List

45 - 60 minute sets
We have mellow sets, dance sets, groovin' sets . . . we play the temperature of the crowd.