Pookie wit tha Uzi

Pookie wit tha Uzi

 Forest City, North Carolina, USA
SoloChristianHip Hop


Pookie wit tha Uzi was born June 25, 1986 in Rutherford County Hospital, Forest City, NC. His father opened a music equipment store when he was 6 yrs old which built a relationship with music. His undeniable love for hip hop grew from listnening to groups like Master P's No Limit Soldiers and Cash Money's Hot Boyz. As early as age of 12, Pookie often recorded freestyles wit his brother on karaoke machines.
In high school, rapping was sidelined due to Pookie roll as team captian of the football and basketball team and 4.0 honor student GPA. After turning down a division III scholarship, he was accepted to UNC-Charlotte and attempted to walk on to the b-ball team. Around this time he linked up with a fellow student and began rapping under the name Pookie wit tha Uzi. Around the time Kanye West dropped his debut College Dropout, Pookie did the samd and dropped out. Two months into what would have been his junior year he was arrested for a range of drug and weapon charges nad sentenced to a year in prison. As an inmate at Rowan County Correctional in Salisbury, NC he met D Boy of BTR(Bigger Than Rap). Upon, release, D boy took Uzi to Gastonia and the rest is history.
As a solo artist Pookie wit tha Uzi has a deep catalog of mixtapes, Paper View(2007), Reloading the Matrix(2009), Flex Luger(2010), Lil "Pookie" Wayne (2010). He has opened up for such artist as Rick Ross, King Karter, and S-Dub. He has also performed following venues: Red Cafe(ATL), Club Nikki(Nc), BLVD(NC), Cell Block Lounge(NC), Rhythm and Cues(NC), Apostrophe lounge(NC), Upscales, Club Ice(NC), Carolina Carribean(NC), Wooden Nickel(NC), Bentley's RSVP(NC), Eveing muse(NC), Milestone(Nc


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